Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard [2023] 5 Things You Need to Know First!

Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard

Welcome to my Passive Income Geek Review!

Wondering if Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard is the real deal?  Or, wondering whether it could be just another scam?  Well, look no further, as our in-depth review will answer all of your questions today!

There are so many training courses out there.  All claiming to help you make money online.  So, how do you tell a good one from a bad one?  Luckily, you’re in a place where we strive to ensure you know just that.

In a nutshell, Passive Income Geek is one of the good ones.  Morten Storgaard is a legitimate marketer and offers a great training course here.  There are a few things you should know to ensure it is a good fit for you.  But I’ll give you all of the details in my review…

Shall we get started?

Disclaimer: This Passive Income Geek review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public.  Any conclusions drawn from that information are my own opinions.

Passive Income Geek review Overview

Product Name: Passive Income Geek

Owner: Morten Storgaard

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing training program

Price: $399 for first year, $199 after that

Best For: Beginners looking to make money online

Passive Income Geek logo


  • Great for beginners
  • Morten is the real deal
  • Offers good value
  • Offers a refund policy


  •  No free trial
  • No tools are included

Quick Summary

Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard is a training course that teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing.  Morten uses his experiences to show you the best strategies to build a niche website and drive organic traffic to it.  He also shows you how to monetise that site using Affiliate Marketing and Display Ads.

The training is ideal for a beginner and you can even see some of it before joining by checking out Morten’s YouTube channel.  The course originate there before he made it a fully-fledged training course.  

The price is reasonable, although there isn’t a free trial which might put some people off.  However, there is a money-back guarantee.  So, if you try it and find it isn’t really for you, you can get your money back.

But my advice would be to make sure it is the thing you want to get into before handing over the money.

Keep in mind, you will need to use additional tools.  These aren’t included.  Morten does technically say you don’t need anything other than a website.  He then suggests some other tools you could use, that he uses himself.  Most of these will require a budget for them.

But I don’t think that’s enough for me not to recommend this course.  Anyone who is serious about this kind of thing will need to invest some money at some point anyway…

Bottom line, it’s a great course for beginners that are willing to put in the time and effort to see these methods through!


Recommended? Yes

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Table of Contents

What is Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is an online training course.  It was created by Morten Storgaard.  More on him shortly.

Morten has been sharing lots of great videos on his YouTube channel about affiliate marketing and other ways of monetising websites.  But in November 2020, he decided to put it all together into a step-by-step guide called Passive Income Geek.

It’s a course designed to teach you how to make passive income online.  This is achieved through blogging and affiliate marketing.

Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard - Landing page

Now, the most common question will be based on whether Passive Income Geek is a scam or not.  It is relatively new in the market.  It’s still being developed.  Not many people will know Morten, so there are several reasons why people might believe it’s a scam.

But it’s nowhere near being a scam.  Morten is a legitimate online marketer.  With real credentials showing he knows what he is talking about.

His YouTube channel has been a source of information for me.  So, he does have a lot of value to offer.  Morten’s course is a way of helping people have a strategy to follow.

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Who's Behind Passive Income Geek - Morten Storgaard

Morten Storgaard is an online marketer.  He started his online business in 2007.  He’s been sharing many videos on his YouTube channel, all around making money online.  But his most recent venture has been to create Passive Income Geek.  Which is a step-by-step guide based on the methods he has been using to make money online.

He’s a very successful affiliate marketer and is from Aarhus, Denmark.  He became a full-time SEO consultant in 2010 and runs multiple websites.

2020, is the year he launched the Passive Income Geek YouTube channel.

His Youtube channel has more than 20.9K subscribers and has 467,949 views as of this writing.

On his Youtube channel, you can find one of his videos where he shares his milestones and one of his affiliate websites earns a lot of money.

Passive Income Geek Review - YouTube channel

Morten has a lot of knowledge and experience to share with people.  He got into online marketing as a way of being able to spend more time with his family.  A goal I can actively relate to, as it’s the same reason I got started too.

So, Morten Storgaard is the real deal and now let’s turn our attention to his course…

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives elsewhere…

My #1 recommended course has helped me go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!


How Can You Learn Passive Income Geek?

I’ve already mentioned that Passive Income Geek teaches you affiliate marketing through niche websites.  But how?

Well, first you need to understand how affiliate marketing works.  (You can read my complete guide here).

But in short, affiliate marketing is where you promote products that are owned by others, to people who would benefit from them.

If they go and make a purchase, you get rewarded with a commission.  This is usually a percentage of the sale price.

How Morten does it, is through creating a niche website in a specific topic.  Creating loads of helpful content that will help his target audience.  Then include affiliate promotions to products and services that would benefit people who landed on his site too.

