Legendary Marketer Review [2023] The Truth About The Price!

Legendary Marketer Review

Welcome to my Legendary Marketer Review

Do you have lots of questions like… Who is Dave Sharpe?  What is the 15-Day Online Business Challenge?  Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

Well, you’re in the right place…  I’m going to be answering all of your questions to ensure you know everything you need to decide whether Legendary Marketer is the right training platform for you…

There have been several different thoughts online about the price too.  My review will clear up exactly how much you will need to make the most of the Legendary Marketer program.  Whilst it does start with a low price, there are numerous upsells to consider.

This makes it all confusing, so I’ll help clear it all up. 

Legendary Marketer isn’t a scam.  But several things need to be considered by someone getting started with the program.  Is it the right program for you…  That will totally depend on what you want to get from it.  I’ll be able to help you there too.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Disclaimer: This Legendary Marketer review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public.  Any conclusions drawn from that information are my own opinions.

Legendary Marketer Review Overview

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Founder: David Sharpe

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing training

Price: $7 + $30/monthly + High-Ticket Upsells

Money-Back Guarantee: On the initial fee only

Best For: Those looking to learn affiliate marketing and have a budget for paid ads

Legendary Marketer Review - website image


  • The training is beginner-friendly
  • Access to a Community & Coaching
  • Based on a legit business model – affiliate marketing
  • Dave Sharpe is a legit marketer


  • High Ticket Program – Too many upsells & expensive
  • It’ll require an additional budget – paid ads
  • Not easy to become an affiliate
  • Can’t build a business in any niche
  • Focus on self-promotion
  • Hard to find legitimate positive reviews
  • No tools or tech support
  • No free traffic training
  • Appears like an MLM
  • Very low success rate
  • Not available everywhere

Quick Summary

Legendary Marketer is a platform that offers several training and coaching course to help people learn affiliate marketing.  It’s been developed by Dave Sharpe, who is a well-known and successful online marketer.

You can access the standard course for a really low price, but it ends up being a way of introducing you to other products that get progressively more expensive.  The training within this initial course isn’t going to be enough to get all the information you need, and so you will need to consider other programs to learn what you need.

It also lacks the tools you need to follow the methods, which means you will require an additional budget.  The other problem is that they focus on paid traffic routes, which again means more money.

The bottom line is that there is value to be had at Legendary Marketer.  But you will also need to consider that there is a lot of focus on self-promotion here and it isn’t like you can take the training and use it in any niche.  It’s all about starting in the make-money-online niche and promoting Legendary Marketer to others.


Recommended? Yes (If you want to promote Legendary Marketer)

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Table of Contents

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a training program that teaches people how to get started with affiliate marketing.  It focuses on high-ticket programs and paid traffic in the main.  The company was created by David Sharpe.

Legendary Marketer Review - website image

There are several membership packages within Legendary Marketer.  These range from a low-ticket monthly membership to high-ticket private coaching sessions.

Alongside the training, there is also a large community and other resources.

These all make the program look great, but it’s not a training program that will help you get started in any niche.

The core training focuses on teaching you how to promote the same program to others.  That’s right.  You are taught how to promote Legendary Marketer to other people.

What is Legendary Marketer (review)

You can join Legendary Marketer’s Club for $0 (Basic Plan) or $30 per month (Pro Plan). This gives you access to 15 Day Challenge as well as an invitation to join other, more expensive membership packages.

The affiliate program appears to have changed recently, but there were reports that you would only earn money based on the membership package you were part of.

As in, if you were in the basic plan you wouldn’t earn as much commission as you would if you were in the pro plan.

This has probably led to why people have called Legendary Marketer out as a scam or an MLM/pyramid scheme.

Has the changes happened to avoid this going forward, or is there another reason.  I’m not sure…

But it does appear to be that you will still need to have the higher packages to be able to earn the relevant commissions for them.

But the bottom line is that Legendary Marketer is a platform where you can access a 15-day online challenge for a low-price.  This will then lead you to a number of upsells claiming to make you even more successful…

You can learn more about Legendary Marketer from the video below…

Who's Behind Legendary Marketer - David Sharpe

Anyone who has been in the marketing scene for a while will know that David Sharpe is a well-known name in the industry.  Not all of the news is good though, he was part of the Empower Network.  Which is a company that crashed and burned after being a huge success.

It was an MLM scheme, outed as a Pyramid Scheme that went bust in 2017.

David didn’t get caught up in all of the issues after leaving the company at the right time.  He then went on to develop Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer Review - Dave Sharpe image

Despite that experience, Davis is someone who has lots of experience with online marketing and helping others to start their own online business.

