Unveiling the Truth: Perpetual Income 365 Review – Scam or Genuine Opportunity?
Unveiling the Truth Perpetual Income 365 Review Scam or Genuine Opportunity

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing, where the promise of passive income and financial freedom sparkles like a distant treasure. It’s a world filled with countless opportunities, each claiming to be your map to the treasure chest. Today, we’re embarking on a journey through one such opportunity in our Perpetual Income 365 Review. Created by Shawn Josiah, this program has stirred quite a buzz in the digital marketing sea, promising to be the compass that guides you to the shores of perpetual income.

But as seasoned navigators of these waters, we know that not all that glitters is gold. The allure of making money online is undeniable, yet the path is strewn with myths and mirages. It’s why we’re here—to dissect, delve into, and discuss Perpetual Income 365. From its lofty promises to the nuts and bolts of its operation, we’ll explore every nook and cranny.

This review isn’t just about shedding light on the program; it’s about providing you with the clarity and insight needed to make informed decisions in your affiliate marketing voyage. Are the tales of easy profits and minimal effort true, or just clever marketing? Is Perpetual Income 365 the key to unlocking financial success, or another lock on the door to your dreams?

Join me as we unravel the mysteries of Perpetual Income 365, sift through the claims, and uncover the truth. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or new to the digital marketing realm, this review aims to be your beacon in navigating the often tumultuous waters of making money online.

Perpetual Income 365 Review Overview

Product Name: Perpetual Income 365

Owner: Shawn Josiah

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing System

Price: $9 for 14 days, then $47 per month, plus $621 upsells and $350 monthly for tools and traffic

Best For: Those looking to self-promote Perpetual Income 365



  • Profitable Venture
  • Ready-to-Go Resources
  • Community and Support
  • Low Barrier Trial
  • Money-Back Security


  • Surprise Costs
  • Monthly Commitment
  • Sparse Success Stories
  • PI365 Promotion Focus
  • Not Beginner-Friendly
  • Ownership Issues
  • Online Reputation

Quick Summary

Perpetual Income 365 promises a straightforward path to affiliate marketing success, offering users a plug-and-play system with done-for-you pages and a supportive community. However, despite its appealing promises, the program falls short of delivering a clear route to consistent profits. With hidden upsells reaching over $600, undisclosed recurring costs, and a focus on self-promotion rather than genuine affiliate marketing growth, it prioritizes the creator’s gains over user success. The lack of verifiable success stories and substantial evidence of users achieving significant earnings raises concerns about the program’s effectiveness and transparency.

Moreover, the program’s heavy reliance on solo ads for traffic generation presents an expensive and potentially inefficient marketing strategy, especially for beginners in the affiliate marketing field. The initial allure of Perpetual Income 365’s low entry cost is quickly overshadowed by the realization of additional, significant financial investments required to maintain and potentially grow within the system. This aspect, combined with the program’s emphasis on promoting itself, suggests a cyclical model that benefits the creator more than the affiliate marketer.

In conclusion, while the concept of earning through affiliate marketing is both valid and attractive, Perpetual Income 365 does not seem to offer the best pathway for individuals serious about building a sustainable online business. For those looking to venture into or grow within the affiliate marketing arena, there are more transparent, value-driven, and user-centric programs available that better align with the principles of true affiliate marketing success. Investing time, energy, and resources into these alternatives may offer a more fruitful and rewarding journey.


Recommended? No, Not Really - This Program Appears Geared Up to Benefit The Owner More Than The People Who Buy It

Table of Contents

Unveiling the Truth: Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam or a Genuine Opportunity?

So, you’ve stumbled upon Perpetual Income 365 and, like me, you might be wondering if it’s just another one of those too-good-to-be-true deals, right? I get it. That flashy sales page and the whole ‘secret algorithm’ spiel had me raising my eyebrows too. Makes you think it’s all smoke and mirrors, doesn’t it?

But here’s where things get interesting. Once I dug a little deeper, I found that Perpetual Income 365 isn’t a scam. Yep, you heard that right. What you actually get is this neat package of affiliate marketing tools and step-by-step guidance that’s, well, pretty workable.