He then expands on his monetisation methods by including relevant display ads too.  This is where you will place ads on your website and earn money when someone clicks on that ad.

That is the basis of his training.  He has a few websites that he can show where he has used these methods to good effect.

Examples include:

These websites both show the potential income (after a lot of time and effort), but also that you can choose any niche.

The last example is all about sewing machines and it’s getting 50,000 page views!! 

All of these sites are making money through a combination of display ads and affiliate marketing.  Both have their place and once you have the right number of page views, you can start seeing some real money from both avenues.

But there is also another opportunity with the methods that Morten teaches.  A profitable website (as in earning money) can be sold for a lot of money.

Morten sold his AnimalHow website for $30,000.  This was 21 months after launching Passive Income Geek.

Typically a site will sell for between 30x and 40x its monthly profit.

So, there is a lot of value to be had from Morten and his course.  Speaking of which.  Passive Income Geek is split into nine modules and will teach you how to create a full-time income stream from home.

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How Does Passive Income Geek Work?

Passive Income Geek offers 9 modules.  They are all divided into different topics…

  • Niche selection
  • Topic research
  • Finding a domain name
  • Setting up your website
  • Writing awesome content
  • SEO Tips
  • Monetisation
  • Social media
  • Outsourcing content

If you want to see what’s inside the course, this video will give you a content walkthrough…

Inside Passive Income Geek

So, the main bulk of Passive Income Geek is the training course itself.  When it first launched, there was some feedback about it not having enough over-the-shoulder videos showing what to do.

But it was his first draft…  He has reworked it and it now includes over 18 hours of over-the-shoulder videos where he shows you what to do, in each step.

Passive Income Geek Review - Inside Course

So, there is a lot of valuable content for you to go through…  Let’s break down each of the modules…

Module 1 - Niche Selection

The first module focuses on one of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing.  It’s all about finding the right niche.

Morten talks about what is a good niche, whilst also talking about signs that point to a bad niche.  Yes, you can choose the wrong niche.

Other elements of this module discuss income potential and how to do some research on the competition for that niche.

Finding the right niche isn’t as easy as some will point out.  Ensuring you pick a topic that you will not get bored of.  Whilst also having lots of things you can build authority around.  But you also need to remember to have some products and services related to that same niche.

There are many things to consider, and that is what this module will cover.

Module 2 - Topic Research

Once you have chosen your niche, this module then talks about how to do proper research on it.  This includes how to find the right keywords and topics that will help you make money.

There are also some useful bits about what types of keywords and topics to avoid too.

With organic traffic (as in free traffic from search engines), keyword research is an important task to do.  It will help you understand what search terms people are looking for.  And which keywords have lower competition against.

Finding the right balance of a keyword with people looking for it, that also has fewer competing sites against it, is the key to getting ranked on Google.

Something to consider is that there are many keyword research tools.  Some are free but limited.  Many are paid tools, but give you more insights.  It’s about finding the right keyword tool for you.

Module 3 - Find a Domain Name

The first two modules are so important steps in choosing the right topic to build your website on.  This then leads to finding a good domain name.

This module will show you how to find and then buy a domain name for your new site.

Module 4 - Setting up your website

Now it’s time for Morten to show you how to set up your WordPress website.  He also shows you how to connect it to Google Analytics.  Which will help you understand where your traffic is coming from.

It’s a step-by-step guide to building a website from scratch.  Regardless of your experience level, this training will make you feel comfortable with it all.

Module 5 - Writing Awesome Content

Content is the key component of your website.  You need to create lots of high-quality content that helps build your authority within your chosen niche.

This module talks about how to create awesome content for your site.  They also cover things like writing good headlines and understanding what your readers are searching for.

Your content is what will make you stand out from all of the other sites online.  It needs to be both friendly for the search engines and ideal for your readers.

If people don’t like your content, they won’t stay around long enough to even see your affiliate offers.

Module 6 - SEO tips how to rank your website

If you want your website to rank in Google without having to pay for ads.  Then, you’ll need to get your head around SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  It’s about ensuring your website and content are “optimised” for the search results.

This involves steps to ensure Google can understand what your content is about.  Like ensuring your Meta Title and Meta Description are good.  Using Alt Tags for your images helps tell Google what is in the image.

By using the right methods with SEO, you can ensure your content has a good chance of ranking in the search engines.

Your goal is page one, as that is where all of the traffic comes from.  Or at least most of it.

Module 7 - Monetisation

Monetising your site is one of the last things you need to get in order.

Without traffic, there is no point.

So this module will teach you how to monetise your website through Premium Ads and Affiliate Marketing.

