How to Make Money With ClickBank – Must-Read Guide [2024]

How to Make Money With ClickBank

ClickBank has stood the test of time in the digital marketplace, but the real question on every affiliate marketer’s mind is, ‘Is it the right platform for me?’ If you’re pondering over ‘How to Make Money With ClickBank,’ you’re not alone. Amidst a sea of reviews with mixed opinions, it’s challenging to discern the truth about its worth.

There’s no denying the allure of ClickBank, with its vast array of products and potential for high commissions. Yet, for every success story, there seems to be a cautionary tale of pitfalls and scammy Internet Marketing (IM) programs lurking in its vast marketplace. So, what’s the real deal with ClickBank? This comprehensive review aims to peel back the layers, offering you the insights needed to make an informed decision about joining ClickBank.

Can you truly make money with ClickBank? And more importantly, how can you navigate its offerings without falling prey to less reputable programs?

This step-by-step guide promises to shed light on those questions. From unraveling the essence of ClickBank to guiding you through the process of making money with ClickBank while sidestepping potential drawbacks, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive into this journey with a quick look at what ClickBank is all about, setting the stage for a detailed exploration that aims to equip you with everything you need to succeed.

ClickBank Overview

Product Name: ClickBank

Founder: Tim and Eileen Barber (1998)

Product Type: Affiliate Network/Marketplace

Price: Free to Join

Best For: Affiliate Marketers looking to promote digital products



  • Easy to Use Sign Up & Interface
  • Anyone Can Sign Up
  • The Ability to Be Both a Vendor & Affiliate
  • Large Selection of Products
  • Good Commission Rates


  • Slow Customer Service
  • The Number of Junk Products
  • Tough Competition for Quality Programs
  • No Longer Only Place for Digital Product Marketplace

Quick Summary

ClickBank is a digital marketplace, providing affiliates a wide range of digital, and some physical, products to promote.  They have been in the business since 1998, so a long time.  But they do have some issues, specifically the lack of checks against vendors.

This leads to a higher than average number of low-quality or scam products.  At first glance, it looks like these are the only products available.  But that isn’t the case.  After some digging, you can still find some decent programs on there.

There is still the opportunity to make money with ClickBank, and this guide will help you unearth them…


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Table of Contents

What Is ClickBank?

Embarking on its journey in 1998 from a humble garage in San Diego, California, ClickBank has emerged as a titan in the affiliate marketing sphere. Its inception coincides with the internet’s climb to mainstream fame, positioning ClickBank as a pioneering force in the affiliate network world.

What sets ClickBank apart is its dual offering, catering to both sides of the market spectrum. Individuals have the golden opportunity to profit with ClickBank in two distinct ways: by becoming a vendor of digital or physical products showcased in their marketplace or by stepping into the role of an affiliate marketer, promoting products crafted by others within the same digital bazaar.

Diving into the numbers reveals the vast expanse of ClickBank’s reach and influence:

  • A staggering customer base of 200 million spanning 190 countries
  • Ranked as the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America
  • A diverse catalogue featuring 276 categories and 21,562 product listings
  • A vibrant community of 6 million entrepreneurs
  • An impressive tally of over $200 million in annual sales

These figures aren’t just numbers; they’re a testament to the thriving ecosystem ClickBank has cultivated, offering a fertile ground for affiliates and vendors to grow their businesses. With the proper guidance and training, the dream of carving out a lucrative living from this leading affiliate network is well within reach.

ClickBank stands as a beacon for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and digital content creators aiming to promote digital and lifestyle products on their niche websites or platforms. It represents a viable alternative for those seeking to break away from the conventional path of becoming ‘just another Amazon Associate.’ By tapping into ClickBank’s diverse and expansive marketplace, you unlock the potential to tailor your affiliate efforts to a niche audience, enhancing the chances of success in the digital marketing realm.

In essence, ClickBank isn’t just an affiliate network; it’s a gateway to unlimited potential for earning and growth in the digital product space, offering a platform for innovation, creativity, and financial freedom.

