Beyond the Six-Figure Dream: A Reality Check on the Costs of Success with Six Figure Mentors
Beyond the Six-Figure Dream A Reality Check on the Costs of Success with Six Figure Mentors

Hey there, fellow dream chasers and digital wanderers! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of online entrepreneurship and taking a closer look at a name you’ve probably heard whispered in the corridors of digital marketing forums and coffee shop corners alike: Six Figure Mentors.

Now, if you’re like me, the promise of achieving that elusive six-figure income through online business is not just enticing; it’s downright magnetic. Six Figure Mentors, or SFM for the cool kids, claims to offer the golden key to this treasure chest of digital success. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

In this review, we’re going to strip back the layers of hype and take a candid look at SFM. Yes, it’s legit. There’s no smoke and mirrors here in terms of its legitimacy. But—and it’s a big but—the journey to those six figures might not be as smooth as it’s painted. The road is paved with constant upsells and the pressure to invest more than just your time and dreams.

So, grab your favorite cup of coffee, and let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what Six Figure Mentors is all about. Is it the right path for you, or are there hidden potholes you should be aware of? Let’s find out together.

Six Figure Mentors Review Overview

Product Name: Six Figure Mentors

Owner: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubasek

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Business Coaching

Price: From $29.90 to $2,500 plus ongoing monthly costs

Best For: Those Looking to Promote Six Figure Mentors itself



  • A Solid Foundation in Digital Marketing
  • Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • The Promise of the Affiliate Program
  • Real Success Stories


  • The Ever-Increasing Price Tag
  • The Upsell Labyrinth
  • The Affiliate Pressure Cooker
  • A Narrow Path of Success
  • Questionable Founder Histories

Quick Summary

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) presents itself as a legitimate platform in the digital marketing domain, offering an array of tools, training, and coaching designed to empower individuals to earn online. While it boasts a comprehensive educational framework and a potentially lucrative affiliate program, SFM’s heavy emphasis on recruiting affiliates, especially within the make-money-online niche, raises concerns. This focus may not resonate with everyone, particularly those who are not deeply passionate about the MMO niche, leading to potential mismatches in expectations and outcomes.

My journey with SFM was one of initial optimism, driven by the promise of starting a successful affiliate marketing business. However, the reality of escalating costs and the program’s push towards promoting itself led to disenchantment. The experience highlighted a critical lesson: the importance of aligning one’s entrepreneurial efforts with personal interests and the broader potential of niche markets. SFM’s model, while valid for some, underscored the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach in the diverse landscape of online entrepreneurship.

Conclusively, while SFM offers valuable tools and insights for aspiring digital marketers, its model and methods are not universally applicable. The path to online business success is vast and varied, emphasizing the need to explore and engage with niches that genuinely excite and inspire. For those considering SFM, it’s crucial to weigh its focus and costs against your own goals and passions, remembering that the digital world offers countless opportunities beyond any single platform.


Recommended? Not for Beginners

Table of Contents

Is Six Figure Mentors Just Smoke and Mirrors?

Let’s cut right to the chase: Is Six Figure Mentors (SFM) a scam? Short answer—no, it’s not. But let’s not pop the champagne just yet. SFM knows how to play the game. They’ve got this sleek way of drawing you in, making you reach for your wallet because you believe you’re investing in your future. And in a way, you are. They’re not just selling dreams; they’re teaching strategies, with the masterminds behind this operation being none other than Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. These guys are the real deal in the online marketing world, offering nuggets of wisdom to those ready to dive deep into their pockets.

Now, here’s where I hit the brakes. Despite the legitimacy and the potential to pad your bank account, I waved goodbye to SFM. Why, you ask? I’ve laid out six solid reasons in this review on why SFM and I had to part ways. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it’s one that’s given me plenty of food for thought, which I’m about to share with you. So, stick around as we peel back the layers on SFM, and I’ll let you in on why I decided to look for greener pastures.

Diving Into the World of Six Figure Mentors: More Than Just Buzzwords?

Ever heard of Six Figure Mentors? If not, let me paint you a picture. Founded by the dynamic duo, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek, SFM is like the Hogwarts for aspiring affiliate marketers.


Imagine a place where you’re taught to turn clicks into cash, using platforms like Amazon and ClickBank as your playground. Stuart and Jay are your guides in this journey, showing you how to earn by promoting products that aren’t yours, all through the power of online advertising. Sounds pretty cool, right? 

They offer a step-by-step training program, a toolbox filled with digital marketing gadgets, and a community that’s got your back.

