Making Money Online From Home – 25 Proven Ways!!

Making Money Online From Home - 25 Proven Ways

Are you looking for ways of making money online from home?  If you’re looking for proven ways that will definitely work, then you need to check out this list.

What would making money online from home mean for you?  Maybe it would help you:

  • Cover your rent
  • Leave your job and spend more time with the family
  • Pay off your debt quicker
  • Be able to travel more…

Being able to make money online from home can have a huge impact on your life.  But some believe it’s only a pipe dream that a select few can achieve.

But the reality is that it’s much more achievable than you might think…

This blog post will show you 25 proven ways that real everyday people use to make $1,000 a month online. 

Table of Contents

Making Money Online From Home Benefits

There are so many benefits to making money online from home, here are some of our favourites:

  • Your income potential is unlimited – you can scale your earnings online a lot easier than you can in a bricks and mortar business
  • It provides you with the opportunity to quit your day job – giving you the ability to spend more time doing what you love
  • It provides flexibility – you can work any time and anywhere you like
  • Allows you to work anywhere in the world!
  • It can reduce your expenses – it can become a hobby to replace other expensive hobbies, like shopping
  • You can start making money online part-time – this means there is no need to quit your day job (to start with)

The benefits are endless.  Especially if you’re able to make money online from home in a way that you can scale and is passive income.

Now, I can almost hear you asking…

Is Making Money Online From Home Easy?

This is a common question, and the biggest problem is the answer is both Yes and No…

It is easy to make some money online by signing up for online paid survey sites.  You can also sometimes earn a bonus just for signing up with them.  You can then earn money by completing surveys.

They are all completely free to join.  Please note that if a survey site is asking you to pay to join, it is typically a scam.

But the income potential from this method is really low.  But it is technically an easy way of earning a few dollars by completing some surveys.

However, if you’re looking for a way of making passive income online, then it will take you a lot longer than many people say it will.

Are the skills hard to learn or do?


But it will take you time to learn the skills required to set things up and get it to the point where it pays you a passive income.


Too many people get sucked into a scam, as they believe the hype around a product that claims to earn you $1,000’s by the end of the day.  Know that it is possible to make money online, but it will require a lot of time and effort to achieve it.

The most common reason why people fail to make money online is that they give up too soon.

What is Passive Income Online?

There are several different definitions for passive income.  You ask anyone and they will probably give you a different answer.

For me, it’s about putting the time and effort in once and getting paid repeatedly for it.  But it also requires some effort to maintain.

An example would be…

Plant a Seed and Continue to Water the Plant to Harvest Fruit for Years to Come...

But passive income is not…

a get rich quick scheme where someone claims that clicking a button once will make you lots of money instantly, over and over again.  That is a scam!

Any system that doesn’t give you a lot of information but claims that you can do something once and the money will roll in, then they are lying and trying to deceive you.

It is possible to make a passive income online, but it’s important to know what it means to earn a passive income.

An example would be me earning an income from my blog.  If someone decides to click on an affiliate link of mine, then I may earn a commission from the sale (at no extra cost to the person).  I’ve written a blog post once and can see it get traffic and earn affiliate commissions for years to come.  

But to maintain it, I need to ensure that blog post stays up to date.

This is an effective method of passive income and is top of our list, but it still requires time and effort.  It’ll also not going to earn me an income straight away.

The key difference is that anything that claims you will not need to put any effort in at all, is usually a scam and not something that is a passive income opportunity.

Making Money Online From Home - Ratings

There are many different ways of making money online from home, but they are not all equal.

The remainder of this blog post will show you numerous ways that everyday people are using to earn $1,000+ a month.

To try and give you an idea of what each option is like to achieve results, I’ve given you a score out of 5 for each rating.

These ratings will give you a score from 1-5, with 1 being the lowest or easiest and 5 being the hardest or highest.


If you want to understand how difficult it would be for you to get started and to make good money, then. this is the score you want to look at.

It accounts for the time you need to put in and the skill level required too. 

  • A score of 1 would mean that you could start making money online quickly and easily
  • A score of 5 means that it would likely take you some time and effort to make money.  It also means you would need to learn some more skills too

Skill Level Required

This rating may put you off…

But you should know that none of the skills required in this blog post is rocket science.

Each of these examples has been proven to make someone money, it has just required them to learn the skills needed to achieve it.  There was a point when I didn’t know anything about blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. and now I help others learn these skills.

They have either learned the skills via YouTube or Google searches or have invested in paid training courses to learn the relevant skills.

A score of 5 shows you that it would require a very specific skillset to make money from it.  But the flipside to that is it often means fewer people are doing it, and so there is a bigger opportunity to make money.

Initial Investment

Sounds obvious, right?

A score of 1 means you don’t need to invest any money, and a score of 5 requires a bigger budget to get started.

*Please note a score of 2 means that you need very little money to get started, but some will say you don’t need any money to get started.

Income Potential

This is the one that probably interests you the most… What’s the potential behind the option.

A score of 1 means that you are unlikely to make much money from it.  Whilst a score of 5 means that the income potential is unlimited (Seriously, I mean unlimited)

Passive Income

We’ve already discussed this one, but I’ll share with you my thoughts about its passive income rating of it.

A score of 1 means that you will have to continue to trade your time for money to make money from the opportunity.

A score of 5 means that you can put in very little effort and time to keep making money.

*Some ideas are possible to hire other people (aka freelancers) to make it more hands-off to help the passive income potential.

Making Money Online From Home - 25 Proven Ways

Let’s get going with our list of 25 proven ways of making money online from home.

I’ve broken the opportunities down into different categories…

  • Online Business Ideas
  • Selling Things Online
  • Online Jobs from Home
  • Work Online for Money
  • Online Techie Work
  • Other Business Opportunities
  • Investments

Making Money Online From Home - Online Business Ideas

These are online business ideas that you get started from home.  There are similarities between some of them, but there are clear differences between them, which helps you decide on which direction is right for you.

Just knowing what business you are trying to build can be the difference between success and failure.

1. Start a Blog

niche website ideas - blogging

This is a fantastic way of making money online from home and is also an opportunity to turn a hobby or passion into a passive income stream.

But it is also a business model that gets misunderstood.  People often presume you can just start a blog and earn money straight away, but there is a little more to it than that.

Often this is because people presume a blog is like a diary.  That can be the case in some instances.  But that is only the tip of the iceberg.

The reality is that the majority of websites you have viewed online are a blog.  A blog is a website where someone has written some articles or blog posts on it.

This blog post is written on my blog website. 

