A Candid Look at the Super Affiliate System: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

A Candid Look at the Super Affiliate System Does It Live Up to the Hype

“Diving Into the Depths of the Super Affiliate System: A Personal Journey”

Hey there! Welcome aboard my exploratory voyage into the Super Affiliate System (SAS) universe. Not too long ago, I found myself navigating the realms of Internet Jetset by John Crestani. That adventure led me directly to the doorstep of SAS—a premium gateway to mastering marketing education under John’s expert guidance.

You’re here because, like me, you’re curious about unlocking the secrets to promoting ClickBank products and beyond, aren’t you? And perhaps you’re pondering whether paid ads could really be your golden ticket to affiliate marketing success. Well, the Super Affiliate System promises to be that beacon in the vast sea of affiliate networks, illuminating the path forward.

In this deep dive, I’m peeling back the layers of SAS to bring you closer to the heart of this system. We’ll explore the nuts and bolts, sift through what it offers, and really get down to the brass tacks of how it all clicks together.

Ready to uncover the mysteries of SAS? Let’s jump right in and discover whether it’s the treasure trove it claims to be!

Super Affiliate System Review Overview

Product Name: Super Affiliate System

Owner: John Crestani

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training via paid ads

Price: $997 one-time fee

Best For: Intermediate Affiliate Marketers Looking to Get Into Paid Ads



  • Working Sales System
  • Step-by-Step Course
  • Private Community
  • Weekly Live Webinars
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • It’s Expensive
  • Additional Investment Required
  • Not for Beginners With Zero Knowledge
  • Unrealistic Earning Claims

Quick Summary

The Super Affiliate System (SAS), crafted by the seasoned affiliate marketer John Crestani, offers a comprehensive foray into the world of affiliate marketing through paid advertisements. With its extensive training modules covering everything from foundational setup to advanced advertising strategies, SAS stands out as a robust educational resource for those aspiring to carve a niche in the online marketing domain. The course’s structured, step-by-step approach, coupled with live support, a vibrant community, and continuous updates, underscores its commitment to student success.

However, the journey with SAS is not without its hurdles. The substantial initial investment, along with additional costs for tools and advertising, might pose challenges, especially for beginners with tight budgets or those new to online marketing concepts. Despite these considerations, Crestani’s program distinguishes itself from the fray with its depth of content, real-world applicability, and a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee, offering a semblance of risk mitigation for prospective marketers.

In conclusion, the Super Affiliate System emerges as a credible and valuable educational platform for individuals committed to diving deep into affiliate marketing with paid ads. While it demands significant financial and time investment, the potential rewards in terms of knowledge gained, skills developed, and community support are substantial. For those ready to tackle the challenges head-on, SAS could well be the springboard to success in the competitive affiliate marketing landscape.


Recommended? Yes, But Not For Complete Beginners

Table of Contents

What is Super Affiliate System?

At its core, the Super Affiliate System (SAS) is more than just a training program—it’s a comprehensive roadmap designed to navigate the intricate world of affiliate marketing through the lens of paid advertising. Imagine having the keys to unlock the full potential of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and various search engines at your fingertips.

That’s precisely what SAS aims to provide, especially for those of you with a keen interest in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

Diving Deep into the Curriculum

John Crestani, the brain behind this ambitious program, takes you on a six-week intensive journey aimed at transforming beginners into proficient marketers. Here’s a sneak peek into what this journey entails:

  • Facebook Ads: Learn to navigate the vast, ever-changing landscape of Facebook advertising, mastering the art of crafting compelling ads that resonate with your audience.
  • Google Ads: Unlock the secrets of appearing right where your potential customers are searching, by leveraging the power of Google’s massive search network.
  • Native Ads: Get acquainted with the subtleties of integrating your promotions seamlessly alongside content, enhancing user experience and engagement.
  • YouTube Ads: Dive into the world of video marketing, learning how to capture attention in a sea of content and turn viewers into buyers.