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How Does ClickBank Differ To Other Affiliate Networks?

ClickBank distinguishes itself in the vast sea of affiliate networks with its distinctive features and approach. To truly grasp its uniqueness, let’s delve into what sets ClickBank apart, celebrating its strengths and acknowledging its areas for improvement.

5 Good Things About ClickBank

  1. User-Friendly Sign-Up and Interface Open Door Policy ClickBank’s inclusivity shines here; it doesn’t mandate a website or a predefined traffic volume for joining. This open-door policy, coupled with free registration, positions it as an inviting platform for novices in the affiliate marketing realm.

  2. Dual Roles, Double the Opportunity Unlike conventional networks that pigeonhole you into a single role, ClickBank champions versatility, allowing you to embrace both vendor and affiliate roles under one roof. This flexibility is a game-changer, offering you multiple streams of income from the same platform.

  3. A Treasure Trove of Products Whether your interest lies in digital courses or tangible goods, ClickBank’s vast product library, spanning numerous niches, ensures you’re never short of options to promote.

  4. Attractive Commission Structures Generosity is key at ClickBank, with commission rates soaring up to 75% or even 100% on certain products. Coupled with prompt payments, it’s a lucrative proposition for affiliates eager to see their efforts rewarded swiftly.

5 Noteworthy Concerns About ClickBank

  1. Customer Service Hiccups The Achilles’ heel for many, ClickBank’s customer service pace can be leisurely, occasionally stretching over a week to address queries. This aspect could impact both you and your referred customers, highlighting a vital area for potential improvement.

  2. Navigating Through Product Quality The vastness of ClickBank’s marketplace is both a blessing and a curse, housing an alarming number of less-than-stellar products. Later in this guide, I’ll share strategies to sidestep these pitfalls and uncover the gems hidden amidst the clutter.

  3. A Nostalgic Interface, Now Revamped Once a relic from the digital past, ClickBank’s dashboard has undergone a significant facelift, bidding adieu to its dated aesthetics and embracing a more contemporary look.

  4. The Race for Quality Programs Quality and junk coexist within ClickBank, leading to fierce competition among affiliates for the top-tier programs. Yet, this competition underscores the presence of valuable opportunities worth pursuing.

  5. Exploring Beyond the Legacy ClickBank’s pioneering status in affiliate marketing is undisputed, yet the digital landscape is evolving, with platforms like Udemy emerging as formidable alternatives. While ClickBank remains a robust option, expanding your horizons could uncover new avenues for growth and success.

Am I Eligible for ClickBank? (Sign-up Requirements)

Embarking on your ClickBank journey is an exciting venture filled with possibilities. But before you dive into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing opportunities that ClickBank offers, let’s pause and unravel the sign-up intricacies. Wondering if you’re eligible to join? The process is refreshingly straightforward, embodying ClickBank’s inclusive ethos.

Stepping Stones to ClickBank Membership

  1. No Entry Fee for Affiliates Kickstarting your affiliate journey with ClickBank is as smooth as it gets, with no signup fee to worry about. This barrier-free entry is a breath of fresh air compared to other networks that might scrutinize your web presence or demand detailed promotional strategies upfront.

  2. Basic Requirements, Broad Opportunities To join the ClickBank community, a few simple prerequisites ensure you’re set up for success:

    • Residency in an Eligible Country: ClickBank opens its doors wide to affiliates from a plethora of countries, including but not limited to the United States, Canada, and the UK.
    • Browser Readiness: A minor yet crucial technicality—ensure your browser is set to accept cookies, paving the way for a seamless ClickBank experience.
    • Tax Documentation (For U.S. Residents): If you’re navigating from the U.S., having a Tax ID or Social Security Number at hand is essential to comply with financial regulations.
  3. Venturing as a ClickBank Vendor If your aspirations extend to selling your own digital or physical products on ClickBank, a one-time activation fee of $49.95 is your ticket in. This fee lays the groundwork for listing your offerings on ClickBank’s marketplace. Planning to expand your empire? Each additional account is just $29.95, a small price for the vast exposure and potential sales ClickBank facilitates.