Blogging has become one of the most common ways for people to make money online, as there is no real limit on what you can earn from a blog.  It’s also a great opportunity for people who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.  As it has become so much easier to create a blog these days.


  • You can start a blog on any topic that interests you or you have a passion about
  • You don’t require any technical skills or investment to get started
  • There are multiple opportunities to monetise your blog to create multiple streams of income.  I.e. affiliate marketing, display ads, selling products, selling online courses, memberships, etc.


  • It will take you at least a few months before you are able to make significant money
  • It’s too easy to get distracted or lack focus meaning that you don’t see it through


  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 4 out of 5

If you want to know more about blogging, check out this blog post which explains how you can make money online from a blog.

2. Affiliate Marketing

make money from a blogging site - incorporate affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is how I got started making money online.  It is a simple method.  Although I was surprised about how few people had heard of it…

You connect people to a product or service they’re already looking for.  By providing them help or solutions to their questions or problems, you can then link them to products or services related to them.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys the product, you’ll get paid a commission.

The commission rates will depend on the niche but can be anywhere between 4% to 90%.

There are many ways of using affiliate marketing to earn money, but the best way to build a passive income is to combine affiliate marketing with a blog or website.


  • There is no need to create or own your own products, as you’ll be promoting products owned by others
  • It’s possible to make money from affiliate links quickly via social media platforms (For example, you could join Amazon Associates today and recommend your favourite book on Facebook… If someone was to click on your link and buy the book, you’ve earned a commission)
  • It’s possible to scale your business for unlimited income


  • You will be required to learn some specific skills to be able to earn a good income, like SEO, copywriting, etc.
  • It’ll take you time to build a passive


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 3 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing, check this blog post out.  But if you want to make this a reality for yourself, you might want to check out my #1 Recommendation here

3. Niche BLogging - SEO Focus

This option is a really interesting way of making money online.  It’s also the one that is taught by my #1 recommendation too.

If you’ve never heard of SEO, then it stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  It is how you optimise your blog posts to get your website ranked on Google’s first page for certain keywords (related to your niche).

A keyword is a word or phrase that someone types into Google.

Some keywords get searched for a lot more than others.  An example would be “Gardening Tools” getting a lot more searches than “Gardening in Winter”.

The general idea is that you pick a very specific niche to write about and become an authority in that niche.  I.e. Gardening Tools.

You would then create highly specific blog posts related to that niche, helping people get the answers to their questions.  Solutions to their problems.

By targeting a specific niche, rather than a broad term.  You have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of Google.  Getting traffic to your blog for free, requires you to get on the first page of Google (think about it, when you search Google, when have you ever scrolled to page 2 or 3?).

If you can rank your content on page one, you will get consistent traffic to your website for free.  You can then monetise your website with affiliate links, or by placing display ads on the website too.

There are also unlimited niches for you to choose from, meaning that you can choose a subject you enjoy.  It could be arts and crafts, coffee, food, or the best gaming gear.


  • Once you get ranked for keywords on Google (Page 1) it can become very passive
  • It can also be a low cost to get started (typically about $85/year for website hosting and a domain name)


  • It can take a few months before you can see results – new websites need to build up trust with the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • As you’re investing time into something where the results can take a while to show, it can feel like you’re not getting anywhere.  Many people give up before they even see a success


  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 3 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

4. Viral Blogging - Using Pinterest & Ads

There is always the fact that bloggers will use Pinterest as a way of promoting their blogs.  But there is also an opportunity to set up their blog specifically for Pinterest.  But it depends on your niche and target audience…

The reason for this is that Pinterest is still mainly used by women with an average age of 40.

So, if you’re planning on promoting quad bikes, think you’ll get tons of traffic from Pinterest.  You’ll be sorely disappointed.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Pinterest.  But you’ve got to understand your audience to know where’s the best place to promote your stuff.

The niches that typically do well on Pinterest are:

  • Home decor
  • DIY crafts
  • Recipes
  • Women’s Fashion

There are also two types of blog posts that people LOVE to read and save on Pinterest:

  • How to (or ultimate guides)
  • List or Listicle posts (this is a list post…25 ways of making money online from home)

So, some people will set their blog up to focus on creating blog posts on one of those four topics and then they will only write “how-to” or “listicle” posts.

This means that they end up getting a lot of traffic…quickly!

All they need to do with their blogs is to place some high-quality ads on there and the rest is history…  They can make $1,000+ a month online very quickly (a few months).

The main difference between Pinterest and Google (SEO) is that Pinterest doesn’t care how old your website is, or how established it is.  They only care about how many people are saving and clicking your pin.

Combine this with the fact that Pinterest has its own “SEO traffic” too, as it is also a search engine on top of being a social media platform.

People are able to search for keywords on Pinterest.  Meaning if you target the right keywords you can get traffic from within Pinterest as well as Google too.  Google only shows the top ten results on their first page.  Pinterest shows the top 60!


  • Can be a quick way of getting traffic to your website
  • Once you get over 25,000 monthly sessions on your website, you can use the Mediavine ad network, which pays a lot more than other display ad places such as Google Adsense
  • Once you have the budget for it, you can hire writers to continue writing content for your blog under your name (Ghostwriter) to make this method more passive


  • It can be really time consuming to research and write long listicle posts or how-to guides
  • Pinterest can be really fickle, which means your traffic source can be inconsistent
  • There is a learning curve to using Pinterest (creating “pins” to boards and then scheduling them)


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required:  4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment:  2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 4 out of 5

5. Contributor Blogs

I saw this idea as I was doing research for this blog post.  The idea is that you use a website that already gets some traffic each month.  Whether that be from Google or other sources, like social media.

You can either:

  1. Buy an existing domain with traffic
  2. Start a new blog yourself and build up the traffic

Once you’ve got a website that is generating 10,000+ page views per month, other people are more willing to “guest post” or “contribute” content to your website.  They do this to gain exposure.

This way you can keep producing content for your website and generating traffic to it.  It becomes passive as you aren’t creating content (which is time-consuming) others are doing it for you.

The issue is that you will need a network of “bloggers” looking to get exposure to their blogs and who are willing to write for you.  You will also always need to be on the lookout for contributors to keep this up.

Having said that, you can network with other bloggers in Facebook groups and slowly add contributors over time.


  • It requires little work to maintain your website once you have contributors for your blog
  • There isn’t a limit to how much you could scale this


  • It will require you to network and connect with appropriate bloggers
  • The bloggers will typically be quite new so their content might not be the quality you expect.  You will need to spend time identifying the right bloggers to write for you.