The essence of the Super Affiliate System lies in its pragmatic approach—John guides you through the process of identifying high-converting products, primarily from ClickBank, and then skillfully shows you how to tie these products to magnetic sales pages and persuasive ads. 

The goal? To craft a sales funnel that’s as effective as it is efficient.

Beyond the Basics

But SAS doesn’t stop there. I plan to peel back every layer, revealing the intricate details of each training module later in this review. Before we proceed, let’s pivot to understanding who stands to benefit the most from this course. After all, affiliate marketing is not a one-size-fits-all venture; our perspectives and goals can vastly differ.

Ready to Make Passive Income Online?

Hey! I’m John…. I created a passive income online within a year with no marketing skills or experience when I got started

Is the Super Affiliate System the Right Fit for You?

The Super Affiliate System (SAS) isn’t just any affiliate marketing course; it’s a beacon for those captivated by the allure of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. But here’s the deal: it’s not for everyone. 

To navigate the waters of SAS effectively, you need more than just a passing interest in marketing; you need a clear vision and a readiness to engage deeply.

Ideal Candidates: The Serious and the Prepared

So, who stands to gain the most from John Crestani’s brainchild? It’s tailored for individuals with a robust understanding of online marketing principles—folks who aren’t just “trying things out” but are ready to commit both time and resources. 

Why? Because SAS is an investment in your future, both in terms of the course fee and the budget you’ll need to allocate for paid advertising campaigns. We’re talking about a commitment that could easily run into hundreds of dollars in ad spend alone.

Here’s a straightforward breakdown:

  • PPC Enthusiasts: If you’re fascinated by the idea of leveraging paid ads across platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, SAS is right up your alley.
  • The Commitment-Ready: SAS demands not just a financial investment but a mental one. It’s best suited for those prepared to dive deep into the mechanics of affiliate marketing without looking back.
  • Seekers of Expert Guidance: Under John’s tutelage, you’re not just learning strategies; you’re absorbing wisdom from someone who’s been in the trenches and emerged victorious.

A Word of Caution

Let’s not beat around the bush—SAS comes with a hefty price tag. And that’s before accounting for the ad spend you’ll need to truly make the most of what you’re learning. This is no playground for dabblers. If you’re not ready to take serious action, you might find yourself pouring resources into a venture that doesn’t yield the expected returns.

Who Should Maybe Think Twice?

  • The Casual Dabbler: If you’re in it just for the thrill, or if you’re not sure about your commitment level, SAS might not be the best starting point. The risk of time and financial loss is real for those not fully prepared.
  • The Budget-Conscious Beginner: If the upfront investment feels daunting, there might be other ways to dip your toes into affiliate marketing waters without the initial heavy lift.

In Summary

The Super Affiliate System is a beacon for those ready to embark on a serious journey into the world of online marketing, armed with PPC campaigns. John Crestani offers a roadmap to success, but it’s a path that demands dedication, investment, and the willingness to learn from the best. 

If that sounds like you, then you might just be the perfect candidate to take full advantage of everything SAS has to offer.

Meet John Crestani: From College Dropout to Affiliate Marketing Maestro

Imagine stepping off the conventional path at the tender age of 21, leaving college behind with a vision that’s blurred but fueled by an unshakeable belief in the potential of the internet. That’s the opening chapter of John Crestani’s saga—a journey marked by the kind of trials that would deter the faint-hearted. John’s early days post-dropout were anything but easy; he was another face in the crowd of aspiring entrepreneurs, grappling with the realities of making a mark in the digital wilderness.


A Tale of Resilience and Triumph

John’s story is not one of overnight success. It’s a narrative rich with setbacks, learning curves, and, most importantly, relentless perseverance. The initial failures weren’t roadblocks but stepping stones, shaping his understanding of the online world and honing his strategies. It wasn’t long before John’s efforts began to bear fruit, leading to the establishment of his first sustainable online business. This breakthrough wasn’t just a victory; it was the birth of an affiliate marketing superstar.