Embarking on Your ClickBank Journey

Armed with this knowledge, the gates to ClickBank’s affiliate marketing realm are wide open. Whether you’re a budding affiliate eager to promote existing products or an innovative vendor ready to share your creations with the world, ClickBank’s platform is designed to support your entrepreneurial spirit. So, are you ready to take the plunge and explore the wealth of opportunities that await within ClickBank’s dynamic ecosystem?

What Affiliate Programs Are Available with ClickBank

ClickBank has affiliate programs to suit anyone.  From a complete newbie who wants to test the water, to a seasoned affiliate marketer, ClickBank has you covered.

There are many affiliate programs and multiple products and categories to choose from:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • As Seen on TV
  • Betting Systems
  • Business/Investing
  • Computers/Internet
  • Cooking, Food, & Wine
  • E-Business & E-Marketing (Internet Marketing)
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting & Families
  • Politics/Current Events
  • Reference
  • Self-Help
  • Software & Services
  • New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  • Sports
  • Travel

Not sure where you get started?

Check out this guide to choosing a niche, or 50 website ideas for new affiliate marketers to help you…

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What Are ClickBank's Payment Methods?

ClickBank provides an array of different ways of getting paid, including:

  1. Check – is the default payment option.  Get a check mailed to your address
  2. Direct Deposit – ClickBank offers this option if you live in the US and other selected countries at no extra cost.  Direct deposit takes 1-2 business days
  3. Wire Transfer – This option is for those countries that aren’t covered by direct deposit.  Payments can take up to 5 days (dependent on location)
  4. Payoneer – You can also get paid using the Payoneer Mastercard, an international money transfer service that is free to use.  Payoneer allows you to open a US bank account where the money is deposited

These options give you the flexibility to pick which one suits you.  But they also give you the advantage of not sticking to just one option.

You can change the payment method you want at any time.  Just note that it might take up to seven days for your new payment method to work.

Another thing to consider is that if you change your email address or password, you won’t be permitted to change your payment method for 7 days.  

This is to protect your account from fraudsters.

The payment threshold with ClickBank can be set as low as $10.

Unveiling the Truth About ClickBank:
A Balanced Perspective

The question of ClickBank’s legitimacy surfaces frequently in discussions about affiliate marketing. Is ClickBank a breeding ground for scams, or does it offer genuine opportunities for affiliates and vendors alike? The concern primarily stems from the presence of low-quality programs amidst its vast marketplace.

So, let’s dive into this critical inquiry with an open mind and a keen eye for detail.

The Dual Faces of ClickBank's Marketplace

Yes, it’s undeniable—ClickBank’s marketplace hosts a spectrum of affiliate programs, some of which may not meet the high standards savvy affiliates seek. The proliferation of overhyped products, often lacking in substance, can be disheartening, leading to a misconception that ClickBank is a haven for the undesirable.

However, this view only captures a fraction of the ClickBank experience. Think of ClickBank as an expansive supermarket, its aisles brimming with an array of products. Just like in any supermarket, your success lies in navigating to the right aisles, where quality and value reside.

Discovering Gems Amidst the Ordinary

ClickBank is a treasure trove for those willing to sift through its offerings. The platform is rich with exceptional affiliate programs that span a wide range of niches, catering to diverse audiences. These high-quality programs are the diamonds in the rough, waiting for discerning affiliates to uncover and promote them.

The platform’s global reach, encompassing digital products from entrepreneurs around the world, ensures there’s a match for every affiliate’s niche and audience. This diversity is a testament to ClickBank’s legitimacy as a marketplace that has supported millions of entrepreneurs, some of whom have loyally partnered with ClickBank for decades.