So, what’s the catch? It’s legit, but it’s not without its quirks. For starters, the whole setup seems to be nudging you to become a cheerleader for Perpetual Income 365 itself. And the main beneficiary? That would be the creator, Shawn Josiah. This setup wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, and I’ll tell you more about that in a bit.

Now, about the cost – brace yourself. It’s not just the $9 tag they flaunt. The real deal comes in at over $600, plus some hidden monthly fees they don’t tell you about upfront. This bit got me thinking – is Shawn out here to help us make a buck, or is he just padding his own pockets?

But, let’s not jump to conclusions. Perpetual Income 365 does offer some value, and you do get something for your money. It’s just that the price tag and the push to promote it make me hesitant to recommend it. Stick around, though. I’ve got more insights to share that might just help you decide if this is your ticket to financial freedom or just another ride on the hype train.

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Unveiling the Truth: What Is Perpetual Income 365?

Let’s dive right in and talk about what Perpetual Income 365 really is. Imagine a roadmap designed to guide you through the jungle of making money online, with affiliate marketing as your compass. That’s Perpetual Income 365 in a nutshell. It’s all about showing you the ropes on how to earn by promoting ClickBank products, and yes, it’s got a special focus on using solo ads to get the word out.


Now, when you sign up, you’re greeted with a bunch of training videos. These aren’t just any videos; they’re your step-by-step guide on how to catch the eye of potential digital product buyers and start racking up those recurring commissions. Pretty cool, right?

But here’s a twist – among the products you’ll be encouraged to promote is Perpetual Income 365 itself. That’s right. The creator, Shawn, has this vision of creating an army of marketers who not only learn from his program but also go on to become flag-bearers, spreading the word about it.

So, in essence, Perpetual Income 365 isn’t just a training program. It’s also a product you’re being taught to sell. This dual role is something to think about, especially if you’re keen on diving into the vast world of affiliate marketing with a clear map in hand.

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What’s Inside Of Perpetual Income 365?

Curious about what’s behind the curtain of Perpetual Income 365? Let’s unlock the main dashboard and take a peek together. Picture this as your treasure chest, filled with tools and secrets designed to help you navigate the world of online money-making. Here’s the loot you’ll find inside:

  • Welcome Aboard: First up, you’ll be greeted by Shawn Josiah himself in a welcome video. It’s like a virtual handshake, welcoming you to the Perpetual Income 365 journey.
  • Onboarding Videos: Think of these as your orientation day. You’ll get the lay of the land and understand the ins and outs of the PI 365 system.
  • Money Pages in a Snap: You’ll find a clear, step-by-step guide to launch your very own money pages. These are essentially your ticket to promoting products and earning online.
  • Essential Tools at Your Fingertips: From autoresponders to landing page builders and click trackers, you’ve got the integrations you need to streamline your affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Ready-to-Go Promotional Pages: There are 5 DFY (Done For You) money pages available for you to use right off the bat. These are designed to get you promoting—and profiting—faster.
  • Traffic Crusher: Dive into a solo-ads marketplace where purchasing real clicks to your offers is made simple. This is your shortcut to getting eyeballs on your promotions.
  • Upgrades Galore: Curious about leveling up your game? The upgrades section (detailed in the price section of this review) offers you more tools and resources to enhance your marketing strategy.

But wait, there’s more! Inside Perpetual Income 365, you’ll also discover:

  • A Thriving Private Community: The heartbeat of PI 365 is its private Facebook community, boasting 6K members strong. It’s a bustling hub of support, tips, and camaraderie.
  • Customer Support: Got a question or hitting a snag? The customer support link is prominently placed at the top of your dashboard, ensuring help is always just a click away.

While these highlights are the main attractions, remember, there’s even more to explore within Perpetual Income 365. However, these are the standout features that make Shawn’s system intriguing and worth a closer look.

So, is Perpetual Income 365 your golden ticket to affiliate marketing success? The tools and community support are definitely there to pave your way. The decision, as always, is yours to make.

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How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

Curious about the inner workings of Perpetual Income 365? It’s a system designed around email marketing, where your main task is to promote digital products from ClickBank and others using Solo Ads and ready-to-go money pages.


Let’s break down the process into bite-sized steps for clarity.

Step #1 – Integration of Platforms

First things first, you’ll need to ensure that any commissions earned from sales funnel directly into your pocket. This step involves integrating your affiliate links with the platform. Shawn guides you through setting up accounts with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and DigiStore24, and shows you how to link your PayPal for those earnings to find their way to you.