What set John apart were his skills in leveraging the power of Facebook and YouTube ads—two platforms that were instrumental in catapulting him into the spotlight. His adeptness at navigating these channels not only amplified his success but also underscored his expertise in a field that’s as challenging as it is rewarding.

Beyond Marketing: A Visionary in the Nutritional Supplement Space

John’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop at affiliate marketing. He ventured into the nutritional supplement industry with ACNutrist, further diversifying his portfolio and cementing his status as a versatile and successful online entrepreneur. This move was more than just a business expansion; it was a testament to his ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities across the spectrum of digital commerce.

Educator, Mentor, Authority

Today, John Crestani stands as a towering figure in the affiliate marketing training niche. His flagship program, the Super Affiliate Success System, is not just a course—it’s a distillation of his years of trial, error, and triumph. It attracts individuals hungry to carve their own paths in the online money-making world, offering them insights gleaned from the very journey John embarked on years ago.

Why John's Story Matters

John Crestani’s evolution from a struggling college dropout to a recognized authority in affiliate marketing is a powerful reminder of what’s possible with determination and the right strategies. His journey resonates with anyone who’s ever faced doubt or defeat and provides a blueprint for turning vision into reality.

A Deep Dive Into the Super Affiliate System: Your Blueprint for Success

Welcome to the heart of my Super Affiliate System (SAS) review, where we’ll peel back the curtain to reveal the mechanics and magic of John Crestani’s flagship training program. Designed as a comprehensive journey from the ground up, SAS isn’t just a course—it’s a masterclass in turning paid advertising into profit.

Over 50 Hours of Cutting-Edge Training

Imagine having over 50 hours of meticulously crafted content at your fingertips, covering every imaginable aspect of affiliate marketing. From setting up your very first website to mastering the art of paid advertising, SAS is your guide to the digital marketing promised land.

Continuous Evolution: A System That Grows With You

Since its inception in 2015, Crestani has been relentlessly refining and expanding SAS, ensuring that it not only keeps pace with the ever-changing digital landscape but also stays several steps ahead. This commitment to excellence means you’re always learning the most current and effective strategies.

Kickstart Your Journey with a Free Webinar

Dip your toes into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing with a free webinar hosted by John Crestani himself. This isn’t just an introduction—it’s a treasure trove of insights designed to whet your appetite and prepare you for the journey ahead.

Choose Your Path: The Flexible Entry Points

Whether you’re ready to dive headfirst into the Super Affiliate System or prefer to start with the more accessible Internet Jetset, SAS offers pathways tailored to your readiness and ambition. And when you’re ready to level up, the intensive six-week training on paid advertisement awaits to transform your marketing game.

Your Toolkit for Success: Inside the Super Affiliate System

Here’s a sneak peek at the modules you’ll be mastering:

  1. Setting Up for Success: The foundational steps to get everything up and running.
  2. Niche Mastery: Dive into niche research, mindset, intent, and understanding networks.
  3. Copywriting Craft: Learn the basic skills to create compelling content that converts.
  4. Paid Advertising Powerhouses: From Facebook to Native ads and YouTube, master the platforms that matter.
  5. Scale and Automate: Learn how to grow your success and make your efforts more efficient.
  6. Beyond the Basics: Explore Bing, Taboola ads, and LinkedIn for broader reach.

Special Features and Bonuses

As SAS evolves, so do the perks. John Crestani continually enriches the program with resources, weekly webinars, and bonuses that add incredible value. Here’s what sets SAS apart:

  • Ready-To-Launch Campaigns: Jumpstart your success with campaigns that are ready to go live, complete with ads, targeting strategies, landing pages, and offers.
  • Weekly Workshops: Stay on the cutting edge with webinars featuring live updates, insider tips, and insights from real-life millionaires.
  • A Vibrant Community: Join the exclusive Facebook group to share experiences, learn from peers, and stay motivated.

