List Leverage Review: Unveiling the Truth About Matthew Neer’s System
List Leverage Review Unveiling the Truth About Matthew Neer’s System

In the bustling world of online marketing, email marketing systems like List Leverage promise not just to simplify the process of earning through digital channels but also to revolutionise it. Created by Matthew Neer, List Leverage has stirred considerable interest and debate within the affiliate marketing community. Is it a genuine shortcut to success, or does it fall short of its lofty promises?

In this review, we will delve deep into the workings of List Leverage, examining its features, costs, and the potential it holds for both seasoned marketers and newcomers alike. As we unpack the details of what List Leverage offers, I’ll share insights based on my experiences and extensive research, aiming to provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision about this controversial system.

List Leverage Review Overview

Product Name: List Leverage

Owner: Matthew Neer

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing/Email Marketing Course

Price: $49 per month or $398 per year, plus upsells and extra costs

Best For: It’s more geared up to help the owner…



  • Proven Expertise
  • Power of Email Marketing
  • Risk-Free Trial


  • It’s Overpriced
  • Hidden Upsells & Extra Costs
  • Persistent Additional Expenses
  • The Reality of Email Marketing

Quick Summary

List Leverage, created by Matthew Neer, positions itself as a robust email marketing system, promising lucrative returns through a model that primarily leverages affiliate marketing strategies. However, upon close examination, it becomes apparent that while the system may offer some basic tools for building an email list, it is heavily geared towards self-promotion and monetization through upsells and additional costly services. The initial and ongoing costs, combined with a pay structure that benefits those at the top, make it a less than ideal choice for those just starting out or looking to build a sustainable, independent online business.

The program does include some educational content on email marketing and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which provides a safety net for those willing to test its claims. Yet, the multitude of upsells, coupled with the necessity to invest in external tools like autoresponders and paid traffic, significantly inflates the cost and complexity of using the system effectively. Furthermore, the overhyped promises of easy earnings do not align well with the actual effort and investment required, which could mislead novices into underestimating the challenges of online marketing.

For those seeking a more reliable and ethical path to success in digital marketing, there are numerous other resources available—many of which provide comprehensive education and support without the excessive fees and questionable marketing tactics associated with List Leverage. Building a personal, niche-specific website and engaging directly with your audience through valuable content remains the most effective and trustworthy way to achieve long-term success online.


Recommended? No, List Leverage is just another average self-promoting scheme that is best for the creator

Table of Contents

Is List Leverage a Scam or Legit?

At first glance, List Leverage might raise some eyebrows with its bold claims like “Click, Send, Earn $1000s”—phrases often associated with get-rich-quick schemes. But let’s dive deeper. Created by Matthew Neer, List Leverage is a legitimate affiliate marketing system designed to help you set up effective email marketing campaigns and generate passive income.

First things first: While the marketing tactics used on the sales page might seem over the top, the system itself offers real tools and strategies for those interested in building a robust email marketing business. Matthew Neer is well-known in the marketing world, boasting a track record of credible strategies and success stories.

But here’s the catch: Engaging with List Leverage comes with its share of risks. It’s not cheap, and there’s a real possibility of not seeing a return on your initial investment. Plus, buying traffic through their recommended Traffic Authority can sometimes lead to low-quality leads that don’t convert as well as you might hope.

Many reviews, including my own, have expressed reservations about the system. An often overlooked aspect is that all members use identical sales pages, which could saturate your market. Furthermore, your subscribers will end up on multiple mailing lists, which might dilute the uniqueness of your offer.

Bottom line: While List Leverage is not a scam in the traditional sense, it’s essential to approach it with a critical eye. The investment might be substantial, and the results aren’t guaranteed. If you’re considering diving in, it might be worth exploring other options or approaching with a plan to uniquely tailor the tools to your needs to stand out from the crowd.

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What is List Leverage?

Calling List Leverage an “affiliate marketing training program” might give it a bit more credit than it deserves. A more fitting label? An expensive crash course in promoting Matthew Neer’s various online money-making ventures. This isn’t my first rodeo with Matthew’s programs. While I bear no personal grudge against him, his marketing ethics—or lack thereof—often leave much to be desired.

Matthew pitches List Leverage as a near-magical tool where money flows in with minimal effort: click a button, send some emails, and watch as thousands of dollars supposedly roll in daily, all on autopilot from leveraging the work of others. He touts it as a DFY (Done For You) system primed to generate massive cash influxes without breaking a sweat. Yet, history and my evaluations of his previous solutions (like my Speed Wealth Review) suggest that the reality is far from the promise.