He has several multi-million dollar companies showing he knows his stuff.  Today, his attention has move to empowering individuals to find their own success.

Is Dave Sharpe Legit?

I get why people might think David might be a scammer.  He’s been involved in the Empower Network, which was bad news.

People consider Legendary Marketer to be an MLM, which is an issue…

But overall, no he’s not a scammer and is legit.

He has found success online and he does share his knowledge.  You can check out his YouTube channel which has over 25.4K subscribers, showing people value what he has to say.

I do have some concerns about Legendary Marketer, but that doesn’t make David Sharpe a scam artist.  Or anything like that.  And Legendary Marketer isn’t a scam either.  It is a legitimate opportunity to start an online business with affiliate marketing.

Let’s continue the review and share with you more details about Legendary Marketer.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Legendary Marketer is a training platform at its core.  It aims to show you how to build a successful online business making money from affiliate marketing.

If you’re not too sure of what affiliate marketing is.  It’s where you promote other people’s products or services in return for a commission.  A bit like a “refer a friend” process. 

You promote relevant products or services to the right audience and when they buy something, you get rewarded with a commission.  It’s a great business model, as you don’t need to produce or buy products in order to earn money.

So, affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model.

But to be successful, you’ll need to find products to promote, sign up for their affiliate programs.  Legendary Marketer will then show you how to setup promotional sales funnels using ClickFunnels, set up email campaigns, and drive targeted traffic in order to make sales.

This is what Legendary Marketer comes in, with their step-by-step courses…  We’ll dive into what these course look like in the next section.  But please note you won’t really get far with just the first course in their platform…

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Inside Legendary Marketer

Before you actually get inside Legendary Marketer and start paying to be a member, you’ll need to take part in their 15-day challenge.

It’s a free course that is designed to get you interested in other products in the LM range.  I’ll go through them all shortly.

As part of this course, you’ll also have to complete two scheduled calls with a business mentor.  You’ll also need to join a private Facebook group…  As it stands they have about 53K members within this group.

When getting started with affiliate marketing, it can be really hard to feel you’re on the right path.  You can also feel quite lonely when building an online business.  So, having access to a Private Facebook group can be a great support mechanism.

This group will hopefully include a lot of experienced marketers who can help answer your questions and concerns.

Now, let’s move onto the other features and training that you’ll find within Legendary Marketer.

The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing - Ebook ($1.99)

A popular feature of Legendary Marketer is this ebook that is available for only $1.99.  It includes 90 pages of information related to starting an affiliate marketing business and was written by David Sharpe.  The guy behind Legendary Marketer.

It does provide a lot of information about affiliate marketing, but it’s not really something that will help you build an online business from scratch.  That is what the other training courses are geared towards.

But it is still a good introduction to David Sharpes views on online business and how he got to where he is now.

The concepts in the book talk about finding products, choosing your niche, traffic generation, sales funnels, etc.

But the reality is that this ebook is just to get your foot in the door.  Once you’ve got this ebook and are on David’s mailing list.  He’s going to try to encourage you to join the high-ticket scheme that begins with the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge ($7)

In one way, the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge is a bit like the ebook above.  It has the purpose of giving you enough information to get started…  but also leave you wanting more.

It provides some information, but doesn’t go into the detail that you might expect it to have.  It lacks real value, and will give them an opportunity to pitch the numerous upsells to you.

There are some good information in it, so don’t think I don’t believe it has any value.  But it does leave you with many questions unanswered.

But there is still some good information about:

  • Creating a sales funnel
  • Creating multiple income streams
  • Earning high-ticket commissions
  • Choosing a niche
  • Getting traffic and leads
  • and more

What's The Training Within 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge?

This is a step-by-step guide that helps you start an online business based on David’s methods…  Please note you will also be asked to schedule a call with one of David’s online coaches. 

This might sound good.  But some of the online reviews I’ve read have said it was more like a sales push call to get you to upgrade.  Others say that it isn’t like that.  It’s hard to pinpoint the truth.  

But I do believe there will be some persuasion going on with those calls.