Your Reputation, Your Responsibility

While ClickBank provides the platform, the onus of due diligence falls on you, the affiliate or vendor. In the end, it’s your reputation at stake when you choose to promote a product. This responsibility underscores the importance of vetting products thoroughly, ensuring they align with your values and meet your audience’s expectations.

Navigating Towards Quality

The journey to finding the right affiliate programs on ClickBank is akin to seeking out the finest ingredients for a gourmet meal. It requires patience, discernment, and a strategic approach. Fear not, for the path to uncovering these lucrative opportunities is about to be laid out before you. 

Stay tuned as we delve into strategies for distinguishing the exceptional from the mediocre, ensuring your affiliate marketing efforts are both successful and reputable.

Navigating ClickBank Smartly: 5 Strategies to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Embarking on your ClickBank journey can be filled with excitement and opportunities, but it’s crucial to tread carefully to ensure you’re promoting products that truly benefit your audience. Here are five strategic tips to help you select the right products for your niche website, safeguarding your reputation and enhancing your success.

1. Experience the Product Yourself

The most authentic way to vouch for a product’s quality is to try it out firsthand. If you’re hesitant to invest in the product yourself, why should your readers feel any differently? Testing the product allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff, ensuring you’re recommending only what you truly believe in. This firsthand experience not only bolsters your credibility but also aligns with Google’s Product Review updates, potentially boosting your SEO rankings with insightful, authentic reviews.

2. Dive Deep into Product Reviews

Online reviews are a goldmine of information. Scour reviews from actual users on reputable platforms such as TrustPilot, SiteJabber, or the BBB. Be mindful of the authenticity of these reviews, as biased or fake reviews can skew your perception. Real, unfiltered feedback is invaluable in understanding how a product stands up in the real world.

3. Pay Attention to the Gravity Score

Gravity scores on ClickBank provide a snapshot of a product’s popularity and trustworthiness, indicating how many affiliates successfully sold the product in the last 12 weeks. A high gravity score is often a good sign, suggesting that the product is well-received and a potentially safe bet for promotion.

4. Be Wary of Overhyped Claims

In a world rife with extravagant promises, scepticism is your ally. Products claiming miraculous results overnight are red flags signalling unrealistic expectations. Such overhyped claims often fall flat, leaving you and your audience disappointed. Stick to promoting products with credible, realistic offers that deliver genuine value.

5. Investigate the Vendors

Transparency is key in any transaction. Vendors who operate in the shadows, without a traceable online presence, pose a risk to your credibility and success. A quick Google search can reveal a lot about a vendor’s reputation and history. Trustworthy vendors have a visible online footprint, showcasing their commitment and reliability.

Please Note: These strategies are not exclusive to ClickBank; they are essential tools for affiliate marketers across all platforms, from CJ Affiliate and ShareASale to Amazon Associates and beyond.

Regardless of your experience level or the prestige of the affiliate network, due diligence is non-negotiable. By applying these tips, you safeguard your reputation and ensure a fruitful, ethical journey in the affiliate marketing landscape.

How to Sign Up For ClickBank

Let’s describe the step-by-step process for ClickBank.

To sign up for an account, first, go to the ClickBank website and click “Start Here” on the top right-hand side of the menu.

get started with clickbank

Step #1 Questionnaire

This will bring up a popup screen and ask you some relevant questions to get to know what your goals are.  Below is an example of the first question.  There are about ten, before you get to enter the email address you want to use.

ClickBank questionnaire

Step #2 Fill in your personal information

You will be asked to then complete a form asking for some personal details.  Please note you’ll need to complete all fields to proceed to the next step.

Step #3 Provide your bank details

You’ll also be required to check the small box to acknowledge that you’ve read their terms and conditions.

If you want to be paid through your company enter your business name in the Payee field instead of your personal name.

Your bank info is not used to send payments. That’s why they don’t ask for your account number, just the name of your primary bank.

You pick a payment method after your account is created.

Click on ‘next step’ to move on to the last step.

