Affiliate Institute Review: Expert Insights into Its Legitimacy and Strategy
Affiliate Institute Review Expert Insights into Its Legitimacy and Strategy

Welcome to my Affiliate Institute Review!

Embarking on a journey through the vast and intricate world of affiliate marketing can be both exhilarating and daunting, especially for those just beginning to dip their toes into its potentially lucrative waters. With a plethora of training platforms available, each promising the keys to success, it becomes crucial to navigate these options with a discerning eye. 

Among the myriad of choices stands the Affiliate Institute, a platform that has sparked interest and debate within the affiliate marketing community. This review delves into the core of what Affiliate Institute offers, scrutinising its training programs, cost implications, and the overall suitability for individuals at various stages of their affiliate marketing journey. 

From the initial allure of free trials and educational materials to the deeper commitment required to thrive within its ecosystem, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis to help you determine whether Affiliate Institute is the beacon of hope for aspiring marketers or a mirage in the digital marketing desert.

Affiliate Institute Review Overview

Product Name: Affiliate Institute

Owner: Mathieu Jang & Julian Sherman

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course (with links to an MLM)

Price: $99/month or $2,994 one-time fee

Best For: I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone



  • Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Training
  • 14 Day Free Trial


  • Not Ideal for Beginners
  • Upsells for Full Education
  • Limited Advertising Training
  • Ties to High-Ticket MLM
  • Rebranded Effort with Historical Baggage

Quick Summary

The Affiliate Institute emerges as a legitimate platform in the realm of online marketing education, offering structured training for individuals keen on mastering affiliate marketing techniques. With a blend of strategies focusing primarily on paid traffic methods, it distinguishes itself by providing a level of training that goes beyond the basics found in many other courses. However, while it offers a promising start with a 14-day free trial, the platform leans heavily towards promoting high-ticket items through MLM strategies, notably the Kangen water machines, making it a less ideal choice for beginners. The emphasis on paid traffic and a significant investment in MLM products raises concerns about accessibility and suitability for those new to affiliate marketing.

Critiques of the Affiliate Institute highlight several areas of concern, particularly its suitability for newcomers to the affiliate marketing scene. The platform’s focus on high-ticket MLM products and paid advertising strategies necessitates a considerable financial commitment, potentially alienating beginners looking for a more accessible entry point into affiliate marketing. Moreover, the requirement to upgrade to more expensive plans for comprehensive training and the singular focus on Facebook ads as the sole traffic source further underscore the platform’s limitations. These aspects, combined with the inherent risks associated with MLM models, suggest that Affiliate Institute may not offer the most conducive environment for novices seeking to learn and thrive in affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, while Affiliate Institute provides valuable learning resources for affiliate marketing, its approach and model present significant challenges for beginners. The heavy investment required, both in terms of time and money, coupled with a competitive market for the products it endorses, makes it less than ideal for those just starting. Aspiring affiliate marketers would be well-advised to consider alternative educational platforms that offer a more beginner-friendly environment, comprehensive training without substantial initial investments, and a broader approach to traffic generation beyond paid advertising. Platforms like Wealthy Affiliate stand out as more accommodating options, offering a supportive learning community and a more transparent approach to affiliate marketing.


Recommended? NO

Table of Contents

Understanding MLM & Affiliate Marketing

Before diving into the intricacies of the Affiliate Institute, it’s essential to clarify two prevalent models in the digital marketing world: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing. Both strategies offer pathways to generate income online, but they operate under different frameworks and principles.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a business model where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products or services. The earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped commission system. Notably, MLM involves not only the sale of products but also the recruitment of new members. As new distributors are recruited, and they in turn recruit others, a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation is created. However, this model has faced criticism and scrutiny for its sustainability and ethical implications, as success heavily relies on the ability to recruit new members rather than solely on product sales.