Here’s the list of lessons inside this challenge:

  • The #1 Secret To Starting & Scaling An High-Ticket Business
  • The Core 4 High-Ticket Business Models Online
  • Watch Me Build a Business In Under the 30 Minutes
  • How To Master The Inner Game Of Wealth
  • Developing Your Business Plan
  • You Got Questions, and I Got Answers
  • When Should I Quit My Job To Build My Business Full-Time?
  • What Are High-Income Skills and Why Do You Need Them?
  • Lead Generation – High-Income Skill #1
  • Copywriting – High-Income Skill #2
  • Sales and Presenting – High-Income Skill #3
  • What When And Where To Outsource
  • Using “OPM” To Build Your Business
  • 4 Ways To Avoid Wantrepreneur Syndrome
  • Your First Sale and Journey To Success

Is The 15-Day Online Business Builder Legit?

There isn’t really enough to say that the Online Business Builder is a scam.  It’s created by a real marketer who does know his stuff.  But I can also see why people might question the value of it.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t legit.  Doesn’t mean that it’s a good as it might first appear.

There is step-by-step training within the course and you can get a refund on your initial $7.  So it’s legit.

But it’s also just an informational product that is created to get you to buy the coaching packages.

99% of the programs on the market are using this strategy of starting with a low-ticket item and then upselling to customers to get them to spend the big bucks.

Legendary Marketer is a high-ticket program, at it’s core.  This 15-day challenge is to whet your appetite, before requesting you spend more.

I don’t particularly like these kind of systems.  But it doesn’t mean that they aren’t legit…

Copywriter's Playbook

There is another ebook available at Legendary Marketer that talks about copywriting.  It’s a valuable skill that every marketer should be developing.  If you’re not the best at copywriting, then this ebook might be a good option for you…

This ebook includes eight modules and goes through how to tell a story, get the readers attention, and attract more leads.

15-Second Free Leads ($1)

This isn’t something that you would see on the Legendary Marketer website, but it is an introductory course that leads people to Legendary Marketer, so I’ve listed the details of it here in my review…

It basically takes you through how to set up and use TikTok to drive traffic to your sales funnels:

  • Setup a TikTok Account
  • Create Content
  • Share Content on Autopilot
  • Covert Views into Leads

During this course, David and his guests will demonstrate how he generates 1000’s leads from TikTok every month.

  • Lesson 1 – Endless 15-Second Video Topics
  • Lesson 2 – The Perfect TikTok Profile
  • Lesson 3 – Get TikTok to Share Your Videos
  • Lesson 4 – Post Exactly What People Want

The good thing about this course is the price. You can get it for only $1.

However, keep in mind that it is just another invitation to join the Legendary Marketer system.

Speaking of which, let’s finally talk about the course in the next part of my Legendary Marketer review.

Legendary Marketer's Club ($30/month)

The Legendary Marketer’s Club is another course that goes alongside the 15-day challenge.

It’s a subscription costing $30 per month.  Which provides you access to a step-by-step affiliate marketing training course.  It also includes some additional bonus materials, an informational library, DFY funnels, and a few other things.

Legendary Marketer Review - legendary-marketers-club

One of the key bonuses is access to a tutorial on how to start a YouTube channel and grow it to over 250,000 subscribers.  This is a series of video tutorials.

There is also a weekly live training session with access to previous replays too.  These sessions are mostly hosted by Matt Heltzel who is a marketing expert and friend of David Sharpe.

There is some value in this course and the good thing is that you can always cancel your subscription at any time.  You could binge all of the content for 30 days, for $30.  Give it a proper road test and decide if you wanted to continue the payments.

But they do also cover the payments with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Traffic University ($1,497)

Traffic University is the start of the high-ticket products that go into a lot more detail, but also have the price tag to match.

This is a step-by-step training course that talks about advertising on sites like YouTube and Facebook (using paid ads) to attract customers.

I personally prefer SEO and organic traffic as I don’t like to dabble with paid ads, but I’m sure there is some value in this training.

Legendary Marketer Review - traffic university image

Organic traffic does take more time and effort to get your campaigns running, but it is also easier to convert leads into customers.

Paid traffic isn’t a simple science, and you need to ensure you are spending less than you make.  Otherwise, you will end up out of pocket.

The good thing about Traffic University is that the training was designed by top-paid traffic experts to show you how to succeed with your campaigns.

What's The Training Within Traffic University?

Inside this training, they cover topics and channels such as:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Display Network
  • Twitter

Traffic University also offers training on how to create compliant landing pages that are relevant to each platform.  This will help maximise leads without risking your account getting banned.  Facebook, especially can be difficult for affiliates to advertise on.  You need to stay within the rules.

There are eight separate courses within Traffic University.  

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)

Now at this point, you will see the price shoot up.  These courses are all detailed and offer valuable in-depth content.  But they also show that the lower-end courses aren’t offering enough content.  They are being used to lead you to these more expensive courses.

