Beyond the Hype: A No-Nonsense Review of Internet Jetset

Beyond the Hype A No-Nonsense Review of Internet Jetset

In an online world brimming with promises of fast wealth and financial freedom, Internet Jetset positions itself as a beacon for those aspiring to make a living online. But with every new opportunity comes the sceptic’s question: Is it too good to be true? 

In “Beyond the Hype: A No-Nonsense Review of Internet Jetset,” we peel back the layers of this widely discussed program to see if it lives up to its claims. This review isn’t just another echo in the chamber of online opinions; it’s a deep dive into what Internet Jetset truly offers, who it’s for, and whether it can genuinely be the vehicle to your online success. 

From dissecting its curriculum to analyzing real user feedback, we’re here to cut through the noise and provide you with the clarity needed to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketer or a hopeful newbie, this review aims to equip you with the insights you need to navigate the crowded waters of Internet marketing courses.

Internet Jetset Review Overview

Product Name: Internet Jetset

Owner: John Crestani

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Price: $47/month + upsells + extra costs

Best For: Not Really Anyone



  • Basic Training in Affiliate Marketing
  • John Crestani is Legit
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Some Success Stories
  • Active & Helpful Support Team


  • Upsell to Super Affiliate System
  • The Course is Pretty Basic
  • Recurring Monthly Costs
  • Extra Costs for Tools & Hidden Upsells

Quick Summary

Embarking on the Internet Jetset course offers a glimpse into the foundational aspects of affiliate marketing, guided by John Crestani’s personal success story. While the course sets out to equip beginners with the essentials of setting up and promoting an affiliate website, its execution leaves much to be desired. The program, aiming for breadth rather than depth, often feels like an introduction rather than a comprehensive guide, leading learners towards the more extensive Super Affiliate System as the next step in their educational journey.

Despite its legitimacy and the potential for foundational knowledge, Internet Jetset struggles to stand out in a sea of more detailed and structured offerings in the affiliate marketing education space. The course’s reliance on upsells and its somewhat disorganized presentation undermine its value as a standalone educational product. While Crestani’s expertise is undeniable, the course’s design seems more focused on quick access to the market rather than delivering a meticulous and user-centric learning experience.

In conclusion, while Internet Jetset introduces the basics of affiliate marketing under John Crestani’s guidance, its recommendation comes with reservations. The course may serve as a preliminary step for absolute beginners, but those seeking a thorough understanding and application of affiliate marketing practices might find the program lacking. The integration of Internet Jetset into the broader and more advanced Super Affiliate System underscores its role as a stepping stone rather than a destination, making it essential for prospective students to consider their educational needs and goals carefully before embarking on this course.


Recommended? No

Table of Contents

Who is John Crestani?

Imagine this: a young 21-year-old, fresh out of the college scene with big dreams but no diploma to show for it.

That’s John Crestani at the start of his journey—a journey that would take him from the brink of despair to the heights of digital marketing stardom. John’s story isn’t just about dropping out; it’s about rising up. Before he became synonymous with online success, Crestani was just another name in the vast sea of internet hopefuls, struggling to find his footing.


His road to success was anything but smooth. Picture Crestani navigating through the “circles of hell,” where each failure was a lesson in disguise, pushing him closer to his breakthrough. And breakthrough he did, emerging as an affiliate marketing virtuoso, known for his prowess in leveraging Facebook and YouTube ads to captivate audiences and drive sales.

Beyond his personal brand, John Crestani ventured into the world of health supplements with his affiliate network, ACNutryist, showcasing his versatility in the digital domain. Today, he’s on a mission to cement his legacy as a guru in affiliate marketing training. 

But as we peel back the layers of Crestani’s persona, it’s essential to note the mixed reviews. Some hail him as a visionary, while others wave red flags, labelling him a scammer.

(For a closer look, consider checking out the video below, but remember, every story has two sides.)

My Experience With Internet Jetset

Let’s get personal for a moment. I took the plunge into the Internet Jetset universe, hopeful and curious. Here’s a snapshot to prove my foray into Crestani’s creation:

Why did I step back from Internet Jetset after four months of dedication? It boils down to expectations vs. reality. Crestani’s course, priced at an accessible $50 per month, promised a comprehensive guide through the world of affiliate marketing. Initially, the journey from WordPress basics to affiliate marketing seemed promising. However, as the course progressed, the leap to advanced Facebook Ads training signaled a catch: the gateway to further knowledge was gated behind the Super Affiliate System’s $997 price tag.