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment:  3 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

6. Creating & Selling Online Courses

Making Money Online from Home - Create and Sell Courses

Creating your online course is often how a blogger will go from earning a few thousand dollars a month to earning 5 to 6 figures a month!

I’m serious, there are plenty of “everyday people” making 6 figure incomes a month from their online business…

Think about it this way…

Imagine your earning a 50% affiliate commission from a $25 eBook about how to use Pinterest.  That would mean you would earn $12.50 every time someone goes that course through your affiliate link.

Let’s then say that you’re making a consistent 100 sales a month by getting traffic to a particular blog post about how to use Pinterest for bloggers.

Now, if you were to create an online course, that is much better than that $25 eBook, you could quickly charge $65 and keep all of the profit.

That would make your income jump to $6,500 a month instead of $1,250!

But your income potential doesn’t stop there…  You could create a course of products that you could sell for $500+.  Or a series of courses…

You don’t have to create a huge or really expensive course to start making money in this way.  But you could build towards that as you progress.

An Example of A Smaller Course

Online courses don’t have to be all about complicated topics.  It could be as simple as a guide on how to knit a jumper.  As long as it’s a topic that people are looking for help with it, then there is a market.

If you could create a short e-Book or an online course on a platform like Teachable or Udemy.  Then you have the opportunity to make money from selling this course.

But to make the most of this course, you might find it better to start a blog to help promote the course.  But there is still an opportunity to promote it via social media platforms where you can promote it for free.

A great tip is to build an audience via an email list, on social media, or your blog.  Once you have a consistent audience you can ask them what their struggles are or what they want help with.  Then you could create an online course or eBook that would suit them.  This will reduce the risk of wasting time on a course that no one will find useful!


  • You have more control over how much money you make
  • There’s the possibility of creating multiple courses at the same time to increase income potential
  • You can automate the sales by offering other people an affiliate program, where they can help promote your product and you split the profits.


  • It requires a lot of research and effort to ensure your course is going to be useful for people to want to buy it
  • It will take you time to create a decent course


  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 5 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

7. Affiliate Marketing Business using Paid Ads

Not everyone is that interested in writing or creating a blog but still wants to make money from affiliate marketing.

I get it!  I used to be one of them.

It seemed like a lot of effort for too little reward…

But that was before I fully understood the value of a blog to help get free traffic from Google or social media channels.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to do it that way.  It’s possible to create an income from affiliate marketing without owning a blog!

There are some free methods that you can do this with by using social media channels.  But keep in mind that this will require a lot of effort to attract people to your posts.  

This will typically mean you manually messaging people, which gives you a poor conversion rate.  This is typically because of the lack of trust.  It’s very much like cold calling.  Which people hate!

There is an alternative, but it requires you to have a budget to explore the paid ads method.

You can pay for ads on Google, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and almost any platform that is online these days.

How Paid Ads Work...

  1. The platform loves it as you are paying them money
  2. you love it as you get targeted traffic
  3. the audience loves it as they find products that they are looking for

The trick is to ensure you are earning more money from the affiliate commissions than it costs you to place an advert on these platforms.  The costs can quickly add up, but if you get it right, you’ll be surprised at how quickly this can grow!

There are everyday people out there that are using this method to generate an insane amount of money online every month.  But it’s not an easy method to get right.  When getting started without a blog or any statistics to go on, it can feel like trial and error to find your target audience.

Then there is the fact that these ads are becoming ever more competitive.  So, if your ad doesn’t grab the attention and make people want to know more, you can burn through your money pretty quickly…


  • There is the opportunity to make money very quickly
  • If you can find the right affiliate programs with great conversion rates, the income potential is huge


  • You can burn through your money really quickly if you’re not able to get your strategy right away. (this often results in people chasing lost money)
  • When you stop paying for the ads, your income will stops
  • It takes a lot of trial and error initially to get the right ad copy to convert
  • It’s really competitive in certain niches


  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 5 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 4 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 3 out of 5

8. Podcasting

Podcasts are both a great way of connecting with people within your niche, a great of inviting people on to learn more about your niche.  But it’s also possible to make money with your podcast too.

Making Money Online from Home - podcasting

Here are some of the benefits of having a podcast:

  • Learning from experts within your industry
  • Helps create a personal brand or helps brand your business
  • You can get some awesome freebies from guests or sponsors
  • It saves time – sending people towards your podcast for answering a specific question you get constantly asked.  It also saves time as it’s usually quicker to speak your thoughts than to write them down.

Then there is the bonus that you can make money from your podcast.  

Podcasts can have paid sponsors in exchange for you mentioning them during your podcast.

There’s the possibility that you can find a small business or a “solopreneur” (typically a blogger) who wants to get their brand out to a wider audience.  People are willing to pay $100+ per episode.  This means that if you make two episodes a week, it’s easily possible to earn $1,000 per month online from a podcast.

John Lee Dumas gets paid tens of thousands of dollars per month from his podcast.  This shows the potential of a podcast, as long as you put the time and effort in.

If you’re considering a podcast, and so are just starting.  A good starting point would be to offer small businesses something like:

  • I’ll mention your company two times per episode
  • I’ll promote your company on my Twitter account with X followers, my Facebook group with X members, etc.
  • I’ll include a promotion of your company in my weekly email to my highly engaged list of X subscribers

This is awesome exposure for a small business and many are willing to pay you good money for it!


  • Podcasts can be fun to do – you also get the added bonus of talking about a subject you are passionate about
  • You have the opportunity to network with some amazing people within your niche who you wouldn’t usually get to talk to
  • It’s easy to get started without any specialised equipment.  Most laptops have a microphone included…


  • The potential for passive income is lower, as you have to keep on creating podcasts to keep earning money from it (you could outsource it to someone else…  But that does defeat the whole point)
  • Connecting with other people in different timezones can be challenging – This might mean you are needing to be up in the middle of the night to catch someone you really want to talk to on your podcast


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 3 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 2 out of 5

If the idea of a podcast sounds right up your alley, then check out the video below…  It’s a fantastic video that takes you through everything you need to get a podcast up and running…

9. MLM / Network Marketing

MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing or is often called Network Marketing.  It’s a type of business model where “consultants” (Influences, Recruiters, etc.) get paid a commission for selling the company’s products.

It sounds very similar to affiliate marketing, but there are a few differences…  The key one is:

They also get paid for recruiting new members into the program!

This can be a direct commission for recruiting members.  But the more likely method is to get commissions based on the sales of their “downline” sales.

If done correctly, they can be earning regular commissions without selling the products themselves, as long as their downline team are being effective at making sales.

On paper, this sounds like a great way of making money.  But the reality is as far away from this as you can get.