Affiliate Marketing, on the other hand, is a performance-based marketing strategy where an individual (the affiliate) earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, promotes that product, and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make. Sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another. Unlike MLM, affiliate marketing is linear, focusing on selling products without the need to recruit new members. This model is praised for its simplicity, scalability, and the ability to generate income through diverse online platforms without direct sales or inventory management.

While both MLM and Affiliate Marketing offer opportunities for generating online income, they cater to different interests and skill sets. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for anyone looking to navigate the online marketing landscape effectively, especially when considering platforms like the Affiliate Institute that incorporate elements of both models.

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What is Affiliate Institute?

Ever found yourself wondering about Affiliate Institute? It’s like the gym for your digital marketing skills, minus the sweat! This platform is all about teaching you the ropes of affiliate marketing, with different membership levels to suit your journey. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to level up, they’ve got something for you.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit way to make money online. Trust us, we’ve been navigating these waters for years and have seen some pretty sweet success. But don’t be fooled – it’s not as easy as pie. Yet, for those willing to put in the work, the rewards are well worth it.


Is Affiliate Institute A Scam or Legit?

Now, onto the million-dollar question: Is Affiliate Institute a scam or the real deal? First impressions from their website might leave you scratching your head. It’s a bit like trying to read a map without a compass – you know there’s treasure, but you’re not quite sure where to start.

Transparency is the name of the game in affiliate marketing, and, unfortunately, Affiliate Institute’s website plays its cards a bit too close to the chest. From our experience, reviewing countless digital marketing platforms, that’s not the best sign.

Their promise? To “empower individuals to become affiliate marketers.” But what’s the catch?

After some digging, it turns out Affiliate Institute leans towards the high-ticket MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) side of things. Essentially, they’re recruiting people to sell water machines through affiliate marketing tactics. Now, affiliate marketing itself is a fantastic way to earn, especially when you’ve got a solid product to promote. And yes, Kangen/Enagic water machines are high-ticket items that could potentially rake in a good income—if you know how to play the game.

What Does Affiliate Institute Offer?

Affiliate Institute offers training courses aimed at teaching you how to promote these water machines and earn your affiliate commissions. But let’s be clear: this platform is more focused on this specific MLM strategy than teaching you to monetize a hobby or passion through affiliate marketing.

Your journey with them starts with a free webinar, a common tactic that feels a bit overplayed. Sign up, and you’ll get an email from the owner with two links: an eBook called “Affiliate Playbook” and a webinar with Julian Sherman. The eBook? It’s pretty much a teaser, part of their sales funnel to lure you into the webinar, the next step in their recruitment process.

As the plot thickens, it becomes clear: Affiliate Institute may not be a scam in the traditional sense, but it’s certainly walking a fine line, edging closer to a high-ticket, somewhat shady MLM strategy.

So, who’s pulling the strings behind Affiliate Institute? That’s a story for the next part of our deep dive…

Who's The Owner of Affiliate Institute?

Ever wondered who’s at the helm of Affiliate Institute? Enter Julian Sherman, a digital wizard and co-founder of the platform. Before we dove into this review, Julian was a bit of a mystery to us. The man has crafted an image of a success story, claiming to have lifted thousands from the drudgery of 9 to 5 life into the realms of online entrepreneurship.

Julian’s story is the stuff of modern legend: a college dropout turned broke personal trainer who then skyrocketed to a 7-figure advertising guru using cutting-edge social media strategies. Sounds like a movie script, right? But here’s the kicker—finding hard evidence to back up these claims is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Julian's Masterclass: The Free Webinar


Curious to meet the man, the myth, the legend? Julian steps into the spotlight in the free webinar offered by Affiliate Institute. It’s here that he shares his journey from rags to digital riches, promising to reveal the secrets to his success.

However, we quickly realized the webinar’s ulterior motive. It’s a gateway, an open door to the world of Affiliate Institute, where Julian and his team of coaches beckon you to join them. The catch? You’re introduced to various membership levels, each unlocking a new layer of the training offered by the Institute.