This shift from basic to advanced, with significant knowledge locked behind an additional paywall, left me more puzzled than empowered. While Internet Jetset lays down the basics of affiliate marketing, its roadmap to making money online felt incomplete without forking out nearly a thousand dollars for the Super Affiliate System (SAS).

Ultimately, my journey with Internet Jetset concluded not because the course lacked legitimacy, but because the value proposition shifted dramatically. Now, with Internet Jetset absorbed into SAS, the choice stands: dive deep with the $997 SAS package, including IJS, or start with IJS at $47 per month, keeping in mind the looming upsell.

As we venture further into this review, keep an open mind. I aim to present you with an unbiased look inside Internet Jetset, weighing its merits against its shortcomings, so you can navigate your path in the sprawling world of affiliate marketing.

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Navigating the Murky Waters: Is Internet Jetset A Scam or Legit?

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room: Is Internet Jetset a scam? The short answer is no. But, let’s not put our detective hats away just yet. The skepticism surrounding Internet Jetset primarily stems from John Crestani’s sales tactics, which might raise a few eyebrows. Crestani’s approach, like a matryoshka doll, reveals layer after layer of additional costs and upsells, making you wonder about the full picture.

This model of “pay more to learn more,” where the initial low entry price balloons with hidden fees, is a common tale in the world of online courses. If you’re willing to look past the somewhat opaque sales strategy, Internet Jetset stands as a solid introduction to the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing.

For me, Internet Jetset was like a gateway into the vast and intricate world of affiliate marketing. It was where I first dipped my toes into the industry’s waters, gleaning insights and picking up a few tricks from Crestani himself. Yet, as my journey unfolded, the realization hit me like a cold splash: the course was but a prelude, a teaser almost, for the main act—Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

The transition from Internet Jetset to the pricier Super Affiliate System felt abrupt, like being invited to a lavish banquet only to discover the main course was behind a velvet rope. Crestani uses Internet Jetset as a launchpad, enticing learners with foundational knowledge before steering them towards the more comprehensive (and costly) Super Affiliate System.

So, is Internet Jetset worth the dive? It’s a mixed bag. If you’re looking for an introduction to affiliate marketing and don’t mind the sales pitch for a more advanced course, then yes, it offers value. But if you’re seeking a one-stop-shop for all your affiliate marketing needs, the journey with Internet Jetset might leave you wanting more.

Decoding Internet Jetset: The Affiliate Marketing Gateway

So, what exactly is Internet Jetset? Imagine it as your initial foray into the vast, often overwhelming world of affiliate marketing. This program serves as a primer, introducing you to the essentials of marketing products from giants like Amazon and ClickBank. Yet, there’s a catch that might catch you off guard—the juiciest bits, the ones about actually making sales, are under lock and key.

The course begins on a promising note, guiding you through the process of setting up a WordPress website from scratch. It’s like being handed the keys to your very own digital storefront. You’ll dive into selecting a niche that resonates with you, scouting for related products, and mastering the art of keyword research to capture the attention of your target audience.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Internet Jetset doesn’t just stop at website setup and niche selection. It ventures into the realm of driving traffic—utilizing the powerhouses of Google, Facebook, and YouTube to funnel potential customers to your site. Sounds comprehensive, right?

Here’s a peek into the members’ area, showcasing the roadmap laid out for you:

However, as you navigate through the course, eagerly anticipating the moment you’ll learn the secrets to monetizing your efforts, you’re met with a fork in the road. The path to revenue generation is gated behind an upgrade to the Super Affiliate System, John Crestani’s more advanced (and pricier) offering.

This revelation might leave you feeling a bit misled. The initial impression that Internet Jetset is the all-in-one solution to your affiliate marketing aspirations begins to fade, revealing a landscape filled with upsells designed to complete the picture.

In essence, while Internet Jetset plants the seeds of knowledge, flourishing into a revenue-generating affiliate marketer seems contingent upon investing in the Super Affiliate System. It poses the question: Can true success in affiliate marketing be achieved through Internet Jetset alone, or is the key to unlocking its full potential hidden behind another paywall?

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this review, where we’ll explore whether Internet Jetset is the standalone solution it promises to be or if the path to affiliate marketing success requires a more substantial investment.

Who Stands to Gain from Internet Jetset?

At this point, you might be wondering, “Is Internet Jetset right for me?” Let’s clear the air. This program is tailored for those dipping their toes into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing for the first time. It’s like being handed a map when you’re not quite sure of the destination but eager to explore.

Internet Jetset shines as a beacon for beginners, offering a solid foundation in setting up an affiliate marketing website. Think of it as Affiliate Marketing 101, where you learn the ropes, from niche selection to driving traffic to your digital doorstep.