"My Rollercoaster Ride Begins with SFM"

My adventure with Six Figure Mentors started unexpectedly. Picture this: I’m scrolling through my emails, and boom, an invite lands in my inbox. It’s a free video series from SFM, hosted by Stuart Ross himself. 

These weren’t just any videos; they were my first glimpse into the world of digital entrepreneurship. Stuart was there, painting a picture of a digital business system designed to teach you, support you, and equip you with everything needed to make a living online. He talked about affiliate marketing like it was the golden ticket to financial freedom, sprinkled with success stories for extra flavour.


But here’s the plot twist: What Stuart didn’t mention in those videos was the real essence of SFM—a high-ticket affiliate program that goes beyond basic membership. It’s like being part of an exclusive club, where you learn to sell the dream you just bought into.

As I journeyed deeper, the price tags started to climb, making me wonder if I was investing in my future or just funding theirs. The promise of creating a ‘laptop lifestyle’ was tempting, with SFM offering all the tools, training, and coaching you’d need. They even threw in the option to promote SFM itself, turning members into marketers.

But as the costs piled up, my initial excitement turned into scepticism. I was on a quest for something genuine, but the escalating expenses and the focus on recruiting others rather than building my own business raised some red flags. Deciding to leave SFM wasn’t easy, but it felt like stepping off a treadmill that was set a little too high.

Looking back, I realized it was the right move. But why, you ask? Stick around, as I’m about to dive into the brains behind SFM and why, despite their expertise, the program wasn’t the right fit for me.

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The Masterminds Behind the Curtain: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

So, who are the wizards pulling the strings at Six Figure Mentors? Enter Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, a duo that’s pretty much the Batman and Robin of the affiliate marketing world. They’re the brains behind the operation, preaching the gospel of the ‘laptop lifestyle’—a life where your office can be anywhere with Wi-Fi and your income doesn’t stop when you do.

With a treasure trove of experience under their belts, Jay and Stuart are no strangers to the digital marketing arena. They’re skilled, savvy, and know how to sell the dream of making money from the comfort of your home. But, as with every story of triumph, there’s always a backstory that raises a few eyebrows.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that our protagonists have had their share of controversy. Before SFM became the beacon for aspiring digital entrepreneurs, Stuart Ross was linked to YourNetBiz, a program that raised quite a few red flags for its recruitment-centric, high-ticket membership model. Some whispers in the digital alleyways even labeled it a pyramid scheme that mysteriously disappeared around the time SFM stepped into the spotlight.

Now, I’m not one to stir the pot without reason. While these tales of past ventures do give one pause, it’s important to separate the noise from the note. In my quest to unearth the truth, these whispers were part of why I decided to take a step back from SFM. Not because I believed every rumor, but because where there’s smoke, there’s usually a fire, even if it’s just a flicker.

Let me set the record straight: Despite the shadowy corners of their history, I firmly believe Jay and Stuart’s current venture, SFM, stands on solid ground. It’s legitimate, with a genuine intention to educate and empower. But, as we navigate through the layers of any narrative, it’s crucial to keep a keen eye on the past as it often informs the present.

As we move forward with this review, let’s dive into the mechanics of SFM, keeping in mind the complex tapestry of its founders’ journey. After all, understanding where you’re coming from is just as important as knowing where you’re heading, right?

Unraveling the Six Figure Mentors Blueprint: What’s the Real Deal?

Ever wonder how you stumbled upon Six Figure Mentors? Maybe it was a flashy email in your inbox promising riches beyond your wildest dreams, or perhaps a YouTube ad caught your eye. Or you might have landed on a site promising the ultimate Internet Laptop Lifestyle. These are your first steps into the SFM marketing maze.

So, you take the bait and sign up, eager to see what’s behind the curtain. What do you get? A free membership that seems like the golden ticket at first. It kicks off with an email series sprinkled with videos. But let’s call them what they are: lengthy infomercials where Stuart, with Jay in tow, paints a picture of untold riches and boundless opportunities.

Decide to dive deeper? That’s when you hit the first paywall—the initial level of membership. But hey, there’s a bonus: your very own “private coach.” Sounds fancy, right? Just a heads-up, though: this coach might be more interested in upselling you to the next membership tier than in your personal growth.

The basic membership feels like being stuck in the lobby when you were promised a penthouse suite. To access the real goodies, you’re nudged to upgrade. Each new level promises to unlock the secrets to making it big, with advanced training, tools, and the works.

Here’s the kicker: SFM’s master plan is for you to use this very blueprint to market SFM itself and recruit others into the fold. It’s a bit like looking in a mirror that reflects another mirror, going on forever.