There are stats that show the vast majority of MLM members don’t make good money.  In fact, this study shows that 99% of MLM recruits end up losing money.

The harsh reality is that only the people at the top of the “pyramid” are making big money.  But that is because they have spent the time and effort to work themselves up to the top of the pile.

MLM Benefits:

There are benefits to joining an MLM…

  • Free travel
  • Fancy cars
  • Personal Development Training

But this is usually the case after you’ve proved yourself and are climbing up the ranks

Many MLM companies still rely on outdated techniques like home parties.  This is where you invite people over to show off the products, explain the business opportunity and hope they buy into the idea and join your team.

But the most successful consultants are those that use online marketing methods to promote their products or sell their business opportunities.

If you are considering joining an MLM opportunity, ask yourself these questions first:

  • Is it a low start-up fee?
  • Are the products high-quality?
  • Do you have to hold any inventory? (If you have to keep on buying products every month, then this is what we mean)
  • Is the compensation plan generous?
  • Is there an affiliate-like system? (can you sell online?)
  • Is the company in the early momentum phase?

If you can answer yes to these questions, it might be a good fit for you.  But most MLM’s are not in that camp.  Just make sure you do your research first.

You should also be aware that some MLM companies are just pyramid schemes in disguise.  They might have a product or service, but the only real way of making good money is to recruit more members into the MLM program…

Their products are usually really overpriced and they make you buy more every month to stay active to get commissions.  The only way to avoid this is to recruit.

That is more like a pyramid scheme in disguise than a true MLM company.

You can check out this 5-minute video that will help you avoid a pyramid scheme…


  • If you can climb the ranks, there are excellent benefits and bonuses.  Examples include nice cars, luxury traffic, conferences, lucrative bonuses, etc.
  • If you’re able to recruit the right people into your downline, then it can start to become a passive income


  • You need to pick the right company with good products – if they are overpriced there is little chance of you being able to sell your quota to stay active.  This means you end up buying products without making any sales
  • If you stop working on your business, it will stop making you any money.  You need to remain very active
  • It’s really complicated due to how saturated the markets are.  It is also much harder to sell the opportunity to your friends and family as you try to get more recruits.
  • You need to have the right people skills and be able to sell/recruit effectively to be able to sell the products or the business opportunity


  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income:  3 out of 5

Turn Your Passion into Profits

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Making Money Online From Home - Sell Things Online

The business opportunities above all include selling things online.  But they are typically talking about selling digital products that could be their product or someone else’s.

But this section covers the opportunities that relate to selling physical products online…

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a very popular way of making money online from home.

But let’s clear up one common misunderstanding between the difference between dropshipping and Amazon FBA or Fulfilled by Amazon.

  • Dropshipping – This is where you act as a middle man between a supplier and the customers.  This means that you don’t have to own or store any stock.  You take an order (from a customer) at a retail price.  You then place an order to the supplier and get them to deliver the product to the customer direct.  You keep the difference in the prices
  • Amazon FBA – This is where you buy products in bulk and store them in an Amazon warehouse.  As people buy them, Amazon delivers them.

The basic steps to starting up a dropshipping business look like this…

  1. Select a Niche
  2. Do some competitor research
  3. Find a supplier
  4. Build an eCommerce website – Shopify seems to be the most popular for dropshipping, it costs between $29 to $299 per month
  5. Attract customers to your store (you can use Facebook Ads or Google Ads)
  6. Analyse what is working and what isn’t and adjust accordingly

Image from Oberlo

There is an opportunity to start for a lower initial investment.  An example would be to sell these products on eBay for example.  

But the most successful dropshippers are those that create their own online store and get customers to it through both free and paid traffic methods.

How to Get Free Traffic:

There are ways to get free traffic to your dropshipping business, although you won’t really be able to rely on SEO traffic as you won’t be writing blog posts using keywords like you would on a blog (or website).

But you could use:

  • Social media or connecting with influencers
  • Guest posting on relevant blogs in your niche
  • Focusing on building up an email list

Whilst these free methods can work, you will typically need a budget to invest in ads on either Facebook or Google to attract potential customers to your online store.

Much like affiliate marketing, using paid ads has the potential for unlimited income and you can make money very quickly.

But you have to create an ad that generates you more profit than it costs you to justify the income.  This is much harder than you might think.  Especially when getting started.

It’s not uncommon for newbies to end up losing a lot of money, especially when brand new to creating online ads.  Some people give up trying to find a successful campaign.


  • There is no need to store any inventory
  • No need to write long blog posts or create any products
  • Possible to make a lot of money quickly if you can create a profitable ad campaign


  • If you stop creating or paying for ads, then you will stop making money
  • There is the potential to lose a lot of money chasing lost money on ads
  • You will also need to invest in some training as creating ads and dropshipping require specific skills (i.e. copywriting and online marketing)


  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 5 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 3 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 2 out of 5

11. Sell Things on EBay

This is a great option, and I think most of us have probably already played with selling some junk from around the house on eBay.

Making Money Online from Home - ebay

But there are plenty of other business opportunities than that on eBay. Examples include…

  • Dropshipping (we’ve just discussed this one)
  • Buying things cheap and selling them on or “Flea Market Flipping”

I won’t discuss dropshipping again, but instead of having a Shopify online store.  You could connect with a wholesaler and then sell them on eBay.

The same principle also works for “flea marketing flipping”.  Just find products that you can buy for a cheap price.  Or you might find stuff you can get for free.

Then you sell them on eBay at a higher price than you paid for them.  A good opportunity is to buy products locally and then sell them worldwide…

flea market flipping

If you take the time to look, you will find some amazing deals all over the place.  Here are some ideas to get you going…

  • Local car boots or flea markets
  • The dump or tip
  • Big dumpsets in retail areas
  • At the side of the road (I’m serious)
  • Lettings or Real Estate agents (who deal with tenants moving out and leaving stuff behind)
  • Removal companies

Some people do this.  They also build up the right contacts who come across this stuff.  It’s often a huge problem for them to dispose of it.  But that just leaves you the opportunity to recycle them.

You’ll be surprised at what some people throw out.  It goes back to the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure…

You might be surprised at what people will buy from eBay too.  Put it on the worldwide stage (on Ebay) and someone will most likely buy it…


  • You don’t need to start with a budget – there is typically stuff lying around your house that you could get started with
  • Once you have made a profit, you can reinvest the money to buy better products that you can sell for a higher price


  • It takes some hard work to find the right opportunities – you need to be constantly on the lookout for stuff
  • It’s not really a passive income (you can start to outsource, like finding items at a flea market or adding items to eBay)


  • Difficulty: 2 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 1 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 4 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 2 out of 5

If you want to learn more about flea marketing flipping, then I found this great guide that will help you understand how it works…

12. Buy & Sell Cars (or Other Vehicles)

There is money in buying and selling cars.  There always has and there always will.  There are also loads of opportunities to pick up a car for a great price and then have the opportunity to “flip” or sell that car for a higher price.