The 15-Day Online Business Builder course is just a basic course to whet your appetite.  It is offering enough to get you within the LM program, but you will need to invest in one of these blueprints to get the knowledge and experience David Sharpe has to offer.

This first blueprint is an in-depth course that will help you understand how to set up a successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

What's The Training Within Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint?

Here’s what is covered in this course:

  • Choosing your niche
  • Finding and joining affiliate programs
  • Selecting products
  • Building your affiliate business
  • Getting traffic
  • and more.

As I said, all of the other smaller products are just an introduction to affiliate marketing that are designed to lead you down the sales funnel to this blueprint or one of the others.

My guess is that you will have to purchase both the Traffic University and Affiliate Marketing Blueprint to really make money with Legendary Marketer.

But you will also have to ready to invest that kind of money too…

Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)

If you wanted to make money with a different method, you could always look into becoming a digital product vendor.  This is a blueprint that shows you how to explore this route.

It is easier to be a digital product vendor than it is to create a physical product and have to deal with all of the other aspects that go with it.  Like where to store it, shipping it and customer service, etc.

Legendary Marketer Review - Digital Products Business Blueprint

Digital products are easy to ship, sustainable can be replicated to infinity, and most importantly, are simple to create compared to physical products.

What's The Training Within Digital Products Business Blueprint?

The Digital Products Blueprint includes:

  • Create your own digital product
  • Channel your knowledge and passion into an audio, video, or PDF format
  • Plan your curriculum
  • Deliver your digital product
  • Get your first customer

I do like that they offer you several different options to explore when looking to make money online.  

I prefer affiliate marketing, but each to its own.  You might want to explore a different avenue.

But as an affiliate marketer, there’s no limit to your income either. What’s better about it is that you don’t have to create anything except a marketing channel and earn commissions.

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500)

They also offer a blueprint that shows you how to get started with coaching and consulting business.

Although, I would suggest that this course would be a much harder route for a beginner to take, when compared to the other two.  To offer coaching and consulting services, you need a lot of specialised knowledge in a particular feed to offer that to paying customers.

What's The Training Within Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint?

From this training, you can learn how to:

  • Define your niche
  • Find advertising channels
  • Get hot leads
  • A successful pitch to your clients
  • Accept and process payments

This is another detailed course, but it has a huge price tag to consider too…

Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint (Price Not Disclosed)

The last product in their line up is another blueprint.  This one is designed to teach you how to start an events and masterminds business.

It’s a big business opportunity, but only really open to those seen as being at the top of their career with people wanting to learn more from them.

What's The Training Within Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint?

This course covers a few areas such as how to:

  • Organize events
  • Hire staff
  • Create hype
  • Get recurring customers
  • and more.

As I said, this is for professionals who are looking to start live events and masterminds businesses. It’s not for beginners!

And that’s it!

They do have an impressive number of products to offer.  But they will also require a huge bank balance to access them all.

I don’t believe for a minute that you are expected to.  But even accessing one of the blueprints is going to set you back over $2K!

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How Much Does Legendary Marketer Cost?

I know I listed the product prices above, but I think it’s important to list them together to give you an idea of the product list they provide.  And the prices they will cost you.

The thing you need to consider is that the low-ticket prices only really have the function of getting you into their program.  Once there, you will be encouraged to buy the high-ticket products.

That is the method they will teach you in the course.  Start low and then you can introduce them to high-ticket products.

The reality is that the blueprint courses are the flagship products within Legendary Marketer.  The 15-Day Online Business Builder, Legendary Marketer’s Club, 15-Second Free Leads Course, etc.

They are just course that is designed to introduce you to this amazing business opportunity called Affiliate Marketing.  But to succeed with David’s program, you will be required to buy one of the blueprint products…

That said, here’s the entire product line once again, with price tags as well:

  • Affiliate eBook $1.99
  • 15-Day Business Builder Challenge – $7
  • Copywriter’s Playbook for 2021 – $1
  • Traffic University – $1,497 one time
  • Legendary Marketer’s Club – Free Basic Plan + $30/month for Pro Plan
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint – $2,500
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $2,500
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – Price not disclosed

Does Legendary Marketer Have A refund policy or money-back guarantee?

From my research, there is an opportunity to get your money back.  But only on select products.  When you check out their website, the image below about their 30-day risk free guarantee only actually lists the 15-Day Online Business Builder…  take a look below:

Legendary Marketer review - money back guarantee

I’ve also heard that you can get your money back from the Legendary Markter’s club if you action it quickly enough.