There is also additional training on email marketing, creating digital informational products, and consulting.

Module 8 - Social Media

Morten includes a module on how to use social media for your business.  He includes training on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

He goes on to say that you don’t need it to be successful.  But it does have its uses, as most of us are on social media.

It can take time to build up a following organically.  But there are opportunities with paid ads, especially on Facebook.

But again, there is no actual need to do that.

Module 9 - Outsourcing work

Once you have your site up and running.  And it’s also generating revenue.  Then this module talks about how you can outsource your content creation.  By hiring writers for your website, you can then turn your focus to your next project.

This is the focus on the Passive Income Geek training program.  By having multiple streams of income, with hired writers.  This is when you can start to think you have passive income coming.  As you don’t have to be as involved as you are in the early stages.

Additional Feature - Community

Alongside the training, there is a community you become a part of.  It’s not like others where it’s a Facebook group.  It’s a community as part of the platform, where you can find loads of resources and Q&A’s, etc.

Additional Feature - List of Tools

Now, it’s labelled as the tools are included.  Which isn’t the case.  But what Morten does do, is offer you a list of the tools he uses.

That way, you can check them out and decide if you want to consider using them yourself.  

Please note, some of these tools will require a monthly subscription.  Here’s a list of some of the tools needed, to follow Morten’s training…

  • Hosting
  • Ad Networks
  • WP Rocket
  • Affiliate programs
  • Stock Photos
  • VPN Service
  • Mic for Voice Typing
  • Project Management Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • Email Autoresponder

As I said, these tools will require you to pay for them.  

That’s what is included inside Passive Income Geek.  Now, let’s move on to how much it will cost you…

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How Much Does Passive Income Geek Cost?

The price has increased since Passive Income Geek first got started.  But it also has a lot more features, so don’t be freaked out.  

To get started with Passive Income Geek, you will need to pay $399 for a year’s membership.  Then it will cost you $199 for each additional year.

Just to be clear, that is what it will cost you to access the training and commmunity within Passive Income Geek.  There are additional costs to consider, which I’ll share with you in a moment.  But this will cost you more money in the long run than that.  Morten is really honest with you about the time and effort required.

Which is great, as some don’t to get you inside.  But that does bring up the lack of a free trial.

So be ready.  If you want to see what Morten has to offer, you will need to spend $399 to get started.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

But the good thing is that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you’re not entirely satisfied and signing up, then you can request a refund.

Additional Costs???

Look, the reality is that there will be additional costs to consider with this business model.  We’ve mentioned them a few times.  But you only get training here.  He talks about using paid ads, which requires a budget for them.

You will also need to consider the cost of some of the tools that Morten recommends.  Some are free, like Google Analytics.  But others are paid tools.  You cannot do anything without a keyword research tool.  So, that is something you will need to consider.

Most affiliate marketing training programs don’t offer the tools needed to get started, but luckily our top recommended training program does include them.

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Who's Passive Income Geek For?

I would say that Passive Income Geek is aimed at beginners, looking to make money online.  You still need to be ready to take action, as Morten only provides training.  He also suggest some tools you can use.

But he won’t be doing the hard work for you.  No training program will.  If you want this passive income stream.  You are going to have to put the effort in for a solid year.

But if you’re looking to build websites that rank on Goolge and earn you money, this course is a good option.

You will obviously need the money to pay for the initial price of $399.  But you will also need to factor in the additional costs that will present themselves along the way.

If you don’t have the budget and you think that Passive Income Geek isn’t meant for you.  Then you would be better to find an alternative way to make money online.

For example, check out my #1 Recommendation…

Is Passive Income Geek a Scam?

No, Passive Income geek isn’t a scam.

It’s a legitimate training program created by a legitimate online marketer.  Morten has just expanded from his very successful YouTube channel and put it all together into a training program.

This is where you can get a step-by-step actionable guide to creating a niche website that makes money online.

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate method of online marketing, which Morten knows a lot about.

The things that show it isn’t a scam is the fact that you can find out real details about Morten Storgaard.  His methods work.  He constantly updates the content.

He also offers a money-back guarantee.  If you’re not happy, he will give you your money back.

You wouldn’t get that with a scam…  Passive Income Geek is a great choice amongst the high numbers of training courses out there.

I would rank it in the top 5 for a beginner…

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives elsewhere…

My #1 recommended course has helped me go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!


Passive Income Geek Online Reviews

It’s hard to see what others are thinking online.  I would usually check out places like Sitejabber or Trustpilot to see what people think.  But there are no reviews on there (yet!).