The Reality of "Free" Membership

Let’s talk about the so-called “free” membership. If you’re expecting a treasure trove of affiliate marketing wisdom, think again. The real goodies? They’re locked behind a paywall. To get to the heart of what Affiliate Institute offers, opening your wallet is a must.

Unveiling the Membership Labyrinth

So, what’s the deal with these membership levels, and what can you truly gain from them? Stay tuned as we peel back the layers and dive deep into the essence of Affiliate Institute’s offerings.

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How Much Does Affiliate Institute Cost?

Navigating the world of Affiliate Institute begins with a seemingly generous offer: a free start. But let’s be real, this teaser membership is just the appetizer in a gourmet menu of options designed to whet your appetite for more—more knowledge, more tools, and yes, more investment.

The Entry Pass: Free Membership

Diving in is cost-free, but don’t pop the champagne yet. This level is akin to standing at the window of an exclusive club, peeking in. You’re in, but not really in. The aim? To tickle your curiosity and nudge you towards the real deal: the paid memberships.

The Real Deal: Paid Memberships Unpacked

Ready to unlock the treasure chest? Here’s where the journey truly begins:

  • Level 1 Membership: For $99 a month, you step into the arena. This is your all-access pass to the foundational layers of affiliate marketing mastery.

  • Level 2 Membership: Got $2,995 to spare? This one-time fee catapults you into the elite circle, where the secrets of the trade are no longer secrets.

  • Accelerator Course: The price is shrouded in mystery, but it’s touted as the express elevator to success. If you’re all in, this could be your ticket.

What's On The Inside?

Joining the Affiliate Institute means more than just a membership card. You’re signing up for a rollercoaster ride of learning and growth. Step-by-step training, live sessions, weekly Q&A webinars, and personal mentoring await to take you from novice to pro. The promise? Tools and resources that are not just good but potentially game-changing.

The Test Drive: 14-Day Free Trial

Skeptical? They’ve got you covered with a 14-day free trial. A taste of legitimacy and a chance to see if the investment is worth your time and money.

The Endgame: Enagic and Amazon Associates

The grand reveal? The training zeroes in on promoting a company named Enagic or diving into the Amazon Associates program. From crafting marketing campaigns to driving traffic, the goal is clear—earning those sweet commissions.

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Unraveling the Affiliate Institute Blueprint: A Path to Affiliate Mastery?

Affiliate Institute presents itself as the beacon for aspiring affiliate marketers, promising a journey from the basics to the pinnacle of affiliate marketing success. But what does this journey entail, and is it the golden path it claims to be?

The First Steps: Enrollment and Beyond

Your adventure begins with a leap of faith into their membership pool, starting with the freebies and swiftly moving to the paid tiers. As the gate to the Affiliate Institute training center swings open, you’re met with a spectrum of knowledge: from the essence of affiliate marketing, crafting sales funnels, content creation, to navigating the social media and traffic labyrinth.

The curriculum boasts legitimacy, covering the A to Z of affiliate marketing. Yet, it’s not all smooth sailing. The course leans heavily on Facebook ads—a strategy that might not be beginner-friendly due to the potential spike in start-up and operational costs, a detail somewhat glossed over, revealing a chink in their transparency armor.

The Road Less Traveled: Free Traffic Alternatives

Though the program nods towards free traffic strategies, it’s more of a whisper than a shout, leaving beginners craving more substantial guidance away from the pricey clutches of paid advertising.

The Enagic Route: A High-Commission Dream or a Narrow Path?

A pivotal aspect of the Affiliate Institute agenda is steering you towards promoting Enagic’s Kangen water purifiers. This high-ticket item offers the allure of hefty commissions, but here’s the catch: to sell, you first must buy. A classic MLM playbook move. The process outlined by Affiliate Institute looks something like this:

  1. Join the program.
  2. (Optionally) Purchase a Kangen machine.
  3. Launch a marketing campaign, leaning on Facebook ads and free social media traffic.
  4. Reap commissions from sales.