Step #4 Create your account

The final step will require you to choose a nickname and then choose a password too.  Your nickname will become your User ID.  It’s visible to all customers, so it might be a good idea to not make it too personal.

clickbank - account nickname

Affiliate marketing strategy expert Warren Wheeler shares a little-known but powerful secret you can use when creating your ClickBank user ID.

As for your password, the usual advice applies.  Pick a strong password that isn’t easy to guess.

Once you’ve completed that process, you’re in!

You’re now ready to do business on one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces there is.

Decoding ClickBank:
A Guide to Understanding Key Terms

Embarking on your ClickBank adventure comes with its own set of maps and tools—in this case, the unique terminology used on the platform. Before diving into the vast sea of affiliate programs ClickBank offers, let’s take a moment to decode some essential jargon.

This knowledge will arm you with the insights needed to select products that not only resonate with your audience but also enhance your earning potential.

Key ClickBank Terms Unveiled

  1. Gravity This metric is your compass on ClickBank, indicating how many affiliates have successfully sold a product in the last 12 weeks. A high gravity score, which can surge up to 600 or beyond, signals a product’s popularity and sales performance. Products with a gravity score of 50 or higher are generally considered reliable picks. Remember, this number is updated daily, giving you a real-time snapshot of what’s hot.

  2. Initial $/Sale This figure represents the average dollar amount an affiliate earns from the initial sale of a product, exclusive of subsequent rebills. It’s a snapshot of what you can expect to earn upfront when promoting a product.

  3. Avg %/Sale Reflecting the average commission percentage per sale, this figure includes both initial and rebill commissions. It’s a broader view of your potential earnings from a product over time.

  4. Avg %/Rebill Specifically for products with recurring billing, this percentage shows the average commission you can expect from rebillings alone. It’s crucial for evaluating the long-term earning potential of subscription-based products.

Navigating ClickBank with Precision

While the allure of high commissions and gravity scores might seem tempting, diving in based solely on these metrics can lead you astray. Instead, think of Gravity as your guiding star. It shines a light on what’s currently capturing the market’s interest, offering a beacon towards products with proven appeal.

However, the most successful affiliate marketers know that the secret lies not just in chasing the highest numbers. True success comes from a balanced approach—seeking out products that align with your audience’s interests and needs, backed by strong performance metrics.

Strategizing Your ClickBank Success

Rushing towards products with the highest gravity and commission rates without a strategy is like setting sail without a map. Here’s a more nuanced approach: focus on products that not only show promising gravity scores but also align with your niche and values. This method ensures that your promotions resonate with your audience, building trust and increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Stay tuned, as we delve deeper into strategies that help you navigate ClickBank’s waters smoothly, ensuring your affiliate marketing voyage is both profitable and fulfilling.

How to Make Money with ClickBank - Finding Great Programs

Since the recent updates to ClickBank, it has become much easier to spot top offers and new offers, direct from your marketplace dashboard.

But for the example of how to spot a good program to promote, we are going to choose from the categories list and choose “men’s health”.

When you first log in, you will need to select “marketplace” from the top menu.  You will then see the screen below.  As I said, we are going to look for a program in health and fitness.  This will give you an additional drop-down menu, and I choose men’s health.

ClickBank Marketplace Categories

Once you have chosen your category, you will see a list of products displayed.  You can choose how the results are sorted: popularity, Avg $/Sale, Initial $/Sale, Avg %/Sale, Gravity, etc.

Results are sorted according to a program’s popularity by default. Zoom into the product that meets your predetermined metrics. Two crucial metrics to consider are gravity and Average $/Sale aka your cut.

Here’s a product with potential:

Product Metrics - ClickBank

With a high gravity of 139 and a fine commission of $140.47, this program can be a moneymaker for the right affiliate site! Now that you’ve found a good product. it’s time to click promote and enjoy the delight of endless sales, right?

I wish it was that simple, but it’s still worth some digging.