But regarding their Traffic University or Blueprint Courses, I don’t believe that the refund policy will work there.  There is no sign that they are covered by this money-back guarantee…

Can You Make Money with Legendary Marketer?

Yes, there is an opportunity to earn a lot of money with the Legendary Marketer program.  It’s engineered to focus on helping you promote high-ticket products.  Which is a good thing, as you can make more money per sale.

Being able to make $1,000 from one sale is hard to resist.

There is information within the Legendary Marketer training to help you achieve your goals.

However, you have to keep in mind that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  Whether you go with paid ads (which can be quicker) or SEO traffic (which is a longer route, but free) there is still a lot of effort on your half to get to where you want to be.

Getting set up and having people trust you enough to buy your offers, will take time and effort.

Legendary Marketer will help you get started, but you have to be willing to work hard to achieve your goals…

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives elsewhere…

My #1 recommended course has helped me go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!


Can You Make Money Promoting Legendary Marketer?

You can decide to choose a niche of your own to make money with affiliate marketing.  But the way Legendary Marketer is geared up.  It does appear that everything is geared towards you promoting Legendary Marketer to others using sales funnels.

The training will show you how to create sales funnels that promote the 15-Day Online Business Builder program.  They also even provide you some DFY funnels if you join the LM Club too.

Then you can promote these to get people to sign up on your affiliate link.  If they buy any of the blueprints, etc.  You can earn a commission.

Legendary Marketer Commission Structure

When checking out other reviews in my research, I did notice this has changed recently.  It used to be that there were two plans you could join.  If you paid for the higher one, you would get more commission.

This is probably why people have been labelling LM as an MLM or a pyramid scheme.  This change is only recent.  But it does go along way to prove to people that it isn’t an MLM or anything like that.

The commission is the same for all affiliates.  The details are below:

Legendary Marketer Commission Structure

Before this, you have to pay $29.95 a month to get a 20-40% commission rate.  Now they have made it a standard 30-60% commission rate.

So, How Do You Earn These Commissions?

Well, the basic premise would be to create a sales funnel that leads people to the 15-Day Online Business Challenge and hope that they buy into the program and end up buying the Traffic University or one of the Blueprints so that you can earn commissions from it.

But you do have to realise that the Legendary Marketer is based on paid ads.

They don’t offer much training on free traffic at all.  They tried to rectify this with the 15-Second Free Leads mini-course using TikTok.

But it’s not an in-depth course and won’t provide you enough to get your campaigns up and running.

So, you will need to pay for ads if you want to earn money from promoting Legendary Marketer.  Or you could go elsewhere to learn free traffic methods, like ranking in Google.

But that goes against the point of learning affiliate marketing.  Other better courses teach you how to make money online and teach you free traffic solutions.

But if you are looking to promote Legendary Marketer, then you will need to have a lot of money available to pay for traffic to go with your sales funnels.

The most critical part of every online business is traffic.

These guys have prepared a solid education on this topic. If you have enough money to invest in paid ads, and if you take this program seriously, you could make money with it.

So the answer is yes, it’s a solid income opportunity.

But is Legendary Marketer a scam, MLM, or even a pyramid scheme?

Is Legendary Marketer a Pyramid Scheme?

Legendary Marketer isn’t a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is one where you can only make money from recruiting people into the program.  They offer little value to anyone joining, other than the opportunity to recruit someone else in.

Just because promoting Legendary Marketer is an option, doesn’t mean that it’s a pyramid scheme.  They offer tons of valuable training and you don’t have to promote Legendary Marketer to others.

It’s nothing like a pyramid scheme.

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Is Legendary Marketer an MLM?

Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM.  Now that they have changed their affiliate program, it’s also no longer a two-tiered commission rate.

Part of the reason, I think, that people question whether LM is an MLM or not.  Is down to David Sharpe formerly being involved in the Empower Network.

It was an MLM that was outed as a pyramid scheme.  This means anything he gets involved with is queried.  MLMs don’t have a good reputation with people, so anything that might look like one gets a bad rap.

MLM companies skate very close to the wire when it comes to what they can get away with.  So many MLMs work like a pyramid scheme in disguise, where they want people to keep on recruiting people into the scheme.

Big MLMs that have been outed as pyramid schemes include Digital Altitude and MOBE.  Both claimed to be training platform to help people get started online, but the only way for people to make money with them was to self-promote the same product to others.

Legendary Marketer does offer this feature, to promote itself to others.  But you don’t have to use it to do that.