Embark on Your Affiliate Marketing Journey

With the Super Affiliate System, you’re not just learning; you’re becoming part of a dynamic, supportive community. Whether you’re a novice eager to make your first dollar online or a seasoned marketer looking to scale, SAS offers the tools, knowledge, and network to achieve your goals.

Your Journey Through the Super Affiliate System: A Week-by-Week Breakdown

Embarking on the Super Affiliate System (SAS) journey, you’re not just signing up for a course; you’re stepping onto a path that’s been meticulously designed to transform you into an affiliate marketing powerhouse.

Here’s what your voyage with John Crestani and his crew of marketing mavens will look like:

Week One: Setting the Stage for Success

Your adventure begins with the basics—laying the foundation of your affiliate marketing empire. John Crestani guides you through the essentials: selecting and registering a domain name, setting up your website, and initiating your Facebook ads account. This week is about getting acquainted with the right networks and positioning yourself for success.

Week Two: Navigating Your Niche and Securing Your Offer

The right mindset isn’t just helpful; it’s crucial. The second week dives into the art of perseverance and the science of niche research. You’ll delve deep into understanding your target audience, a critical step in aligning your offers with their needs and desires.

Week Three: Mastering the Art of Persuasion

Copywriting is more than writing; it’s about persuading and converting. This week, you’ll learn from Ronnie, a 7-figure copywriter and one of Crestani’s allies, who’ll share essential copywriting techniques. Meanwhile, John unveils his proven copywriting formula, a strategy he swears by for consistent success.

Week Four: Conquering Google and Facebook Ads

By week four, you’re ready to dive into the world of paid advertising. This segment is a deep dive into Facebook and Google ads, enriched with case studies and expert insights, including a special session with Brian, who’ll share his journey to making $100k per month through Facebook ads.

Week Five: Expanding Your Ad Arsenal with Native and YouTube Ads

Your advertising acumen grows as you explore the realms of native and YouTube ads. John Crestani will share the ins and outs of setting up native ads for optimal performance and unlocking the secrets of YouTube to maximize your return on investment.

Week Six: Scaling Your Success and Automating Your Empire

By now, you should have a campaign that’s not just running, but thriving. The final week is about growth and efficiency—scaling your earnings from $1k to $20k and beyond. Through case studies and the strategic use of survey funnels, John Crestani will show you how to elevate your business to new heights.

Beyond the Weeks: Continuous Growth and Community

The end of the six weeks isn’t the end of your journey. With SAS, you’re granted access to a treasure trove of resources, including ready-to-launch campaigns, weekly workshops with industry titans, and an active community on Facebook where members share their triumphs and challenges.

Investing in Your Future: The Super Affiliate System Pricing Breakdown

Deciding to invest in the Super Affiliate System (SAS) is not just a purchase—it’s a pivotal investment in your marketing education and future success. For a one-time fee of $997, you unlock the door to a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and expertise designed to catapult you into affiliate marketing excellence.

What Does Your Investment Cover?

  • All-Inclusive Access: Dive deep into both basic and advanced affiliate marketing strategies with complete access to the SAS program.
  • Live Webinars: Engage in real-time learning experiences with live webinars that keep you on the cutting edge of affiliate marketing trends.
  • A Thriving Community: Join a private community of like-minded individuals, a space for support, sharing, and growth.
  • Hands-On Support: Benefit from live help to guide you through any hurdles you might encounter.
  • Bonus Materials: Enhance your learning with additional resources, including the Internet Jetset program, at no extra cost.
  • Ready-to-Launch Campaigns: Kickstart your success with campaigns meticulously prepared for you to deploy.

Prepare for Additional Investments

Your initial investment lays the foundation, but to fully harness the power of SAS and see the best results, be prepared to allocate around $1k for essential tools such as hosting services, landing page builders, and autoresponders.

These tools are your arsenal in the digital battlefield, equipping you to launch, manage, and optimize your campaigns effectively.

A Promise of Satisfaction

Understanding the weight of this investment, John Crestani offers a safety net—a no-questions-asked, 30-day money-back guarantee. This policy ensures that if SAS doesn’t meet your expectations within the first month, you can reclaim your investment, making your decision to join risk-free.