The catch? A saturated market, as every Affiliate Institute or Enagic advocate becomes a direct competitor.

A Glimmer of Diversity: Amazon Associates Program

Not keen on the Kangen commitment? Affiliate Institute offers an alternative path through the Amazon Associates program, unlocking a world of products to promote. This route offers the freedom to carve out a niche of your choosing, diversifying your income streams.

However, the shadow of Enagic looms large, with a noticeable push towards promoting their water purifiers, despite the broader possibilities available.

The Complete Package: Upsells and Personal Coaching

Membership unlocks a suite of resources, including personal coaching and live training sessions, essential for navigating the complex world of affiliate marketing. Yet, the full bounty of Affiliate Institute’s offerings is behind further paywalls, requiring a climb through their membership levels.

Can You Make Money with Affiliate Institute?

Embarking on the Affiliate Institute journey comes with the allure of high-ticket commissions, particularly through promoting Kangen water purifiers. Yet, this road to riches comes with its own set of hurdles and considerations.

The High-Ticket Commission Caveat

To unlock the potential of earning significant commissions with Affiliate Institute, purchasing a Kangen machine becomes almost a rite of passage. This investment places you in the running for the coveted high-ticket commissions—but it’s no golden ticket. Success in this arena, as in any, offers no guarantees.

The Investment Equation: Time, Money, and Passion

Achieving success within the Affiliate Institute framework—or any affiliate marketing endeavor—demands a substantial investment of time and effort. If you opt for Affiliate Institute’s preferred strategies, be prepared to open your wallet not just for Kangen but for the paid traffic methods they advocate.

However, the cornerstone of affiliate marketing success isn’t just about the financial or temporal investment; it’s about your genuine passion for the products or services you promote. This passion fuels the persistence and enthusiasm necessary to navigate the challenges of affiliate marketing.

Beyond Quick Riches: A Commitment to Effort and Growth

Affiliate Institute distances itself from the get-rich-quick schemes that dot the online landscape, setting clear expectations: success demands hard work, dedication, and patience. This ethos aligns with the reality of building a sustainable online business, where overnight successes are more myth than reality.

Diversifying Income: The Referral Opportunity

Apart from product promotions, Affiliate Institute offers another revenue stream: referrals. Bringing new members into the fold can net you a 30% commission—a noteworthy addition to your income potential.

Weighing the Costs Against the Gains

Yes, following Affiliate Institute’s training could pave the way to profitability. But it’s crucial to balance the ledger, considering the upfront and ongoing expenses tied to paid traffic strategies and potential product purchases. The path to earnings is not just about the money you make but also about the money you need to invest.

Who Is Affiliate Institute For?

Affiliate Institute appears tailored for individuals who are not new to the digital marketing scene but are looking to elevate their existing business to new heights through high-ticket programs. This platform, with its emphasis on paid traffic strategies and a costly MLM model, presents a landscape rich with potential for those equipped with a foundational knowledge and readiness to invest significantly.

However, for those just dipping their toes into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing, the steep costs and complex strategies proposed by Affiliate Institute may prove daunting. It’s perhaps more prudent for beginners to seek out avenues that welcome newcomers without demanding a hefty initial investment, allowing them to learn and grow without the immediate financial pressure that Affiliate Institute’s model entails.

Affiliate Institute Review: Pros

In the vast and often perplexing world of affiliate marketing, finding a platform that not only provides genuine training but also steers clear of the murky waters of scams is a breath of fresh air. Affiliate Institute emerges as one such beacon, offering a structured approach to mastering the art of affiliate marketing. Here’s a closer look at the commendable aspects of Affiliate Institute that caught our attention:

#1 Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Institute distinguishes itself by offering substantive training in affiliate marketing. While the internet is awash with platforms of dubious quality, many of which border on the fraudulent or offer superficial guidance at best, Affiliate Institute steps up with a curriculum that covers essential ground. 