There is also the opportunity, if you know how to fix up a car, to do a car up and make a bigger profit on it too.

But this doesn’t stop at just cars…

Other Types of Vehicles to "Flip"

“Van Life” has become ever-so popular!

With the constant rise of the cost of living, people are starting to realise that they can live for a fraction of the price in a van.  It also has the added benefit of giving them the freedom to travel around too.

This used to be a path for grown-up students just out of college.  But that is no longer the case.  More and more people are looking at ways to reduce the cost of living.

If you can learn how to convert vans into a campervan, you can earn some seriously big money from this!

There are also huge opportunities with specialised vehicles such as the VW campervan.  They also hold their value well and can sell for huge prices.

Certain cars do hold their value well so it’s even possible to buy a car for yourself and sell it a couple of years later to make a profit (effectively giving you a free car!) Typically, Japanese models that are about 3-5 years old tend to do well for this.

There is the opportunity to make $1,000+ a month online by selling a couple of used cars per month.  Or, by fixing up a van every 3 months or so!


  • If you can find the right deal, then you can make a quick profit
  • It can also be a fun hobby to do in your spare time


  • It’s not a passive income unless you turn it into a business and start employing people to do the work for you
  • You can only make as much money as you can physically buy and sell… making it hard to scale the profits
  • You will need a high initial budget to get going with this one


  • Difficulty: 2 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 4 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 3 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 1 out of 5

Making Money Online From Home - Online Jobs From Home

If the idea of an online business is not your cup of tea.  Then this section will share a couple of ideas of online jobs where you have the potential of earning $1,000+ per month.

Know that there are everyday people just like you that are earning decent incomes from these options.  Without the stress of owning their own business or having to hustle to make something work.

13. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is one of the easiest and quickest ways for someone to start to make $1,000 per month online.

making money online from home - virtual assistant

This isn’t just small businesses that are looking for help, I know several entrepreneurs (bloggers) that are needing help and they are finding people to help them with managing their social media accounts, etc.

There are tens of thousands of business owners or even bloggers, that are looking for someone to help them manage some smaller tasks for them every day. 

Examples of the types of task we are talking about would be…

  • Managing emails
  • Booking appointments with clients
  • Following up with customers or clients
  • Answering phone calls
  • Managing your calendar
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Organising files or documents
  • Doing some research
  • Personal errands, such as booking holidays, hotels, flights, etc.
  • Transcribing
  • Networking

How to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are a few different ways you could go to find Virtual Assistant jobs…

  • Fiverr (or other sites like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.) Not the best option
  • Job Boards such as ProBlogger – Better
  • Network on Social Media (active Facebook groups are great for this) – Recommended option

The best advice I can give you is to get to know the person first – this will help you land the gig!

There is a lot of trust that is needed for someone to hire you as their virtual assistant.  Especially when it comes to managing their emails or contacting their clients.  So, you need to get to know them to land the job.

To get to know them well, you can:

  1. Find out where they hang out (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or a forum, etc.)
  2. Interact with what they do (comment and share a blog post or social post.  Join their email list and ensure you reply)
  3. Join the communities they are in and be helpful to others (share your knowledge, opinions, and be honest)
  4. Find an area you can see they require help in (i.e. if they have a growing Facebook group, can you help manage that?  Have you noticed they don’t respond very quickly to their emails, or don’t respond at all? Is spelling or grammar their weakness? Does their Instagram need improvement?)

Just don’t do it creepily.  The last thing you want to be thrown at you is that you feel like a stalker!

When you use those 4 steps you are much more likely to work with clients that you want to… and you’re much more likely to get paid the amount you deserve!

Tips to Get the Best Packages

  • Work out the realistic amount of time it will take you to complete the tasks
  • If it’s your first one, work on a $25 per hour basis
  • Work out how much that costs per month and aim to get that rate i.e. 40 hours a month (aka 10 hours a week) = $1,000 a month
  • Always aim for a “retainer package”… aka $1,000 per month to do X, Y and Z (not $13.49 an hour to check some emails)

Of course, flexibility on your part is going to be  required.  Especially as you try to land your first gig.

Once you have more stuff in your portfolio, you can then start to negotiate a better rate.


  • There is the opportunity to earn $1,000+ a month online quickly
  • You will typically have some of the skills required to complete some tasks (i.e. Email management, Facebook group management, doing research, etc.)


  • It is not passive income (although it is possible to turn it into a business and employ others in smaller jobs for you!)
  • Like a traditional job, there’s a limit to how much time you can give to other people aka a limit to how much you can earn


  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 1 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 3 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 2 out of 5

If you want to learn more about becoming a virtual assistant and what it takes, then I found this great video that will help you understand how it works…

14. Freelancing

Freelancing is very similar to becoming a Virtual Assistant.

It just includes a variety of different tasks.  But it still requires someone to hire you to do some specific work.

For example…

  • Managing social media accounts
  • Writing blog posts
  • Proofreading articles or blog posts
  • Researching blog posts
  • Keyword research
  • Graphic design
  • Transcription

The list is endless, especially when you check out platforms like Fiverr or Upwork, etc.

The same 4 steps that work in the Virtual Assistant section apply here too.

The thing you likely have to offer compared to cheaper VA’s or freelancers from sites such as is your English skills and your ability to connect with the clients.

Speaking from personal experience, I would be much more likely to hire someone who I already know.  Compare that to just choosing some random person off a freelance site, and there is a clear winner.

Tips to Help Land Some Freelance Work

  • Showcase your skills by having your own website.  Include a “Hire Me” page in the menu bar and add any previous examples of your work to prove your authority
  • Guest post for free if you’re trying to get a freelance writing gig.  Search for “your niche + guest post” in Google and you’ll find plenty of opportunities
  • Connect with other freelancers in Facebook groups.  Ask on social media if anyone is a freelancer and connect with them
  • Ask existing contacts if they know anyone that could make use of your services.  Make sure you explain what your services include

There are five different ways to get paid as a freelancer, these are…

  • By the project (flat rate)
  • By the hour
  • The number of words you write
  • By the page
  • Retainer fee, for ongoing work (the Golden Ticket??)

They all work for different people but the ideal one is if you can land a retainer fee for ongoing work.