The Bottom Line

While the price tag of $997 plus additional operational costs may seem steep, the Super Affiliate System is an investment in mastering affiliate marketing under the guidance of one of the industry’s best. It’s about equipping yourself with knowledge, tools, and a network designed to elevate your online business.

Remember, success in affiliate marketing doesn’t come cheap—it requires investment, dedication, and the right guidance. SAS offers a comprehensive package to ensure that your investment pays dividends in your journey to becoming an affiliate marketing success story.

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Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Is the Super Affiliate System a Scam?

In the vast ocean of online marketing courses, skepticism is a healthy navigation tool. So, it’s perfectly natural to wonder: Is the Super Affiliate System (SAS) just another high-seas hoax, or is it a legitimate treasure map to affiliate marketing success?

Understanding the Value

Firstly, let’s dissect what makes a program a “scam.” Typically, it’s a scheme that promises the world but delivers nothing, often disappearing with your investment. The Super Affiliate System, created by John Crestani, a recognized figure in the affiliate marketing world, stands apart for several reasons:

  • Transparency and Track Record: John Crestani has been an open book about his methods, sharing his journey and results publicly. The SAS has been around since 2015, evolving and adapting, which speaks to its sustainability and Crestani’s commitment to the program.
  • Comprehensive Training: With over 50 hours of detailed training, live webinars, and a supportive community, SAS offers substantial educational value. It covers the nuts and bolts of starting and scaling an affiliate marketing business, from selecting a niche to mastering various advertising platforms.
  • Real Results and Testimonials: The program boasts numerous success stories from participants who’ve seen significant results. While success isn’t guaranteed (it’s contingent on many factors, including individual effort and market dynamics), the positive feedback and case studies provide a layer of credibility.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: The 30-day refund policy offers a safety net, allowing you to evaluate the program’s value firsthand. A scam would not likely offer such a straightforward, no-questions-asked refund policy.

Investment and Expectations

It’s important to note that SAS requires a significant investment, not just the initial purchase price but also in tools and advertising budgets. This financial commitment is substantial, but it’s in line with the costs of starting any serious business venture, online or offline.

Final Thoughts

Labelling the Super Affiliate System as a scam overlooks the tangible value it offers in education, resources, and community support. Like any legitimate educational investment, its ultimate worth will depend on how you apply what you learn and the effort you’re willing to put in.

However, it’s wise to approach any investment with due diligence. Research, ask questions, and weigh the potential against your personal and financial circumstances. Remember, in the world of affiliate marketing, as in life, there are no magic bullets—success is a product of learning, application, and perseverance.

Super Affiliate System Review: Pros

Diving into the Super Affiliate System (SAS) is akin to embarking on a journey with a treasure map in hand. The path is laid out, the support crew is ready, and the captain is experienced. But what exactly makes this voyage stand out in the sea of affiliate marketing courses? Let’s illuminate the treasures that SAS offers to its ambitious navigators.

#1 Working Sales System

At the heart of SAS lies a proven sales system that’s not just theoretical but practical and actionable. This system has been refined over years, incorporating the best practices and strategies that have propelled John Crestani and countless students to affiliate marketing success. It’s like having a GPS for navigating the complex world of online sales, guiding you through every turn.

#2 Step-by-Step Course

The beauty of SAS is its structured, week-by-week curriculum that demystifies the affiliate marketing process. Each module builds on the previous one, ensuring you develop a comprehensive understanding and practical skills in a logical progression. 

This step-by-step approach is akin to having a personal mentor guiding you through the wilderness, making the complex journey of affiliate marketing accessible to beginners and seasoned marketers alike.

#3 Private Community

Joining SAS grants you access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals. This private group is a goldmine of support, advice, and inspiration, where members share successes, challenges, and insights. 

Imagine having a round-the-clock brain trust of fellow marketers at your fingertips, a place where camaraderie and collective wisdom help you overcome obstacles and celebrate victories.