But what I did find is two YouTube reviews from Marketers I trust, and so if you want to see what they think of Passive Income Geek, then you can watch them to get a better idea of what is on offer…

Passive Income Geek: Pros

Here’s what I liked about Passive Income Geek…

Great for Beginners

The content is great for beginners.  It’s pitched at the right level to ensure you understand each of the steps and what you need to achieve before you move on to the next stage.

Morten has updated the training to include 18 hours worth of over-the-shoulder training videos.  This way you can see what you need to do, before you go and do it.

Each module follows the previous one, so you don’t have to jump from different modules in a different order.

Morten will build the course to make it easy for you to understand the business model as a whole when you go through the independent pieces of the model itself.

Morten is the real deal

Whether you decide to join Passive Income Geek or not.  I would still recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel.  He offers valuable insights into affiliate marketing and online marketing in general.

Morten knows his stuff and has real credentials to show he is legit.

Offers Good Value

When you compare the price of Passive Income Geek to other paid options out there, it is good value.  There are other options that are charging $100’s per month or $997 just to get started.

I think it’s a good option, with a reasonable price tag for what you are getting.

Offers a 30-day refund policy

Another sign that Passive Income Geek is legit and one to consider is the refund policy.

If you do decide to sign up and aren’t entirely happy with it, you can request a refund within 30 days.

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Passive Income Geek: Cons

Here’s what I didn’t like about Passive Income Geek…

No Free Trial

I think there is a lot of value within Passive Income Geek.  But I don’t like the fact that there isn’t a free trial.  Paying $399 to then see if you like it, before asking for your money back, isn’t great.  

In my opinion, it would be better to offer a snippet of what’s inside to give you a try…  Then if you like it, you can upgrade.

No Tools Included

I think it’s a little misleading to say that he includes tools within the program.  It’s a list of tools that Morten uses.  That doesn’t make them included in the program.

Most of these tools will require you to spend additional money, typically through Morten’s affiliate links.  Which makes him more money.

I’ve reviewed the list of tools and they are all legit and good options.  But still, it can be easy to believe you are getting these as part of the membership.  But that isn’t the case.

Some of the other reviews out there, don’t point this out…

Do I Recommend Passive Income Geek?

Passive Income Geek is a good option for beginners looking to make money with affiliate marketing.  It’s relatively new on the market.  But Morten has already made regular changes to the platform to add more value.

I think you need to be realistic about what you can achieve with this training, as no one can guarantee success.

But as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort to follow Morten’s strategy, I think you will find it a good direction to follow.

You will also require an additional budget to follow this training, but that is true of most of the options out there.

But on the whole, I would recommend this program and probably put it in the top 5, at the moment.

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Passive Income Geek Review: Conclusion

Passive Income Geek is a training program that will show you how to make money online through building niche websites and using affiliate marketing and paid ads.

It’s a solid option for beginners to learn from an effective marketer called Morten Storgaard.  The training is easy to follow with plenty of training videos to help you understand the steps within.

It’s a little more expensive than some might think, but overall it offers lots of value against some of the others charging more.  If you’re still unsure, check out Morten’s YouTube channel and get a feel for the man.

But it is a good option for you to consider… Alternatively, my top recommended program is here for you to check out

Passive Income Geek Alternatives

Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic business opportunity to make money.  But you should have the freedom to promote products and services based on a niche you want to go with…  So here are some solid alternatives that I’ve personally reviewed…  I will be adding more as I complete more in-depth reviews too…

How Do I Make Money Online?

My #1 recommendation is a platform that offers everything a budding affiliate marketer would need.  It offers a step-by-step beginner-friendly training course that will take you through all the steps you need to build your own profitable online business.  It has helped me go from $0 to earning $100’s a day with affiliate marketing.

The reason why I recommend it over all of the other courses is that they are the leader in the affiliate marketing training industry.

Not only do they offer world-class training, but they also offer all of the tools you need too.  Including web hosting, website builder, keyword research tool, etc.

The success rate speaks for itself, with thousands of users earning good incomes from following their methods.

Then there is the fact that my top-rated course is the largest online community of marketers you will find, of all levels.

This means that you can get help 24/7 and get answers from thousands of expert coaches, including me!

Best of all, I used this exact system to go from $0 to $1000’s per month in passive income!

Amongst the best features of my #1 ranked course is that you can take it for a test drive (just a $49 Premium subscription).

You will get one complimentary site and access to the very first ten lessons from the course to try things out.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best course online for learning effective strategies to make money online with affiliate marketing!

If you’re looking to do the same, then click the button below:

Thanks for reading my Passive Income Geek Review!  If you have any questions, or any experiences to share then please write them in the comments below. ;). 

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