Whichever rate you (or your client) choose, try to make sure you are aiming for around $25+ an hour still.

For example, if it takes you 3 hours to write a 1,000-word article and the client wants to pay you by the number of words you write. You know you can accept that project if they pay:

$75 divided by 1,000 = $0.08 per word (that would be $80 for 3 hours of work!)

The more skilled you get the more money you can demand (once you gain the confidence, you will no longer ask!)


  • It can become a consistent income stream 
  • The possibility of earning money quickly
  • It’s possible to start charging higher rates over time as you build up your authority (and ability)
  • There is little to no investment required


  • You will still be trading your time for money
  • It can be hard to find good opportunities
  • You’ll need to build up a portfolio of work before showing off your abilities to get work


  • Difficulty: 2 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 3 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 1 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 4 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 2 out of 5

If you want to learn more about becoming a freelancer and what it takes, then I found this great guide that will help you understand how it works…

Making Money Online From Home - Work Online for Money

Now let’s move on to working online for money…

15. Running Ad Campaigns

Put your hand up if you know someone that owns a business.

Keep your hand up if you think they would love more customers that are already interested in what their business has to offer.

If you’re like me you have both hands in the air right now (it makes it hard to type!)

These businesses would LOVE to pay someone to send targeted clients and customers their way.

The big word there is targeted.

How to Get Targeted Clients

If you run an advert on Facebook and Google and get 100,000 die-hard American football fans to click on a ballet workshop, how many do you think will purchase the workshop?

Yeah… roughly exactly diddly squat!

But what if you sent 100 parents of ballet enthusiasts who have signed posters of Misty Copeland in their bedroom? I have no idea who Misty is either… I just Googled famous ballet dancers!

Yeah… the company would make a lot of sales!

Here’s the truth:

Google, Facebook, Instagram and all online algorithms are becoming so smart that they send targeted ads to people who are looking for them.

Seriously, just think about the types of ads you see on YouTube or Facebook. Are you kind of interested in them?

Of course, you are!

You Can Make Your Ads Super-Specific Including:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Language they speak
  • Interests
  • Behaviours

If you can learn how to create ads on these platforms that get clicked by targeted audiences then a lot of people would love to pay you for this skill.


  • There is the opportunity to make a lot of money from making successful ad campaigns
  • It’s also a skill that is transferable and you can use it in your own business to promote yourself to get more business.


  • This isn’t a passive income stream, as you’re trading your time for money
  • Creating successful ad campaigns is much harder now as more people are aware of them.  
  • You’ll need to keep on learning the skills to keep up in what is a fast-moving environment.
  • The learning curve for each platform will be different


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 5 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 3 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 4 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 1 out of 5

If you want to learn more about getting started with Facebook Ads and what it takes, then I found this great video that will help you understand how it works…

16. Writing White Papers

A white paper is a cross between a magazine article and a corporate brochure.  The idea is that it helps the reader solve a problem, understand an issue or make a decision.  You’ll find an example here.

But the basic premise is that it should educate and sell!

white paper example

This ability to combine something that helps and sells means that clients are willing to pay $3,000+ for a 6-14 page white paper.

It will take you some time to learn, but the more you practice your writing, the better you’ll become.

But the thing is, you’ll have learned from school about…

  1. Researching
  2. Writing

So, you just need to think back on what you’ve learned and practice.

Typically, you’ll find the best opportunities are from business-to-business companies.

These companies will often have complicated offerings and they want to convince another business to buy their product or service.
This is an area where you may find it hard to get into if you don’t have experience in a particular industry. They can be complex and will often only want to hire people who have a good understanding of it.

Tips on Finding Opportunities to Write White Papers

  • Ask existing clients or contacts– explain what a whitepaper is if they don’t know and show them how it can help them
  • Look out for companies that write brochures or articles written online and explain how a white paper can be better for them
  • Offer to write one for a fraction of the normal price(or even free) to get started and build a portfolio

Once you’ve written a few of these white papers, you will find it much easier to write future ones.  But it’ll also mean you have work to show off to other companies to get more work.

Another tip would be to try and find clients in the same industry.  This will also help you build up your knowledge of that industry, which will shine through when you write the white papers.


  • You can make a lot of money from a considerably low word count
  • It becomes easier to do with practice


  • You are trading your time for money
  • It can be hard to get started


  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 1 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 4 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 1 out of 5

17. Survey Sites

*Disclaimer Alert – You will not be able to make $1,000 a month online from completing online surveys*

Every other item on the list has the potential to earn you $1,000+ a month.  But this one doesn’t have the same potential.  It is a way of making money online from home.  But not the best option.  There is the potential to earn a few hundred dollars, but there are elements that could even make that harder.

There are people who claim that you can earn 4-figure incomes a month from completing surveys.  But they will typically be looking to scam you or just lying about their income claims.

A more realistic figure is to say it’s possible to earn $200+ a month online from surveys.  It’s not actually as easy as some people think it is to make money, as you aren’t always eligible for them.  It can also depend on the country you are in and your demographics too.

Top Tips to (Try to) Make Surveys Worth Your While...

I can give you some tips to help make online surveys more worthwhile…

  1. Create a separate email address that you use only for survey sites
  2. Sign up to as many legitimate survey sites as possible – this should mean you increase your chances of getting emails of surveys you can complete
  3. Always be honest when filling in the surveys (it can be confusing trying to keep up with a white lie)
  4. Create a routine or habit and complete surveys you are accepted onto at the same time every day (i.e. just after breakfast, or on your lunch break, etc.)
  5. Never pay for a survey site (they’re clearly a scam if they are asking you to pay)

Companies need to know what their consumer’s likes and dislikes are like, so they pay market research companies a lot of money to find out this kind of information.  Meaning there is an opportunity for everyday people like you and me to get paid to do surveys.

So any company charging you to complete surveys is not your friend and most likely a scam (hence why you use a separate email, so they have very little chance of getting into your bank account, etc.)

Make sure you sign up for a legitimate survey site and offer your opinions on the questions and you’ll get rewarded with a little money.


  • You don’t require any specific skills
  • It’s easy to earn a few dollars by doing surveys


  • High withdrawal limits – This means that you have to earn so much before you can withdraw your money.  But as surveys pay so little, you need to complete a lot of surveys to get your hard-earned cash
  • Some survey sites say you’re not eligible for the surveys due to not fitting the criteria
  • It’s only really realistic to say you’ll earn a few hundred dollars a month from surveys (and only if you’re completing lots of surveys every day)
  • You won’t be quitting your day job here


  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 1 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 1 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 2 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 1 out of 5

Here’s a list of X legitimate survey sites that pay you money and it also includes a list of 10 things you definitely need to know before completing an online survey…

18. Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Ok, I know this isn’t technically an online option (obviously).  But it is the ideal path for a dog lover!

making money online from home - dog walking

But there is still the opportunity to put it online and even turn it into a business.  There are also apps like Rover that allow you to find work online.  So it could be online (in a way).