#4 Weekly Live Webinars by John

Continuing education is key to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, and SAS delivers this through weekly live webinars hosted by John Crestani himself.

These sessions are not just about absorbing new information; they’re interactive opportunities to ask questions, receive updates on the latest market trends, and learn advanced techniques directly from a proven expert.

#5 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Committing to SAS comes with a safety net—a 30-day money-back guarantee. This assurance speaks volumes about the confidence John Crestani has in the program’s value. It allows you to dive into the course risk-free, knowing you can assess its worth firsthand and decide if it aligns with your expectations and goals.

Super Affiliate System Review: Cons

Embarking on the Super Affiliate System journey, while full of potential, is not without its hurdles. Like any ambitious voyage, some costs and challenges must be navigated carefully. Below, we delve into the aspects of SAS that might give you pause, ensuring you have a full map of the terrain ahead.

#1 It’s Expensive

The initial investment in SAS is substantial, with a price tag that might be daunting for many. At $997, the course demands a serious commitment, making it a significant consideration for those on a tight budget or just dipping their toes into the world of affiliate marketing.

#2 Additional Investment Required

Beyond the cost of the course itself, SAS requires further financial outlay. From hosting and landing page builders to autoresponders and paid advertising, additional investments can accumulate, increasing the overall cost of your affiliate marketing venture. This aspect is crucial to consider for anyone needing to budget carefully for their business expenses.

#3 Not for Beginners with Zero Knowledge

While SAS is comprehensive, it assumes a certain level of familiarity with online marketing concepts. Absolute beginners with no background knowledge might find the curve steep, potentially leading to a challenging start. This doesn’t mean newcomers can’t succeed, but they may need to invest extra time and effort to catch up.

#4 Unrealistic Earning Claims

Some promotional materials and testimonials associated with SAS might present overly optimistic earnings claims that are not typical for everyone. While success stories are indeed inspiring, it’s important to approach these with a realistic mindset, understanding that such outcomes are not guaranteed and depend on various factors, including individual effort, market conditions, and a bit of luck.

Wrapping Up: My Final Verdict on the Super Affiliate System

After meticulously dissecting the Super Affiliate System (SAS) throughout this review, we’ve journeyed through its depths, unearthing the treasures it holds and the challenges it presents. John Crestani’s SAS emerges not just as a course, but as a comprehensive blueprint for those aspiring to carve out their niche in the competitive realm of affiliate marketing.

Why SAS Stands Out

John Crestani is more than just a figurehead; he’s a testament to what the system promises. His expertise and continuous commitment to refining SAS ensure that the program remains relevant and effective. The completeness of the training, coupled with the live support and vibrant community, sets SAS apart in a sea of online courses.

The dedication to providing value is evident, from the step-by-step guidance to the resources made available to students. The opportunity to learn from someone who’s navigated the affiliate marketing landscape successfully is invaluable, and SAS delivers on this front.

Recommendation with a Caveat

Would I recommend the Super Affiliate System? Yes, but with an important caveat. SAS is ideally suited for those ready to dive into affiliate marketing with both feet, leveraging paid ads as their primary traffic source. It’s a solid foundation for building an online business, provided you’re prepared for the investment it demands—not just financially, but also in terms of time and dedication.

A Balanced Approach

It’s crucial to approach SAS with a balanced perspective. While I’ve encountered programs that promised much and delivered little, SAS stands as a beacon of practicality and potential. However, success is not a given; it’s earned. SAS could be the key to unlocking your affiliate marketing potential, but the door will only open if you’re willing to invest the necessary resources and adhere to the program’s strategies.

Final Thoughts

In the vast expanse of affiliate marketing education, the Super Affiliate System shines as a comprehensive guide for those serious about making paid advertising the cornerstone of their online business. If you’re positioned to make the required investment and commit to the journey, SAS offers a path paved with expertise, support, and community. Remember, the value of SAS, like any educational endeavor, is maximized by the effort you’re willing to invest.

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