Priced steeply, both List Leverage and other courses from Neer insist you pour substantial funds into tools and resources—something I’ll delve deeper into later. At its core, the program is designed to make Matthew money through commissions, even as he offers video tutorials aimed at guiding you through his lead generation model.

Email marketing is a tested and effective way to earn online, and List Leverage does focus on gathering leads, building lists, and dispatching affiliate promotional emails. However, the cost of entry is high. Stay tuned as I unpack more in this review.

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Who is Matthew Neer?

Matthew Neer is a figure well-known in the online money-making circuit, notorious for launching overhyped programs and systems like List Leverage and Speed Wealth, often found on platforms like ClickBank.

He’s frequently spotlighted in various product promotions, selling the dream of quick riches. Recently, he’s teamed up with another so-called guru, Jamie Lewis, in a venture called Income League. Yes, Matthew is a legitimate entrepreneur, but he embraces the “guru” moniker a bit too enthusiastically. While systems like List Leverage might offer some genuine potential, their primary aim is to get you to buy into a slew of tools and resources for lead generation.

Remember Matthew’s bold claim: “Click, Send, and Make $1000s”? Let’s peel back the layers and uncover the reality behind these grand assertions.

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How Does List Leverage Work?

Getting to Grips with the System: At its core, List Leverage is designed to help you build an expansive email subscriber list. While email marketing isn’t the fastest route to cash—it demands time and expertise—it becomes much more manageable once you’ve established a reliable lead generation system. This is the crux of Matthew Neer’s method.

Create Your List Leverage Account

Starting Your Journey: The first step is simple—sign up and watch a free video where Matthew boasts impressive earnings and claims you can start pocketing $100 per day swiftly.


Subscribe to One or All Six Lists Inside the List Leverage

Diving Deeper: Upon joining, you’ll be prompted to subscribe to one (or all) of six specialized lists. Each list is tailored to promote various make-money-online products, with each representing a different level. You start at the bottom and work your way up. Your goal? Propel others to sign up under you, boosting you closer to the top rank. The more effectively your referrals gather subscribers, the faster you climb.

Start Sending Email Invitations

Kick off by emailing your list, inviting them to join List Leverage and explore associated products. It’s also wise to plug services like Traffic Authority and SendShark, which are integral to this system.


Be warned, though—opting into these services adds more costs to an already pricey setup.

When someone joins your list and buys something, you get a cut of the sale. The system is designed so the more sign-ups you secure, the more you stand to earn. As your referrals start to generate leads, your position improves.

If you’re new to this world, tread carefully. List Leverage’s complexities might not be the best starting point.

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Will List Leverage Make You Money?

Yes, there’s potential to make money with email marketing. But be cautious of List Leverage’s claims like “Click, Send & Make $1000 a day.” These are typically exaggerated and can set unrealistic expectations.

While there are some valid elements to List Leverage, success requires strict adherence to the system, alongside a significant financial layout. Remember, it’s not just about hard work; it’s also about the money you’re willing to invest upfront.

Ironically, it seems the system benefits its creator and those already at the top the most.

Stay tuned for more detailed insights into the costs involved with List Leverage in the upcoming section of this review.

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How Much Does List Leverage Cost?

List Leverage splits its offerings into two distinct membership packages:

  • Beginner Package: Priced at $49 per month, this is your entry-level option.
  • Super Affiliate Package: For those more serious about their affiliate marketing journey, this package costs $398 per year.

List Leverage Upsells

Once you’re in, prepare for the upsell. The sales funnel will offer you additional products to enhance your marketing efforts:

  • Campaigns: Add these to your toolkit for $67.
  • Pages: Customizable pages for $47.
  • Advanced Training: Deep dive into more sophisticated strategies for $199.

Extra Costs

You’ll need a SendShark autoresponder to manage your emails, costing an additional $25 per month.


Here’s where it gets pricey. Directing traffic to your capture pages can cost anywhere from $220 to a staggering $8,000, making it an expensive endeavour for lead generation.

Does List Leverage Offer Refunds?

No worries. List Leverage provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the program doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund within the first 30 days.

List Leverage Compensation Plan

The program offers a chance to earn through multiple income streams:

  • Monthly Commissions: Earn $20 in monthly commissions for each referral who opts for a monthly membership.
  • Annual Commissions: A heftier $200 commission awaits if your referral signs up for an annual membership.

Breakdown of the 3 Product Compensation Plan:

  • Lead Capture Pages: Priced at $97 each, these pay a commission of $50.
  • Email Swipes: These essential tools cost $247, offering a $125 commission.
  • Automated Webinars: For $497, you can earn a commission of $250 per sale.

Who Is List Leverage For?