Would you believe me if one guy made over 6 figures a year from this side hustle?

He obviously created a system to outsource it and make it more like a business but it just shows what is possible from seemingly simple money-making opportunities.

Grant Sabatier’s friend was still working in a full-time job when he did this too!

You would be amazed at how many people would love to walk dogs and get paid and there is a growing trend for people to own a dog.


  • Easy to start as no specific skills are required (apart from walking)
  • You can use this as a side hustle in your free time and at times that work for you
  • You get to play with dogs without being tied to owning one!


  • It’s not passive income (unless you create a business)
  • It’s hard (but not impossible) to quit your day job from dog walking


  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 1 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 1 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 3 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 1 out of 5

Making Money Online From Home - Online Techie Work

The following options do require you to have an element of techie knowledge before you venture into them.  But they are great options to make money from home.

19. Domain Flipping

There is a lot of value held within a domain name (or website name).  Or should I say, the right domain name?  It’s very similar to the property market, where they can increase in value if well-kept.  Or they can lose value if they are run down.

There is a whole market where you can make money from buying and selling domain names.  This is often referred to as “domain flipping“.

The secret is to buy a domain as cheaply as you can, fix it up and then sell it on for more than you paid for it.

There are some technical skills required to make the right decisions on picking the right domain and then highlighting what is wrong with it.  Before you then fix those issues and sell them on.

Some Top Tips On What To Look For In a Domain:

  • Ideally you want expired domains (those are domain names that have been registered, but weren’t renewed).  You can use sites like DomCop or for these
  • Look for domain names that are 3-4 letter combos, single words, or popular double word names
  • Find those with a good domain authority and page authority, with a tool like Moz
  • See how many backlinks the website has (as these will affect DA & PA)
  • Understand what the website was used for previously…  avoid those with adult content or illegal drug dealing, etc. (you can use to find this out)
  • Avoid site that have had previous Google or AdSense bans ( and

Once you’ve selected and bought a website or domain name, you can then work on improving its value by “fixing it up”.  There are several ways you can improve the value of a website, here are a few ideas to get you started…

Here Are Some Common Ways To Improve A Website:

  • Improve its rankings within the search results by working on its SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Get backlinks to the website from trusted websites (this will help improve its domain authority and improve its SEO)
  • Improve the speed of the website:
    • Remove unnecessary plugins
    • Change the theme to an optimised theme
    • Review any images that are not optimised
    • Ensure its mobile-friendly
  • Use a high-speed theme and design, i.e. Genesis (you might find coding will help here)
  • Write more content specific to the niche the domain is aiming at to improve its rankings for specific keywords
  • Add appropriate affiliate links or add display ads to improve the monetisation of the site

This might sound like some complicated steps, but they are all skills that you can learn.  When I first started, I would have struggled with some of these…  There are plenty of tools out there that can help you with steps like these.

An example would be AHrefs, which has the industry’s most accurate backlink checker.  Here are a few more tools that will help you improve the SEO of a site…

But this is also something that you will learn from doing.  Picking the right domain name and paying the right prices is something that you’ll improve at over time.


  • It’s possible to make money quickly from buying cheap domains if they’ve expired
  • There is no limit on how many domains you can own
  • Some domain names value can increase over time without you actually doing anything to it (popular or in-demand ones)
  • You can increase the value of a domain quickly by “fixing it up”


  • There’s still the chance that you could lose money when buying a domain for more than you can sell it for
  • It’s not technically passive income (although you can buy and hold the website if it is generating an income already)
  • It’s an option where you are going to need to learn technical skills if you don’t already have them, meaning it isn’t an option that you can go with straight away.


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 5 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 3 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 3 out of 5

This has the opportunity to be a great (and profitable) side hustle.  You can also use to buy and sell domain names.

20. Build Websites

If you’ve never built a website before, then it might seem like it’s too hard to do…

But the reality is that it’s so easy to build a website these days.  No more difficult than setting up a Facebook profile.  In fact, I built my website from scratch in about a minute, thanks to tools from my #1 Recommendation.

I had no ideas on coding, or how to design a website when I first got started.  But it’s not actually needed to know how to code.  Later down the line you might want to learn more, but to get started it’s not needed.

Check out the video below and I’ll show you how easy it is to build a website…

Using WordPress makes it much easier to work with a website, it also means you get access to loads of plugins to help improve the design and the speed of the website quickly.

making money online from home - building websites

As well as the plugins, there are thousands of website designs that you can use for free, or even paid versions to get the exact look and feel you want for your website or that of a client.

All without requiring any HTML coding knowledge…

Some Tips for Building a Website as a Side Hustle:

  • Find a local business or entrepreneur who has a low-quality website or is looking to build a website (you can use the same techniques as earlier…  join FB groups, network on social media). Don’t be afraid to go and speak to local businesses close to you.  Someone who wants a website but hasn’t got the time to build one
  • Go above and beyond for your first client  – Fully understand what they want and get it done for whatever price they are willing to pay.  It’s a website that will go in your portfolio
  • Once you know how to do that you can use it as an example for another bigger client in the same industry. i.e. law firm/ accountancy/ real estate broker etc.


  • Businesses are willing to pay a lot of money for a high-quality website
  • You can offer a very specific solution to people’s problems
  • All of the skills you need are learnable (YouTube videos, etc.)


  • There is a learning curve for creating websites that are specific to a client’s needs
  • There will be clients that are asking for more technical bits that you aren’t capable of delivering.  (But there is the option to outsource these bits too)


  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 5 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 1 out of 5

Making Money Online From Home -
Other Business Opportunities

It’s possible to use online marketing and the internet to promote or make money in other businesses.

21. Promoting Existing Businesses

making money online from home - promoting existing businesses

You may have your own physical business already.

It’s easily possible to additionally make $1,000+ a month online by utilising a website and online marketing skills.

Seriously, just imagine you have an electrical business in Chicago…

How much more business could you get if you were to rank on page one of Google for “Chicago Electricians”?

If you have a niche business in an area that is not competitive, it may be much easier than you think to rank for keywords that can help your business (check out #3 for more info on SEO)

Also, it’s possible to get a lot more attention to your business just by using social media content.