Legendary Marketer offers a lot of valuable training that you could use to start a business in something, other than promoting LM.

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Is Legendary Marketer a Scam?

No, Legendary Marketer isn’t a scam.

They offer some valuable training courses that are designed to help people learn how to get started with affiliate marketing.  It focuses on teaching you how to promote high-ticket products.  Which includes teaching you how to promote Legendary Marketer to others.

They include training, resources, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Clearly signs that it’s not a scam.

But it might be a program that misleads a little, as you are mainly going to learn how to promote Legendary Marketer.

The other element you need to consider is that it’s not fully disclosed on the sales page, that you won’t get a lot for your money with the low-end products.  They are purely informational with some detail.

You will need to spend the big bucks to get the high-ticket blueprint products to get the info you need.

This isn’t clear and is probably why some people go with the 15-day challenge and then realise they need to spend more to get more.

Not exactly a scam, but not exactly honest either.

It’s a decent course, if you want to promote Legendary Marketer.  But there are better alternatives out there (I’ll list a few of them shortly…)

Who Is Legendary Marketer For?

It is designed to help those looking to learn affiliate marketing with a focus on high-ticket promotions.  But with the different blueprints available, there is value for others:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Product Vendors
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Event Experts

Beginners would benefit from the training within the 15-day challenge and LM club as it will cover some of the basics. 

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives elsewhere…

My #1 recommended course has helped me go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!


Do I Recommend Legendary Marketer?

Do I recommend Legendary Marketer…  That is a tough one, to be honest.  There is some value within the courses they offer.  But is it ideal for someone looking to get started online?  I wouldn’t say so, now.  There are a few reasons why I would and wouldn’t…  I’ve listed them below…

Reasons why i wouldn't recommend Legendary Marketer

I wouldn’t recommend Legendary Marketer as it will require you to buy several courses to get the information you need.  This will also set you back a few thousand dollars in the process.  To get the information you need to make money online, you would need the blueprint.

Just like many other “gurus” in this industry, David Sharpe has designed his program to lead you from upselling to upselling.

By the time you reach the point where you can learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, you will lose a ton of time, money, and nerves.

That is how I see the Legendary Marketer platform.

Then there is also the fact that you will require an additional budget for both paid ads and the tools you would require to achieve it.  There are no tools within Legendary Marketer.

Reasons Why I Would Recommend Legendary Marketer

But there is also a lot of value within Legendary Marketer.  The low-end programs are filled with information which is good for someone wanting to learn a little more about the industry. These are inexpensive to get started with and give you some information.

Also, if you decide to follow the line of upsells inside the Legendary Marketer members area, you will eventually reach a course that is worth taking action with.

There are two of them in my opinion.

I would recommend joining Legendary Marketer’s Club if you’re interested in learning how to promote the same product line to others to earn commissions.

The majority of the things within it are done-for-you.  So, you just need to worry about setting up the paid ads to advertise it to people.

Another course that appears to offer a lot of value is the Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint.

This course will give you a lot of in-depth information about how to make money with affiliate marketing.  It teaches you step-by-step how to build an affiliate marketing business in any niche.

Although the price tag will leave it out of reach of many people looking to get started…

But the decision has to be yours.  If Legendary Marketer appears to tick most of your boxes and you have the budget, it might be a good option.

The remainder of my Legendary Marketer review will showcase the pros and cons of it, in a little more detail.

Legendary Marketer: Pros

Here are the things I liked about Legendary Marketer…

The Training is beginner-friendly

I liked the fact that they are taking a beginner-friendly approach to online marketing.

Before you get fully involved in the program, you get to go through a 15-day challenge.  This shows you whether you have what it takes to get started with affiliate marketing.  It also shows them what you’ve got to offer too.

The training programs within Legendary Marketer do offer a lot of valuable content, covering aspects like sales funnels, driving targeted traffic, building an email list, etc.

Access to a Community & Coaching

Doing this business all on your own is quite lonely and unsupported, at times.  But this is another benefit of the platform, in that you get access to a community.  There is also personal coaching available too.

It’s good to see that they’re taking care of their members. They assign a coach to each new member and also, give access to a FaceBook community where you can communicate with other members and ask for help.

Based on a Legit Business Model - Affiliate Marketing

Legendary Marketer is based on a legitimate business model called affiliate marketing.  It’s a business model that is ideal for anyone willing to put the time and effort in.  You also don’t need to have loads of technical knowledge to get started.

A major reason why so many people fail at affiliate marketing is that they don’t have the right mindset.  So, it’s another positive that they focus so much on ensuring your mindset is right too.