But who exactly will find value in this course? If you’re someone who’s intrigued by the prospect of earning through affiliate marketing, keen on understanding the basics without being overwhelmed, then you’re in the right place. This course offers a glimpse into the mechanics of setting up and running a successful affiliate marketing site, tailored for those ready to learn and apply new concepts.

Here’s a personal tidbit: Armed with lessons from Internet Jetset, I ventured into the supplements niche, crafting a site from scratch. The thrill of seeing my site climb the ranks in search engine results pages (SERP) was undeniable. Clicks started to trickle in, a testament to the traffic-driving strategies espoused by the course. Yet, the ultimate goal—converting those clicks into sales—remained elusive, leaving a bittersweet taste.

This brings us to a crucial point: Internet Jetset can indeed pave the way for setting up a potentially profitable affiliate marketing website. The journey from site creation to SERP ranking is demystified, offering a real shot at online marketing success. However, the path from clicks to conversions, from traffic to tangible income, involves more than just setting up shop. It demands perseverance, a keen eye for avoiding distractions (like those tempting upsells), and a deep dive into understanding what makes your audience click “buy.”

In essence, Internet Jetset serves as a launchpad. Whether you’re a complete novice curious about affiliate marketing or someone with a bit of experience looking to refine your skills, this program offers the tools to get started. The real question is, are you ready to take that knowledge, push beyond the initial setup, and navigate the ups and downs of driving sales? The journey is yours to embark on.

The Inner Workings of Internet Jetset: A Closer Look

Diving into the mechanics of Internet Jetset unveils a journey that starts not with tools or tactics but with the mindset. Yes, you read that right. Before you even think about niches or networks, John Crestani welcomes you with a series of video lessons aimed at gearing you up mentally for the road ahead. It’s Crestani’s way of saying, “This isn’t just another gig; it’s a business venture that demands your all.”

Affiliate marketing, as taught in Internet Jetset, isn’t about quick wins; it’s about laying a solid foundation for a business that grows with you. The course kicks off with an essential primer on setting up your digital storefront: a WordPress site dedicated to affiliate marketing. From there, Crestani introduces you to the who’s who of affiliate networks—ClickBank, Commission Junction, eBay, Amazon, ShareASale, and more. This is where your journey from novice to marketer begins, scouting for products that align with your chosen niche.

Now, let’s break down the affiliate marketing model as Crestani presents it:

  1. Choose Your Niche: This is where your journey begins. What’s your passion? What market can you serve? Identifying your niche is like choosing the destination for your journey.
  2. Build Your Site: With your niche as your compass, you’ll learn to construct a site that’s not just a collection of pages but a platform to showcase and sell your chosen products.
  3. Attract Visitors: Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Crestani’s strategy encompasses SEO and social media to draw eyes to your site. Mastering keywords and content to rank in search engines is the game, with the goal of driving traffic—your potential customers.

The diagram below illustrates the journey through Internet Jetset’s affiliate marketing model:


This path, laid out by Crestani, promises not just to educate but to empower. It’s a blueprint designed to guide you from concept to click, from idea to income. Yet, it’s important to temper expectations with reality. While I embraced this journey with optimism, charting my course through the lessons and applying them with diligence, the elusive treasure chest of significant financial success remained just out of reach during my tenure as a Jetsetter.

This isn’t to say success is a mirage. Instead, it highlights the journey’s nature—varied, unpredictable, and often challenging. Internet Jetset plants the seeds, provides the tools, and maps out the route. But as with any expedition, the terrain is ever-changing, and the outcome hinges on a blend of strategy, persistence, and, occasionally, serendipity.

Unpacking Internet Jetset: A Module-by-Module Exploration

Embarking on the Internet Jetset journey feels akin to setting sail into the vast affiliate marketing sea, guided by John Crestani’s expert hand. With 11 modules serving as your navigational stars, and the Super Affiliate System as the horizon, let’s chart the course module by module.

1. The Online Business Blueprint

Setting the stage, this module is your initiation into the digital marketing realm. It’s where you learn the essence of affiliate marketing, the role you’ll play, and how to weave your success story with affiliate links. Think of it as Affiliate Marketing 101, laying down the foundational stones.

2. Introduction to the Internet Jetset


Crestani emphasizes the importance of your “why.” It’s about fueling your journey with a purpose strong enough to push through failures, a beacon to keep you anchored through stormy seas.

3. Choosing Your Niche

Diving deeper, Crestani shares his treasure map to niche selection, drawing from his voyages in the realms of dietary supplements and finance. It’s about finding your corner of the market and the treasures it holds.