Initially, the idea of promoting SFM had its allure. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something big and share in the success? But then the reality set in: this path is paved with continuous payments. The more I wanted to learn and earn, the more I had to shell out.

Stick around as I break down the nitty-gritty of what it could cost you to be a part of the Six Figure Mentors saga. Spoiler alert: It’s an eye-opener.

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Breaking Down the Costs: The Financial Layers of Six Figure Mentors

Alright, let’s talk numbers. Because when it comes to Six Figure Mentors, understanding the investment required is key to seeing the full picture. SFM dangles three membership levels in front of you, each with its own price tag and promise of digital enlightenment:

  1. Student Membership – Just a Taste for $29.90 Think of the Student Membership as the appetizer in the SFM menu. It gives you a peek into the world of internet marketing with an introductory course that’s more tease than teach. Plus, you get a side of one-on-one coaching, which, as we’ve uncovered, often serves the main course of upselling you to the next level.

  2. Essential Membership – The Main Course at $99 (initially free) + $97/month Essential by name and essential by nature. This is where you start to get a real bite of what SFM serves. Training modules, tools, resources, webinars, and an entry pass to the exclusive Facebook group—it’s all unlocked here. But remember, this dish comes with a monthly subscription fee to keep your access.

  3. Elite Membership – The Deluxe Experience for $2,500 + $97/month Ready to level up? The Elite Membership is like the VIP lounge of SFM, where you gain access to the System Setup Certification course and exclusive webinars with the platform’s top earners and affiliates. It’s the high-stakes game of SFM, where the stakes and potential rewards are bigger.

At its core, SFM is dressed to the nines as a high-ticket scheme. Each level promises more access, more knowledge, and more opportunities. But as you climb this ladder, the question becomes: Are you investing in your future or simply fueling a sophisticated upsell machine?

Navigating the Maze: The Refund Policy of Six Figure Mentors

Now, let’s wade into the waters of SFM’s refund policy, which can feel a bit like deciphering an ancient scroll. At first glance, the promise of a money-back guarantee might give you a safety net vibe, but here’s the lowdown:

  • First 30 Days: Your Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card For the budding members who dip their toes into the Student or Essential memberships, there’s a lifeline. You’ve got 30 days to decide if SFM is your cup of tea. Not feeling it? You can pull the plug and get your money back within this golden window.

  • The High-Ticket Hurdle However, here’s where the path gets thorny. Those big-ticket upsells—the ones that promise the moon and the stars—they’re a different beast. Some of these pricier ventures come with a “no refunds” tag, while others might still offer a way out. It’s a mixed bag, so you’ll want to tread carefully.

For those who like to read the fine print (and I highly recommend you do in this case), taking a gander at the official SFM Refund Policy is a must. It’s there you’ll find the nitty-gritty details of what’s refundable and what’s locked in Fort Knox.

Peeking Inside the Toolbox: The Riches of Six Figure Mentors

Embarking on the SFM journey opens up a treasure chest of digital business tools designed to guide you from the drawing board to digital dominance.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Step-By-Step Training: Imagine a roadmap that takes you from ‘idea’ to ‘income’ with clarity and precision. SFM’s training program is just that—a series of video modules crafted for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, ready to take their business global from the comfort of their laptop.

  • Exclusive Private Community: Ever wished for a secret society of fellow digital nomads? SFM’s got you covered with a bustling community and live chat features, making it a goldmine for networking, instant advice, and shared wisdom.

  • Personal System Consultant: Picture a mentor guiding you through the SFM universe, helping you navigate its vast resources. While invaluable, keep a watchful eye as their enthusiasm for upgrades might just inspire your wallet to do some unexpected aerobics.

  • System Support Team: Tech glitches can be a nightmare, but with SFM’s System Support Team, you’re never alone. They’re your behind-the-scenes heroes, ensuring your digital empire runs smoothly so you can focus on growth.

  • Weekly Training Webinars: Dive deep into the ocean of digital marketing knowledge with live classes led by experts. These weekly webinars are your ticket to staying ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving online world.

  • Live Events: Jay and Stuart don’t just hide behind their screens; they bring the SFM community to life with live events across the globe. These gatherings are not just about learning; they’re about connecting, inspiring, and fueling your entrepreneurial spirit.

Decoding the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program: A Lucrative Offer?

At the heart of Six Figure Mentors lies its affiliate program, designed to transform you into a digital marketing maven, armed with the tools to promote SFM’s suite of products, memberships, and services. Here’s a sneak peek at what joining the SFM affiliate ranks entails:

  • SFM Affiliate Tools: Get your hands on a ready-made arsenal of affiliate links and sales funnels, not to mention automated campaigns for follow-up and remarketing. With a custom link generator and detailed sales tracking, you’re set up for a smooth sailing affiliate journey.