Dave Sharpe is a Legit Marketer

Despite David’s past with his connection to the Empower Network, he is a legitimate marketer.  He’s done really well for himself. 

There is also plenty of evidence to show that he knows his stuff and offers it as part of his platform here.

Legendary Marketer: Cons

There are a few elements that we didn’t like about Legendary Marketer, so let’s go these now…

High-Ticket Program - Too many upsells and it's expensive

I know that they offer some low-ticket products.  But there isn’t enough evidence to show that you can make a decent income from those alone.

There are several training programs that offer valuable training packages for about $1K and I think that is expensive.  But they have proven success stories from them.

What more does Legendary Marketer offer to be $1,500 more expensive than those?

No one can give you a guarantee.  So whether you take the $30/month club for a spin.  Or you spend $2,500 on a blueprint.

There is still no guarantee it will work.  That is a lot of money to be dealing with losing.

Another element you need to factor in is that you are assigned a coach.  That is a good thing, from a training point of view.

But it also an opportunity for that coach to try and convince you to spend more money.  They usually try and get you to buy more.

You'll Require an additional budget - Paid Ads

Legendary Marketer focuses on paid methods to attract an audience.  Meaning you will need to spend money each month on getting customers to your sales funnels.

This isn’t good new for a beginner, or anyone on a limited budget.  Paid Ads are risky, as there is no guarantee that you will get the right people to click your link.

If you are spending more than you are earning, that is a bad situation.  But there is no fallback, as they don’t offer much valuable training on free traffic methods, like SEO.

Not easy to become an affiliate

One of the first things that got me disappointed with the Legendary Marketer is their strict affiliate approval policy. These guys won’t let in just anyone.

You’ll have to take part in 15 days challenge and even talk to their coaches before they give you the green light.

Can't build a business in any niche

Legendary Marketer is only going to help you out if you want to get started in the make money online niche.  That is so they can then encourage you to promote Legendary Marketer to others, who are looking to make money online.

That’s a big issue if you don’t want to get involved in that niche. Especially as it’s one of the most competitive ones out there.

But if you wanted to start an affiliate website promoting products related to your hobby or passion, then this training isn’t for you.

Many people are drawn to affiliate marketing because you can build a business around your interest, like playing the guitar. For example, you can create a business where you sell guitars and earn a decent income from them too.

The training within Legendary Marketer wouldn’t help this person.  It’s not designed that way.

Focus on self-promotion

As you only get to choose the MMO niche, they get to push you to promote LM to others.  This isn’t made clear when you first get going.  But it can also be why some call it an MLM.

It’s not one, in the strictest sense.  But as you only really have an option to promote it, you’re kind of stuck doing it.

Hard to find legitimate positive reviews

Read that heading again.  It’s not that there aren’t plenty of positive reviews.  It’s just that most of them are from affiliates trying to get you to sign up to the 15-day challenge, so they can then upsell the other blueprints to you…

If they aren’t giving you the good and the bad about a program, they are usually just promotional reviews designed to sell it to you.

I have seen some unbiased reviews, and I share some with you in the next section.  But they actually give Legendary Marketer a poor rating.

In other words, people who have no intention of selling you this course are objective. And based on their objective review, Legendary Marketer has gotten a poor rating.

Don’t get me wrong. I do think that Legendary marketer is legit. However, it is definitely not the best way to make money online.

No tools or tech support

Legendary Marketer is a training platform.  This means that any tools that you’ll need to use for your campaigns are not included in its courses.

So, you’re going to have to outsource everything to build your business.  This will all require an additional budget for you to realise.  An example would be ClickFunnels to host your sales funnels, which costs $97 per month.  Email autoresponders cost anywhere between $30-$99 per month.

All things you need to factor into your decision.

Then there is the fact that as you don’t get any tools with Legendary Marketer, this means you also don’t get the necessary tech support with these platforms.

No free traffic training

I’ve already shared with the emphasis on paid ads within Legendary Marketer and it’s training.  So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there isn’t any real training on free traffic methods.

You can learn how to drive free traffic from TikTok. However, this course itself has been designed to get you to sign up for Legendary Marketer, so there’s no real value there.

I believe that every legit and reputable affiliate course should teach SEO first and paid ads second.

Legendary Marketer Appears like an MLM

Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM.  But the emphasis is on getting people to promote it.  Added to the fact that their training is also focusing on self-promotion and only being able to get started in the MMO niche.  Does add to the argument that it could be considered an MLM.  Or at least very similar to one.