If you’re exploring potentially questionable email marketing strategies, List Leverage might catch your eye. However, from what I’ve seen, this program primarily benefits individuals like Matthew Neer—those at the top who make substantial earnings from selling the tools and traffic services featured within the system.

For anyone genuinely seeking a legitimate, straightforward pathway to make money online, I’m hesitant to recommend List Leverage. It appears to cater more to those who can navigate, and benefit from, its intricacies and initial outlays rather than the average user looking for a reliable income source.

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Are List Leverage Students Making Money?

As of this review, tangible success stories from regular users of List Leverage are hard to come by. It seems that Matthew Neer may be the primary, if not the only, beneficiary of the system’s setup. The absence of verified student testimonials or evidence of significant earnings suggests that List Leverage might not be the most effective method for making money through affiliate marketing.

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List Leverage Review: Pros

Before delving deeper into the intricacies of List Leverage, let’s first acknowledge what the program gets right. Despite some reservations, there are undeniable benefits that could make this system appealing to certain marketers. Here’s a closer look at what I appreciate about List Leverage:

#1 Proven Expertise

Matthew Neer, the creator of List Leverage, is a well-known figure in the online marketing world. His extensive experience in creating money-making systems lends a degree of credibility to this program. Despite some of the overblown claims, List Leverage has established itself as a mainstay in this niche, suggesting it does offer some value.

#2 The Power of Email Marketing

At its heart, List Leverage is rooted in email marketing—a tried and true method many marketers swear by. The adage ‘the money is in the list’ holds true here. This program does a solid job teaching you how to craft effective campaigns, capture leads, and monetize your list through strategic email follow-ups and affiliate promotions.

#3 Risk-Free Trial

One of the standout features of List Leverage is its 30-day money-back guarantee. This shows a level of confidence in the program’s value and provides you with a safety net. If you’re not seeing the results or the system doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get a full refund by simply reaching out to the support team.

List Leverage Review: Cons

It’s crucial to understand that List Leverage is not a conventional training program aimed at teaching you how to launch your own online marketing business. Rather, it operates more like a multi-level marketing scheme where the primary focus is on recruiting others to promote the same system.

#1 List Leverage Is Overpriced

The entry cost is steep, and while the done-for-you (DFY) aspect may seem convenient, there are countless free resources available that teach similar strategies. The monthly fee of $49 seems unjustified given the lack of substantial training provided. Instead of empowering you to build a unique online business, the system ties you to continuous expenses that primarily benefit those at the top of the hierarchy.

#2 Hidden Upsells & Extra Costs

Upon joining, you’ll quickly encounter several upsells totalling around $300 for advanced features essential for making the most of the system. This practice feels unethical, especially when the initial pitch promises a complete solution for a monthly fee, only to demand more for full functionality.

#3 Persistent Additional Expenses

Beyond the base price and upsells, List Leverage necessitates ongoing expenditures on tools like autoresponders and paid traffic, which can start at $220. These costs aren’t transparently disclosed upfront, making the total investment considerably higher than anticipated. Moreover, the effectiveness of the recommended traffic sources is debatable, adding to the uncertainty of the investment.

#4 The Reality of Email Marketing

Contrary to the effortless success depicted by many online marketers, effective email marketing requires significant effort, particularly for newcomers. The promotional tactics employed by List Leverage remind me of the misleading strategies used in various dubious schemes I’ve encountered, which does little to instill trust in the system.

Do I Recommend List Leverage?

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend List Leverage to my readers. The system does not adequately enable users to have control over their own business operations. Instead, it locks them into a model that primarily benefits those at the top of its hierarchical structure.

For sustained success in the digital realm, it’s crucial to build a business model based on trust and transparency. List Leverage, with its expensive entry and ongoing costs, offers a risky shortcut that could lead to significant financial loss without the promised return on investment.

List Leverage Review: Conclusion

If you’re looking to build a long-term, successful online business, I suggest creating your own system. This can be achieved by developing a niche-specific website and generating traffic through search engines with valuable content. Building a genuine relationship with your audience is key; when they trust you, they are more likely to subscribe to your email list and make purchases.

From my experience, the most effective approach to lead generation and building a quality email list is through real engagement and providing substantial value. This stands in contrast to the approach taken by List Leverage.

There are numerous comprehensive courses available online—many of which are free or far less costly than List Leverage—that offer extensive insights into effective digital marketing strategies. These resources are often more reliable and ethical alternatives for learning and growth.

I hope this review has provided a clearer understanding of List Leverage and its potential impacts. Should you have any questions or wish to share your experiences, feel free to contribute in the comments below.

Thank you for reading this review! Your informed decision-making is important to us.

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