  • Sales & Support Expertise: Joining forces with SFM means you’re backed by a team of system consultants. These folks are on a mission to engage with every referral personally, easing your path to potentially higher sales with minimal extra legwork on your part.

The cherry on top? Diving into the SFM affiliate program doesn’t cost a dime. Here’s a glimpse at the potential rewards:

  • Earn $20 for Introductory Sales,
  • Bag $200 for Essential Sales,
  • And receive $20 monthly for keeping those memberships active.

For a deeper dive into the Six Figure Mentors Affiliate Program, check out this informative video:

But wait, there’s more to the story. Let me share the second reason I decided to steer clear of partnering with Six Figure Mentors.

The Money Question: Is Cashing In With Six Figure Mentors a Dream or Reality?

Remember the duo who introduced me to Six Figure Mentors? A successful American couple deeply entrenched in the SFM world. Their story was my first hint that yes, making money with SFM wasn’t just a fairy tale. It sparked my curiosity: could I, too, turn this into my golden goose?

Initially, SFM seemed like the perfect launchpad for my ambition to create a website promoting a diverse range of products and services. The reality, however, hit differently. The pathway to profit within SFM was narrow, primarily funneling through promoting SFM itself. While not an impossible route, it wasn’t the journey I had in mind.

The deal-breaker? The cost. Forking over $297+ was a leap beyond my means. Digging deeper, I stumbled upon a startling stat: only a slim 1-2% of SFM’s members actually turned a profit. The rest? They found themselves unable to keep up with the financial demands of the program, leading to a high dropout rate.

Let’s not mince words: SFM has its share of success stories, proof that it’s not just smoke and mirrors. But it’s also a high-stakes game, akin to other programs like Big Commission Blueprint, SFI Affiliate Center, and Power Lead System. It’s lucrative for a few but comes with a hefty price tag and a steep hill to climb for success.

Six Figure Mentors Review: Pros

Diving into the world of Six Figure Mentors, amidst the sea of scepticism, there were islands of genuine value that caught my eye.

Here’s what stood out:

#1 A Solid Foundation in Digital Marketing

At its core, SFM delivers on its promise of education. For someone seeking to master the ropes of digital marketing, their program offers a comprehensive curriculum. It’s this foundational knowledge that I was after, and SFM didn’t disappoint.

#2 Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit

My journey with SFM, albeit brief, was an eye-opener in terms of mindset. The wisdom shared by Stuart and Jay, seasoned veterans in the game, was invaluable. They didn’t just talk strategies; they preached about the mindset essential for long-term success in the digital arena. This experience left me with a clearer vision of the entrepreneurial path ahead.

#3 The Promise of the Affiliate Program

What makes SFM stand out is its affiliate program. Unlike many others, it’s accessible without upfront fees, offering a generous commission structure. For those with the knack and network, it presents a substantial opportunity for passive income.

#4 Real Success Stories

In a landscape often clouded by overblown claims, I approached SFM’s testimonials with caution. Yet, after connecting with a couple of SFM’s shining stars, my doubts were quelled. Their stories served as tangible proof that, despite its flaws, SFM can be a conduit to success for those ready to invest both time and money.

Six Figure Mentors Review: Cons

While there’s light in the SFM universe, it’s not without its shadows. Here’s a candid look at the aspects that dimmed my enthusiasm:

#1 The Ever-Increasing Price Tag

My SFM journey started with optimism at a modest $29.90 entry fee. Yet, as the path unfolded, the financial commitments mushroomed into a daunting figure. Though the full pricing is disclosed on their official site, the initial encounters don’t prepare you for the investment journey ahead.

#2 The Upsell Labyrinth

From the get-go, there’s a strong nudge towards the Essential Membership, leaving the basic tier feeling more like a teaser trailer than the full feature. The push to upgrade doesn’t just stop at the doorstep; it’s a continuous sales pitch.

#3 The Affiliate Pressure Cooker

Joining SFM comes with an implicit push towards becoming an affiliate. While some may thrive in this role, my aim was to build a unique business, not become a billboard for SFM. The program’s structure seemed more focused on breeding promoters than entrepreneurs.

#4 A Narrow Path to Success

Despite assurances that SFM could catapult any niche business to success, the reality felt more constricted. The ecosystem seemed primed for those championing SFM itself, overshadowing the promise of universal applicability.