Although the program leans towards paid traffic strategies—which might not be the best fit for novices—it remains an effective approach for those looking to deepen their understanding of affiliate marketing. From launching a website and joining Amazon’s Associate program to harnessing social media for traffic, the training is thorough and designed to equip members with the skills needed to succeed.

#2 Generous 14-Day Free Trial

The presence of a 14-day free trial further reinforces the legitimacy of Affiliate Institute. This gesture allows prospective members to explore the offerings and gauge the platform’s fit for their learning style and business goals without immediate financial commitment. Opting into either the level 1 or level 2 membership only comes after a two-week period of evaluation, providing a risk-free opportunity to make an informed decision.

Affiliate Institute Review: Cons

While Affiliate Institute does offer some commendable features, it’s essential to navigate the landscape of any educational platform with a keen eye on both its strengths and potential drawbacks.

Here are some concerns we’ve identified with Affiliate Institute that prospective members should consider:

#1 Not Ideal for Beginners

Affiliate Institute, despite its comprehensive training, might not be the best starting point for beginners. The emphasis on selling high-ticket items like Kangen water machines presents a steep challenge, potentially setting up novices for a tough journey. 

While the platform offers guidance on joining the Amazon Associate’s program, the journey doesn’t stop there. The nuanced world of product promotion requires more than just signing up. The program seems to favour those ready to champion its preferred products, leaving others to navigate their path with basic training.

#2 Upsells for Full Education

The structure of Affiliate Institute’s educational content nudges members towards paid memberships to access comprehensive training. This approach, requiring an upgrade for the full spectrum of education, raises questions about transparency and the true value offered to free members. The leap from a starter membership to an advanced training package involves a significant financial commitment, which may not align with everyone’s expectations or capabilities.

#3 Limited Advertising Training

Focusing primarily on Facebook Ads, Affiliate Institute may not cater to those on a tight budget or looking for a broader marketing education. This narrow scope can limit learning opportunities and might not offer the most cost-effective start for newcomers to affiliate marketing, who could benefit from exploring a range of advertising platforms.

#4 Ties to High-Ticket MLM

The association with Enagic Kangen water machines, a high-ticket MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) scheme, warrants caution. The high costs and challenging sales targets associated with MLM can pose a significant risk, especially for those new to the field. This partnership raises concerns about the overall focus of the Affiliate Institute’s training program and its alignment with the best interests of its members.

#5 A Rebranded Effort with Historical Baggage

Affiliate Institute appears to be a reincarnation of Global Affiliate Zone, a platform with its controversies, particularly around its MLM strategies. This history, combined with a business model that benefits the owners through high-ticket sales made by new members, suggests a need for a careful evaluation of the program’s objectives and benefits.

Navigating the world of affiliate marketing education requires a balance of enthusiasm and critical analysis. While Affiliate Institute presents opportunities for learning and growth, it’s crucial to weigh these against the platform’s limitations and potential challenges.

Affiliate Institute Review: Conclusion

In wrapping up this review of Affiliate Institute, it becomes evident that while the platform is legitimate and offers a structured route into the world of online marketing, it may not be the ideal starting point for everyone. The provision of a 14-day trial period and resources like free ebooks and webinars might appear inviting, but these elements serve primarily as entry points into a sales funnel designed to encourage significant investment in membership fees.

For beginners, the journey through Affiliate Institute can be daunting, not just due to the financial commitment involved with the $99 monthly fee and additional costs but also because of the competitive nature of the products promoted, such as Kangen water machines. This competition, coupled with a lack of transparency about the platform’s intentions, suggests that the road to success could be both challenging and crowded.

Given these considerations, it’s advisable for those new to affiliate marketing to seek out platforms that are tailored to their learning curve and financial capacity. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate, known for their beginner-friendly approach, might offer a more accessible and less competitive entry into the affiliate marketing arena. Ultimately, choosing the right educational resource can make a significant difference in one’s journey toward achieving online marketing success.

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