Go to the program’s affiliate page to find out more about the product and what the affiliate tools are like…

ClickBank example affiliate page

Always be on the lookout for vendors with affiliate promotion tools pages. These are serious vendors who have done the heavy lifting for you to make your work easier.

Typical tools you’ll find include:

  • Banners
  • Product images
  • Videos
  • Pre-sell content
  • Swipes for email marketing campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Press releases
  • Sales/Landing page examples
  • Opt-in rates
  • Customer demographics

Another tip is to search for discounts on the affiliate program page so you get a bigger cut.

When you’re done, click promote, fill in your account details, and grab the affiliate link you’ll use to promote the product:

ClickBank affiliate link generator

That is how you join a solid program.  Just make sure you are picking the right programs for your audience.

How to Make Money with ClickBank: 4 Top Tips

ClickBank has some awesome affiliate products to promote.  But that doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’ll start seeing the money roll in quickly.  But there are some tips to help with how to make money with ClickBank.

Like anything with affiliate marketing, you will need to put in the time and effort.  You’ll also need to focus on helping people, which means picking the right products for the right audience.

Here are some tips to help you get started…

#1 Don't Get Obsessed with High Gravity & $/Sale

Whilst they are good metrics to consider, they are not the be-all and end-all.  Programs with a higher average $/sale will have a lot more competition to deal with.  They also tend to have a lower conversion rate.

You will need to find the right balance when starting.

#2 Promote Your Offer With Relevant Content

Relevancy is such an important factor in online marketing.  Ensuring you are promoting relevant products to the relevant audience will be key.  Just because a product has a high conversion rate, doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.  

Especially if your readers aren’t going to be interested in buying it.

Your promotions need to be natural and not appear forced.  People don’t want to be sold to.  They want help, and if it’s natural, they will be more inclined in following your advice (ergo your affiliate links).

#3 Ensure Your Product Fits Your Audience

With thousands of flashy products on show, the temptation to promote any top-selling program to your audience is strong.

Resist this temptation!

Two reasons:

  1. If your offers aren’t a good fit for your audience, you won’t make money, period. Eventually, you’ll get discouraged and curse the ClickBank gurus for ‘misleading’ you.
  2. Offers that don’t resonate with your audience will wear them down. They’ll develop ‘offer blindness’. They won’t respond to future offers. Ultimately, they’ll stop trusting you.

Bottom line – you should only be joining programs that are going to benefit your audience.

If it doesn’t fit, they aren’t going to click on your affiliate links anyway.  So what is the point?

#4 Create an Evergreen YouTube Funnel

Most ClickBank affiliate marketing strategies focus on email marketing (sending emails to your list), social media promotion (tweeting or sharing your affiliate link), or SEO (creating top-quality content around your affiliate product and getting it to rank on Google).

But this leaves a huge opportunity with a traffic source most are not using…  This is YouTube.

It’s the second largest search engine, so should be something you consider to set up a high-converting ClickBank funnel.

Here’s how:

  1. Find the right product to promote
  2. Search for popular content related to the product on YouTube
  3. Dissect the content to see why it’s popular
  4. Produce similar content on your own YouTube channel

Link to the product in your video. Watch the money come in like clockwork.

Need a real-life example? Check out this review of a popular ClickBank product, The Flat Belly Fix.

I also found the following video useful when doing my research.  Definitely worth a watch, if you want to get the most out of the ClickBank affiliate network.

ClickBank Reviews

You can find several locations to get some reviews from users about ClickBank.  The first place I tend to look is the website.

From this, you can get some details like that BBB actually holds an A+ rating.  This is great from a business point of view.

But when you check out their customer reviews, they only score 1.63 out of 5.


I don’t believe that this is representative of ClickBank.  But they don’t help themselves as they don’t restrict who can add products to it.  Many people who are writing reviews are complaining about the product they ordered and as they pay for it through ClickBank.  Naturally, they are the ones who have to deal with the complaints, especially when it turns out to be a scam.

Below you will find the top positive review and the top negative review from another feedback platform called SiteJabber.  There aren’t as many reviews on there, but still worthwhile when checking out a product.