David Sharpe has been involved in a pyramid scheme before. Once the Empower network crashed and burned, he started Legendary Marketer.

He does offer you valuable content.  So it isn’t like it doesn’t give you anything.  But there is a focus on recruiting others into the program, which does give me a bad feeling about it all.

Not Available Everywhere

On the face of it, if you can avoid to get involved with paid ads and want to share Legendary Marketer.  Then this might be a good fit for you…  

However, it can be equally as frustrating if you get people joining that are not able to make use of the training, as they are from one of the banned countries.

Legendary Marketer isn’t available everywhere, here’s a list of the blocked countries

Very low success rate

In general terms, all MLMs and affiliate programs will have a very low success rate.  The fact is that only about 2% of the people who join Legendary Marketer will make money from the program.


Well, most people will have joined thinking that the course is cheap and easy-to-follow.

They won’t realise that it’s based on paid ads.  That the 15-day challenge is to just introduce you to concepts.  That it will require a lot more money than $7 to get an affiliate marketing business up and running.

That aside, the biggest issue is that this niche is super-competitive. 

All adds up to a low success rate…

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking to learn the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives elsewhere…

My #1 recommended course has helped me go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!


Legendary Marketer Online Reviews

I haven’t built up to doing YouTube videos yet, so I’ve included some reviews that will give you an inside look and hear the same conclusions about Legendary Marketer…

However, please keep in mind these are affiliate reviews, meaning that they are also promoting the program to earn commissions.

Legendary Marketer Review: Conclusion

If you were wondering whether Legendary Marketer was a scam, an MLM, or a pyramid scheme.  Then at least you know that it’s not any of those.

It’s a legitimate training program designed to teach beginners how to start an affiliate marketing business, promoting high-ticket products in the Make Money Online niche.

But I wouldn’t particularly say that it’s a great course for beginners.  Due to it focusing on paid ads, which is a little more advanced than most marketers will tell you.

If you wanted to take it for a test drive, you would definitely benefit from the 15-day challenge.  But keep in mind the coach calls might try to convince you to buy the upsells.  But there could be more to learn than not with that and the Legendary Marketer club.

As both are covered by the refund policy, it might be worth a go.

But the first thing you need to consider is whether you are ready and able to go with paid ads.  if you cannot afford to go down that road, then go with one of the alternatives I’ve listed below.

Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Lab, or the Authority Site System are all better options and provide training on free traffic.

If paid ads are the route you want to go, there are still better options.  But the Blueprint guides are where you will find the real value to making the most out of the Legendary Marketer training.

Thanks for reading my Legendary Marketer review.

If you have any further questions or any experiences to share, I’d love to hear what you have to say…  Write it in the comments section below…

Legendary Marketer Alternatives

Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic business opportunity to make money.  But you should have the freedom to promote products and services based on a niche you want to go with…  So here are some solid alternatives that I’ve personally reviewed…  I will be adding more as I complete more in-depth reviews too…

How Do I Make Money Online?

My #1 recommendation is a platform that offers everything a budding affiliate marketer would need.  It offers a step-by-step beginner-friendly training course that will take you through all the steps you need to build your own profitable online business.  It has helped me go from $0 to earning $100’s a day with affiliate marketing.

The reason why I recommend it over all of the other courses is that they are the leader in the affiliate marketing training industry.

Not only do they offer world-class training, but they also offer all of the tools you need too.  Including web hosting, website builder, keyword research tool, etc.

The success rate speaks for itself, with thousands of users earning good incomes from following their methods.

Then there is the fact that my top-rated course is the largest online community of marketers you will find, of all levels.

This means that you can get help 24/7 and get answers from thousands of expert coaches, including me!

Best of all, I used this exact system to go from $0 to $1000’s per month in passive income!

Amongst the best features of my #1 ranked course is that you can take it for a test drive (just a $49 Premium subscription).

You will get one complimentary site and access to the very first ten lessons from the course to try things out.

Wealthy Affiliate is the best course online for learning effective strategies to make money online with affiliate marketing!

If you’re looking to do the same, then click the button below:

Thanks for reading my Legendary Marketer Review!  If you have any questions, or any experiences to share then please write them in the comments below. ;). 

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There are more negative cons than there are pros. The cons sound like an MLM marketing scheme, but it’s not. They make you keep spending your money to get the next shiny object. We do like your suggested way of making money in 2022.
There are many good platforms, but WA seems to be the best, indeed. Thank you for your article. It helped us learn about the Legendary Marketer Review and how it operates.


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