4. Google


This is where the quest for free traffic begins. Crestani unveils the secrets of SEO, teaching you to harness Google’s power through keyword research and sharing tales of websites that struck gold.

5. YouTube

Crestani turns to the world of video, where YouTube reigns supreme. This module is about capturing the essence of video marketing, a favorite route Crestani used to lure adventurers to his course.

6. Facebook

The journey continues with Facebook, exploring how to cultivate a community around your niche. Crestani shows you how to create a niche Facebook group, inviting people to engage with your content, a testament to the enduring power of social connections.

7. Setting Up Your Website


By now, you’re ready to establish your digital presence. This module covers everything from buying a domain on BlueHost to launching your WordPress site. It’s about crafting your digital storefront, from the About Me page to the necessary legal pages.

8. Copywriting Basics

Here, Ronnie Sandlin, a Crestani disciple, introduces the art of persuasive writing. This segment explores how to appeal to the human psyche, a technique that skirts ethical boundaries for some, aiming to transform visitors into buyers through emotional triggers.

9. Launch Jacking


Crestani shares his strategy for early success, albeit a controversial one. Launch Jacking involves promoting products in their beta stage, a high-stakes game that has paid off for Crestani but raises questions about ethical marketing practices.

10. Authority Review Sites

To illustrate success, Crestani presents case studies of authority sites, demonstrating how to become a recognized voice in your niche. This module reinforces everything taught so far, showcasing the culmination of your efforts in a tangible, successful website.

11. Facebook Ads for Affiliates

In a series of guest videos, you’ll explore the world of Facebook advertising, albeit without a step-by-step guide. This bonus material, filled with examples and tips, might leave you with more questions than answers, pointing towards the Super Affiliate System for those thirsting for more knowledge.

As we dock at the end of our journey through Internet Jetset’s modules, it’s clear that while the course lays out an extensive map, the full treasure trove of affiliate marketing secrets might lie just beyond, in the depths of the Super Affiliate System.

Deciphering the Cost: Is Internet Jetset Worth the Investment?

Embarking on the Internet Jetset voyage comes with its price tag—a monthly toll of $47 to gain entry into the realm of affiliate marketing mastery, housed within the members’ area of Internet Jetset. It’s the gateway fee to a treasure trove of knowledge, but be warned, adventurers, for as soon as you step through the portal, the path forks, presenting immediate choices in the form of upsells.

The Upsell Odyssey:

  • Xtreme Case Study Archive: Priced at $187, this trove offers a deeper dive, granting access to a wealth of webinars, interviews, and resources designed to augment your journey. It’s an additional cache of wisdom for those seeking to broaden their horizons beyond the base camp.

  • Super Affiliate System: The fabled land where Internet Jetset merges into a larger empire. Opting for the Super Affiliate System not only opens the doors to the advanced training realm but also retroactively includes the foundational Internet Jetset course. However, for those who start with IJS, encountering the Super Affiliate System as an upsell may feel like discovering a hidden toll bridge on a supposed straight path.

Can You Get a Refund?

What if the land doesn’t hold the promises you seek? Crestani offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a safety net for those who find the journey not to their liking within the first month. Alternatively, for those wishing to pause and reflect, there’s the option to freeze your membership for a month, allowing time to ponder without progressing further or incurring cost.

This pricing model, with its initial fee and subsequent crossroads of upsells, prompts a crucial question: Is the knowledge within Internet Jetset a treasure worth the price of admission, or does the true value lie hidden behind further paywalls? As with any quest, the worth is often determined by what you seek and how far you’re willing to journey.

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Internet Jetset Review: Pros

Here’s what I liked about Internet Jetset…

#1 Basic Training in Affiliate Marketing

Internet Jetset serves as a foundational course for those new to the affiliate marketing world. It covers the essentials, from setting up your first website to understanding how to drive traffic effectively. This is akin to being enrolled in a beginner’s course that promises a solid footing in the vast and often complex realm of online marketing.

#2 John Crestani is a Real Deal Affiliate Marketer

Learning from someone who has not only talked the talk but walked the walk is invaluable. John Crestani’s journey from a college dropout to a successful affiliate marketer is not just inspirational; it serves as a real-world case study of what’s possible in the digital marketing space. His expertise and experience are central to the course, offering insights that are both practical and motivational.

#3 You Can Get Your Money Back If Not Satisfied Within 30 Days

The 30-day money-back guarantee is a testament to the confidence behind Internet Jetset. It allows you to dive into the course risk-free, knowing that you have a full month to explore the materials and decide if it’s the right fit for you. This safety net ensures that your investment, both in time and money, is protected.