#5 Questionable Founder Histories

The digital footprints of Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek stir unease, with past ventures casting long shadows over their current endeavor. While SFM itself may not mimic these models, the legacy of its leaders raises eyebrows.

#6 Overhyped Promises

My initial excitement was quickly dampened by promotional materials that seemed to oversell and underdeliver. The allure of quick and easy success clashed with my understanding that true business building is neither swift nor simple.

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Decoding the Structure: Six Figure Mentors and the Pyramid Scheme Debate

The internet is a cauldron of opinions, and among the simmering discussions is whether Six Figure Mentors skirts the line of being a pyramid scheme. It’s a label that’s been thrown around, and you might have stumbled upon such debates yourself.

Let’s dissect this, shall we? By definition, a pyramid scheme thrives on the recruitment of members under the guise of investment, where the primary, if not sole, revenue stream is the influx of new recruits. SFM, with its layers and nuances, doesn’t fit neatly into this box.

Yes, SFM encourages its members to promote memberships, which rings familiar bells to the pyramid scheme structure. However, the pivotal difference lies in the value offered beyond recruitment—SFM provides substantial training aimed at empowering you to build your own online business. This element of education and skill development diverges from the pyramid scheme blueprint.

In essence, SFM presents a fork in the road: you can delve into the world of affiliate marketing, championing SFM’s own programs, or you can branch out, applying the principles learned to cultivate an Amazon affiliate business, among other opportunities. 

This flexibility and the emphasis on tangible skills tilt SFM away from the pyramid scheme territory, placing it more accurately within the realm of high-ticket affiliate marketing and coaching.

Turning the Page: Why I Bid Farewell to Six Figure Mentors

Embarking on my Six Figure Mentors journey, I was brimming with optimism, envisioning it as the launchpad for a thriving affiliate marketing venture. I poured not just my hopes but also a considerable chunk of my resources into this venture, diving deep into the course materials and marching diligently along the path laid out before me.

Yet, the honeymoon phase was short-lived. The relentless push towards more expensive tiers of membership soon soured my initial excitement. Here, I’ll peel back the layers on my SFM saga, laying bare the core reasons that led me to step away.

The High Cost of Dreaming Big with SFM

The bottom line is stark: SFM’s financial demands outstripped my budget and my comfort zone. The tipping point came when I learned about an Aussie couple who plunged into debt chasing the SFM dream—a cautionary tale that echoed my fears.

The Narrow Road SFM Paves

Despite SFM’s broad promises, the reality felt constricted. The program’s blueprint steers you towards promoting SFM itself, sidelining ambitions of niche diversification. The foundational course, while informative, seemed more a funnel into their affiliate scheme than a stepping stone to independent success.

Yet, for those with the resources and appetite for risk, SFM might still beckon as a path worth treading. Success stories, albeit rare, do exist within the SFM ecosystem.

The Fragility of Dependency

Here’s a hypothetical that haunted me: If SFM were to vanish tomorrow, where would that leave me and my business? Tethered to the fate of SFM, my venture’s longevity felt perilously out of my hands—a risk I wasn’t willing to take.

This speculation isn’t an indictment but a reflection of my cautious stance towards putting all my entrepreneurial eggs in one basket, especially one over which I had little control.

Wrapping Up: My Final Thoughts on Six Figure Mentors

In the grand scheme of the digital marketing universe, Six Figure Mentors stands out as a legitimate beacon for those looking to dip their toes into the affiliate marketing world. With its arsenal of tools, comprehensive training, and supportive coaching, SFM lays down a path that could lead to online income generation.

Yet, it’s this very path that led me to a crossroads, ultimately steering me away from SFM. The program’s intense focus on recruiting affiliates, particularly within the make-money-online (MMO) niche, felt misaligned with my aspirations. For those not wholly enamored with the MMO niche, this approach might not only be misfitting but potentially draining—both financially and in terms of time.

From my voyage through the world of online entrepreneurship, one lesson stands clear: the power of niche diversity. There’s a universe of niches waiting to be explored, each with its unique allure. The true essence of building a successful online business lies in identifying a niche that sparks your passion, one where you can carve out a distinct voice and offer genuine value.

Imagine the possibilities: even if a couple of niche ventures don’t pan out, you’re not left empty-handed. Instead, you’re building a diversified portfolio of online businesses, each a learning experience and a step towards replicable success.

Thank you for embarking on this review journey with me. I hope my insights into Six Figure Mentors have shed light on both its strengths and limitations, guiding you towards a decision that best suits your entrepreneurial spirit.

Got questions? Experiences of your own to share? I’d love to hear from you. Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and let’s keep the conversation going.

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