Step #2 – Integration of Autoresponder

Next up, integrating an autoresponder, specifically GetResponse, into your system. This tool is pivotal for sending out those pre-designed email sequences to your subscribers, kick-starting the automated portion of your campaign. GetResponse comes with a 30-day free trial, but remember, as your subscriber list grows, so will your monthly fee.

Step #3 – Creation of Pages

Now, it’s time to create your money pages. These are essentially your landing pages designed not only to attract but also to capture emails, growing your list. You’ll start with access to one DFY page, which also serves as a gateway to directing subscribers to the offers you’re promoting – including Perpetual Income 365 itself.

Step #4 – Running Traffic To Build Your List

With your money pages set, the aim is to drive traffic to them. This step is crucial and involves purchasing traffic from solo ad marketplaces like UDIMI and For Me. The quality of your traffic can make or break your campaign, so choosing trusted vendors is key. However, be prepared, as solo ads can be a significant investment.

Step #5 – Sending Emails To Make Bank

Once your system is active and you’re collecting leads, the DFY email sequence comes into play. This sequence of 30 emails over 30 days is sent out automatically, making your part of the job hassle-free. Your main focus here is on the quality of leads you’re generating.

Step #6 – Building a Million-Dollar Mindset

Finally, Shawn emphasizes the importance of mindset in achieving success with Perpetual Income 365. He provides two videos offering warnings, tips, and motivation to ensure you’re mentally prepared for the journey ahead. Watching these before launching your campaigns is advised for setting the right expectations and strategies.

In essence, Perpetual Income 365 lays out a path from setting up your marketing foundation to actively earning through email campaigns. The key to success lies in carefully following these steps, investing in quality traffic, and nurturing a growth-focused mindset.

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How Much Does Perpetual Income 365 Cost?

Wondering what it’ll take financially to dive into Perpetual Income 365? Let’s unravel the costs so you know exactly what to expect before you decide to join the ranks.

For starters, there’s a trial offer that lets you explore the program for $9 over 14 days. Think of this as your test drive. After that, if you’re convinced Perpetual Income 365 is for you, it’ll cost $47 per month to maintain access to the system and all its updates.

Perpetual Income 365 Upsells

Now, before you even get to the driver’s seat, Shawn presents a few optional upgrades to supercharge your experience:

  • The 5-Clicks Profit Activator: For $197, this add-on promises to boost your profit-making capabilities.
  • Email ATM Machine: Priced at $297, it’s designed to streamline your email marketing efforts.
  • Perpetual Asset Multiplier: Available for $127, this upgrade aims to expand your digital asset portfolio.

Extra Costs

Beyond the upsells, there are additional investments to consider as part of your journey:

  • GetResponse Autoresponder: Essential for email marketing, starting at $15 per month. As your subscriber list grows, so will this cost.
  • Solo Ad Traffic: Initial investment starts around $345, varying as you scale up your operations.
  • Recurring Membership: Don’t forget the $47 monthly fee to stay in the loop with Perpetual Income 365.

It’s a tad disheartening that these costs weren’t laid out upfront. It seems the design of Perpetual Income 365 is more in the creator’s favour than the user’s.

Does Perpetual Income 365 Offer Refunds?

On a brighter note, there’s a silver lining with a 30-day refund policy. This gives you the freedom to request your money back within the first 30 days if Perpetual Income 365 doesn’t meet your expectations. Since it’s sold via ClickBank, securing a refund is as straightforward as contacting ClickBank’s support with your order details. Rest easy knowing your investment isn’t locked in if you decide it’s not a fit for you.

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Are Perpetual Income 365 Students Getting Results?

With Perpetual Income 365 riding the waves of popularity and boasting a 6800-strong community in its private Facebook group, you’d think success stories would be pouring in. Yet, when diving into the real-world outcomes of its students, the waters seem… murkier than expected.

The Hunt for Success

Despite trawling through numerous earnings screenshots and glowing testimonials, I discovered that genuine, consistent success stories are few and far between. Sure, there’s a sprinkle of students who’ve made a sale or two, but nothing that would redefine your financial landscape as the program promises.