Examples of Social Media Content to Grow Your Business

  • User-generated content. Can you add a competition or prize to someone that posts a picture of something with a #yourbusiness? 
  • Facebook Livestreams show up on people’s notifications
  • Podcasts help to build trust (see #9)
  • Infographics (use canva to design them for free)
  • Live webinars to give people the chance to interact and ask questions (you can upload these to YouTube or Facebook after to re-use the content)
  • Client testimonials (videos are ideal)
  • Guides or eBooks

Getting people engaged is one of the best ways of growing your business.  All of the social media channels can help you do that.


  • You business can grow really quickly
  • There is very little monetary investment required to build an online social media presence


  • You may need to invest some time into learning how to create a website and write content to be found on Google
  • It can be time-consuming to try to use ALL social media channels (focus on one or 2 to build engagement before trying to be everywhere!)


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 3 out of 5

22. Build a Personal Brand

making money online from home - personal brand

This is quite a hard one to measure.

It also closely links to the previous make money idea.

But, it’s possible to use the internet to create a personal brand that can help you in any business or area of life you move into.

Here Are Some Ways to Build a Personal Brand:

You can build a personal brand through:

  • A Social Media Channel
  • Starting a Podcast
  • Your own Website or Blog

A personal brand means you are much more likely to connect with your audience and build trust over time. This means if you come to sell anything in the future or are looking to raise capital, you will already have people from around the world that know and trust you.

The key to building this brand is to be always completely yourself and honest.

People can tell when someone is being fake or trying too hard to be someone they are not.

If you don’t know something or are trying to learn something, then let your audience “follow your journey” rather than claiming to be an expert already.

Or you can even be a “research assistant” for them!


  • It’s not a lot of  extra work to take a picture or video to share what you are doing
  • It can help you to stay accountable with your goals and vision


  • It can feel like you are putting in work without seeing an instant reward
  • It’s hard to measure exactly what value your personal brand has


  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 2 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 3 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 3 out of 5

Making Money Online From Home - Investing

It’s easy to assume that you have to have money to be able to invest money.

But this way of thinking is exactly why some people never have any month at the end of the money.

It’s possible to find investment opportunities online for anyone’s budget if you know where to look.

It’s also possible to make $1,000+ a month online using these investments.

Just by planning for these opportunities, it helps to set a budget as you know exactly what that money is going towards.

23. Invest in Index Funds

If you’re looking for truly passive income this is the one for you.

Obviously, you need to have the monies to invest in the first place but by using “the 4% rule” it’s possible to retire early and be inflation-proof!

The "4% Rule" Overview:

  1. Work out how much money you (and your immediate family) spend in a year
  2. Times that number by 25
  3. Stick it into index funds
  4. Retire & never need to work another day in your life

The reason this works is that index funds will return a conservative 7% interest per year over the long term.

So if you were to take 4% out of your “pot” at the end of the year, you still are leaving the “pot” to grow by 3%+ each year (which should cover inflation).

An Example:

  1. You spend $40,000 a year
  2. $40k x 25 = $1 million
  3. After one year your pot = $1,070,000
  4. You take 4% to live off aka $42,800
  5. Your pot is now worth $1,027,200
  6. Repeat and grow!

If you’re like me you’re probably thinking, well how am I supposed to get a pot of $1 million?

Erm… hello… have you not been reading this article?!!

I’m not saying it’s easy but guess what… it has been done!

Index Funds Capitalise on 3 Things:

  1. Compound interest
  2. You pay the lowest fees for a “managed portfolio of stocks and shares
  3. You limit human error (and emotions of buying high and selling low)


  • If you invest with vanguard it is truly passive income (you only need to log in once a year to withdraw your $40k!)
  • If you don’t live in the USA, UK or Australia you can invest with Saxo bank or Internaxx in index funds ETFs


  • You need the money in the first place
  • You are reliant on the market to continue what it’s done for the last 100+ years (until the current financial system changes this pattern will likely continue in the long run)


  • Difficulty: 2 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 2 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 5 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 4 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

24. Invest in Property / Real Estate

Property can be more hands-on than paper assets, such as index funds.

But it does mean you have more control if you have the right knowledge.

If you buy a property with positive cash flow (the rental income makes more money than it costs each month) then you are “property bubble proof”.

Hence, if the market crashes, you can hold your property and continue to rent it out for a profit.

Over time the value of property continues to rise (for the same reason index funds do… the current fiat currency financial system).

You Can Use Online Systems to Help Build a Portfolio:

You may be wondering how.

Well, Facebook for one is full of property groups.

Even if you don’t have the money to invest but want to get involved you can start trying to find “property deals” on and sell them on.

Again, if you have good personal branding online this will really help to find potential investors that would love to buy that deal from you.


  • It’s possible to find deals on social media or other online channels
  • It’s possible to sell deals in the same way
  • You have a lot of control over the asset with the right property education (there are so many strategies)


  • Property is less liquid than other assets and it can be a slow process (doe to regulations, etc.)
  • Even through the use of letting agencies and outsourcing works, it’s not as passive as you might think
  • Getting caught out by the property market can mean you lose a lot of money (the key is to only invest in what you won’t need in the near-mid future)


  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 5 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

25. Invest in a Friend / Startup

This option carries more risk than other forms of investment.  But the rewards can also be much bigger.

These opportunities can also be presented by people building a personal brand online. If you know the person and trust them, you’re much more likely to invest in them.

Startup companies are starting all the time and they often need investment to get them off the ground.

Before investing in a startup make sure you do your research and don’t just jump in because someone is your friend!

Things to Look For:

  • A strong target market for the product or service
  • Good margins
  • Strong management team
  • Credible business plan and projections
  • An exit strategy
  • Passion and commitment

You can invest in start-ups on crowdfunding platforms.  Or maybe you know someone who is starting a business.


  • It’s possible to make a huge return on your investment
  • It’s possible to get paid a passive income through dividends or a lump sum (if there’s an exit plan to sell for a certain price)


  • There’s the risk of choosing a start-up that won’t be successful
  • Your investment can be tied up for some time before you see a return


  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5
  • Skill Level Required: 4 out of 5
  • Initial Investment: 5 out of 5
  • Income Potential: 5 out of 5
  • Passive Income: 5 out of 5

Making Money Online From Home - Summary

So, here’s our list of 25 ways of making money online from home!!  These are proven ways for everyday people to earn $1,000 a month (at least) online.

These methods aren’t taught at school, so there is a need to get hustling and learn more about what you need to know to be able to achieve your goals.  But hopefully, this list has helped give you a realistic idea of what is possible.

But if you need any help or have any questions that you need answering, please write them in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to help you out… ;)

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