If we go back to the BBB website, you will see a recent complaint all about a product that never arrived.  But ClickBank do actually refund the customer.  But I still think if they vetted their vendors a little better, they wouldn’t have so many complaints to deal with.

This just highlights the number of crappy IM or fitness-related products that are on their marketplace.

Evaluating the ClickBank Opportunity:
Is It Worth Your Time?

Navigating the world of affiliate marketing with ClickBank at your helm can indeed be a voyage filled with potential treasures. Despite the occasional shadows cast by lower-quality programs, ClickBank stands tall as a legitimate affiliate network. It’s a marketplace brimming with opportunities, provided you’re equipped with the right research tools and a keen eye for value.

The Verdict on ClickBank's Value

So, does ClickBank merit the investment of your time and efforts? Absolutely. The platform’s vast array of products across numerous niches offers a fertile ground for affiliates willing to dig deeper and uncover the gems. Adhering to the insights shared in this guide, you’re well-positioned to discern which products are worthy of your promotion, steering clear of the ephemeral allure of quick wins.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Daily, affiliates earn substantial income through ClickBank, a testament to its viability and effectiveness as an affiliate network. This success narrative wouldn’t be possible if ClickBank were merely a repository of low-quality offers.

ClickBank Review: Wrapping It Up

Can you make money with ClickBank? Without a doubt. The path to profitability, however, isn’t laid with random selections but through meticulous research and strategic choices. It’s crucial to look beyond surface-level appeal, identifying products that not only promise but also deliver value, thereby minimizing the risk of high refunds.

With diligent application of the strategies outlined, ClickBank can indeed become a cornerstone of your passive income strategy, transforming your affiliate marketing endeavors into a source of steady earnings.

Your Insights and Experiences

As we conclude this ClickBank review, the narrative wouldn’t be complete without your voice. Have you navigated the ClickBank waters yourself? Whether your experiences have been smooth sailing or you’ve encountered stormy seas, your stories add invaluable depth to this discussion.

I invite you to share: What has your ClickBank journey been like? The successes, the lessons, the unexpected turns – every bit contributes to a richer understanding of what ClickBank offers.

And should questions or comments emerge from the depths of your mind, the comments section below beckons. Your insights not only enrich this dialogue but also guide fellow voyagers on their ClickBank quest.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of ClickBank. Your thoughts and experiences are the beacon that lights up this community. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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1 year ago

Click bank is a great place to make money, and some of our affiliate links lead to some of these. Great article on click Bank and we do like your number one recommendation. WA is a fantastic platform.


1 year ago

Hi John,
I know ClickBank is full of low-quality products, especially in the MMO niche, so choosing a good quality product to sell is turning difficult these days. If I need to promote things from ClickBank, I may prefer products with a longer money-back guarantee, good customer support, and a low refund rate. Those could help me create a sustainable online business. For the traffic generation method, I will consider YouTube with your instructions. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂


1 year ago

I’ve not used Click Bank at all and have been thinking about it lately. Im glad to have come across this article about it. It’s answered alot of my questions and I will use this page as a reference when I will decide to start using it.

Tatiana from
1 year ago

Hi John and thank you for this thorough review.
I am very happy that I came across your review as I have been debating with myself on joining ClickBank. There are so many affiliate programs out there and as online business owners we need to be careful in choosing the right ones for our audiences.
Having many junk programs on the platform to promote is certainly not a selling point for ClickBank. However, with the tips that you have provided we can go around the junk and find the diamonds. Certainly a network to look into.

Many thanks,

Ana Maria
1 year ago

Hello. Thank you for such a thorough and informative blog post. I was not very confident about Click bank before even if I already found out about some of its advantages and disadvantages, but now, after reading your post, I’ll definitely sign up for a Click bank account and give it a try.
Thank you for sharing not only quantitative but also qualitative writing with other people like me who haven’t had the chance to gather so much valuable information.


Ana Maria

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