A Closer Look at the Community

Venturing into the depths of the Facebook group provided no treasures either. The promise of significant profits remains just that—a promise. It’s surprisingly difficult to find members who’ve substantially benefited from the system, raising questions about the effectiveness of this “proven system.”

The Echo of Discontent

Moreover, a chorus of negative reviews online amplifies concerns over whether Perpetual Income 365 delivers on its grandiose claims. It begs the question: Is the creator’s strategy leaning too heavily on marketing flair rather than providing a solid, profit-generating framework?

Weighing the Scales

As we prepare to wrap up this review, let’s take a moment to balance the scales with a look at the pros and cons. This should offer a clearer perspective on whether Perpetual Income 365 is the golden key to financial freedom or just another puzzle with missing pieces.

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Perpetual Income 365 Review – Pros & Cons

As we reach the end of our journey through Perpetual Income 365, it’s time to lay out all the cards on the table. Here’s a distilled look at the upsides and downsides to give you the clearest picture possible.

✅ Pros

  • Profitable Venture: At its core, affiliate marketing remains a viable path to earnings, and Perpetual Income 365 taps into this lucrative stream.
  • Ready-to-Go Resources: The program arms you with DFY (Done For You) pages and step-by-step instructions, aiming to simplify your entry into affiliate marketing.
  • Community and Support: Access to a dedicated support line and a bustling Facebook group means you’re not walking this path alone.
  • Low Barrier Trial: Dip your toes in the water with a $9 trial for 14 days before diving in, offering a low-risk peek into the program.
  • Money-Back Security: A ClickBank money-back guarantee provides a safety net, allowing you to step back if the program doesn’t meet your expectations.

🛑 Cons

  • Surprise Costs: The excitement dims a bit when you uncover hidden upsells that can skyrocket your investment to over $600.
  • Monthly Commitment: The program entails recurring monthly costs that weren’t initially made clear, adding a layer of financial planning to consider.
  • Sparse Success Stories: A noticeable scarcity of genuine user testimonials can make it challenging to gauge the program’s effectiveness.
  • PI365 Promotion Focus: A significant portion of the training centers on promoting Perpetual Income 365 itself, which might not align with everyone’s goals.
  • Not Beginner-Friendly: Despite the DFY resources, the learning curve and system complexities may deter those new to affiliate marketing.
  • Ownership Issues: Engaging in this program means you don’t truly own your business, which can be a deal-breaker for some.
  • Online Reputation: A considerable volume of negative reviews on Google casts a shadow over the program’s credibility and effectiveness.

Perpetual Income 365 Review – Conclusion

After diving deep into Perpetual Income 365, weighing its features against its promises, and examining the outcomes it delivers, I’ve reached a conclusion. If you’re venturing into the online money-making arena with hopes of significant, easy earnings, you might want to steer clear of Perpetual Income 365. The journey to success in affiliate marketing is paved with hard work, dedication, and a strategic approach—elements I found lacking in this program.

The enticing claims of Perpetual Income 365, suggesting easy profits with minimal effort, haven’t been backed by substantial proof. The promotional materials sparkle with promise, yet they stand on shaky ground, often misleading those new to affiliate marketing. It appears the primary beneficiary of the program is its creator, not the end users.

In my quest as an affiliate marketer, I’m on the lookout for programs that align with my goals and deliver real value. Sadly, Perpetual Income 365 doesn’t make the cut. It falls short of the standards we, as marketers, aspire to meet and exceed.

Do I Recommend Perpetual Income 365?

Given the insights and experiences shared, I cannot in good conscience recommend Perpetual Income 365 to anyone serious about building a sustainable and profitable online business. The lack of verifiable success stories, combined with hidden costs and a primary focus on self-promotion, raises red flags.

For those passionate about making a mark in affiliate marketing, the landscape is vast and filled with opportunities far more rewarding and transparent. My advice? Invest your resources—time, energy, and finances—into programs that are not only upfront about what to expect but also committed to your growth and success. Programs that not only teach but also provide the tools and community support to thrive in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

In conclusion, while the allure of quick profits is tempting, the path to lasting success is built on more than what Perpetual Income 365 offers. There are myriad programs out there that hold true to their promises, offering genuine value and fostering an environment where dedicated marketers can flourish. Let’s set our sights on those.

How Do I Make Money Online?

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