#4 Some Students Have Reported Success

Success stories from fellow students not only serve as motivational fuel but also validate the effectiveness of the course. Hearing about others who have applied the lessons from Internet Jetset to achieve tangible results can inspire confidence and determination, illustrating the potential rewards of diligent study and application.

#5 Active and Helpful Support Team

A responsive and supportive team is crucial, especially when navigating new territories. The active support team behind Internet Jetset ensures that you’re never left stranded with unanswered questions or unresolved issues, making the learning process smoother and more enjoyable.

#6 Active Student Community

The vibrant community surrounding Internet Jetset is one of its greatest assets. Engaging with peers who are on the same journey provides not only moral support but also a platform for exchange of ideas, tips, and strategies. This network of fellow learners can be a source of encouragement, collaboration, and even partnership, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Internet Jetset Review: Cons

Here’s what I didn’t like about Internet Jetset…

#1 A Doorway to the Super Affiliate System

Internet Jetset, while a standalone course in its essence, often feels like the first chapter of a larger saga, leading directly to the Super Affiliate System. This progression, while potentially valuable for those seeking deeper knowledge, can appear as a mere appetizer to a more substantial—and significantly pricier—main course. For learners hoping that Internet Jetset is the complete map to treasure, discovering that it’s a stepping stone to another investment may be disheartening.

#2 The Course is Pretty Basic

For novices, the foundational nature of Internet Jetset is a boon, yet for those with even a modest background in digital marketing, the content may come across as too elementary. The course excels in covering the basics, but its surface-level approach to complex strategies and tools can leave more experienced marketers thirsting for advanced knowledge and practical applications.

#3 Recurring Monthly Costs

The siren’s call of Internet Jetset comes with a monthly subscription fee of $47, a recurring cost that continues for as long as you wish to access the course materials and community. While not unusual for online courses, this ongoing investment can add up, especially for those who take longer to navigate through the content or wish to revisit the materials for refreshment.

#4 Extra Costs for Tools and Hidden Upsells

Embarking on the Internet Jetset journey requires more than just the price of admission. The course, while comprehensive, suggests or requires additional investments in tools, services, and resources to fully implement its teachings. Moreover, the path is dotted with upsells, from the immediate offer of the Xtreme Case Study archive to the Super Affiliate System itself, adding layers of potential expenditure beyond the initial subscription fee.

Do I Recommend Internet Jetset?

Navigating through the vast expanse of the Internet Jetset course has been an enlightening journey, yet one that, upon reflection, I find myself hesitant to endorse. When held up against the luminaries of the affiliate marketing education sphere, Internet Jetset, unfortunately, appears more as a skeleton than a fleshed-out mentorship program. The course, while launched with enthusiasm by John Crestani, seems to have prioritized speed over substance, leading to a roadmap that feels both incomplete and somewhat chaotic.

The ancient wisdom of ‘Done is better than perfect’ might have been the guiding star for Crestani in the creation of Internet Jetset. However, this approach, while pragmatic, sacrifices the depth and organization necessary for a truly transformative learning experience. Furthermore, the course’s trajectory towards the Super Affiliate System upsell seems not just incidental but integral, suggesting a design more focused on funneling learners towards further financial commitment than on their educational fulfilment.

While there’s no doubt regarding the legitimacy of Internet Jetset as an entry point into the world of affiliate marketing, my reservations stem from its comparative lack of comprehensiveness and structure. The course, in its essence, serves as a prelude to the more detailed and expansive Super Affiliate System, making it difficult to recommend as a standalone educational investment.

Internet Jetset Review – Final Words

Reflecting on the journey through Internet Jetset, my sentiments are mixed. John Crestani, a figure I hold in high regard for his achievements and expertise in affiliate marketing, has created a course that, while not without merit, falls short of the expectations set by its premise. Internet Jetset is not a scam; it’s a legitimate foray into the basics of affiliate marketing. Yet, it operates more effectively as an introductory chapter to the more elaborate and comprehensive Super Affiliate System.

Over time, the integration of Internet Jetset into the Super Affiliate System has somewhat mitigated its standalone value, positioning it as an appetizer to the main course that is Crestani’s high-ticket program. For those on the lookout for a thorough and detailed education in affiliate marketing, the search may need to continue beyond the shores of Internet Jetset.

Thank you for accompanying me on this review. It’s been my aim to shed light on the nuances of the Internet Jetset experience, providing you with the insights needed to make an informed decision. 

Should you have any questions or wish to share your own experiences with the program, your thoughts are welcome in the comments below. Your journey in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing is unique, and choosing the right guide is paramount to your success.

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