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Perfect Part Time Job Online

Hi, I’m John

I’ve built a passive income online whilst working as a full-time safety and compliance manager with no prior marketing or technical experience.

John - Founder of SmartPassiveIncomeSuccess

There may be affiliate links within this article about the perfect part-time job online, read the full disclaimer here.

You’re not aware of it yet, but by the end of this blog post, you will have learned what the perfect part-time job online is.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be able to work from anywhere in the world at any time you want to? 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were also able to do it with something you love doing?  All whilst helping other people in the process?

As you work through this blog post, reading every word, you will be amazed at what you will be learning and how very real an opportunity this is for you to achieve.  And I mean anyone can make this a reality, as long as you are willing to put the time and effort into to achieving your goals.

So, my advice is to go and grab a cup of tea or coffee, whichever is your preference and get ready to learn all about this perfect part-time job online…

Turn Your Passion into Profits

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Table of Contents

Are You Tired of Your Financial Situation?

Do you ever feel like all you do is go to work and sleep?  It always feels like your life revolves around work, rather than the other way around.

You wake up, go to work.  You’ll then get home from work exhausted, then have something to eat and before you know it, it’s time to go to bed again ready for work in the morning.   

Then if you’re lucky, you’ll get some holiday time.

But do you ever find yourself not being able to do the things you want to do, as you need to “be careful with your money?”.

You’re not able to switch off properly, as you start thinking about the extra work you’ll do when you get back to it!

Everyone knows that the majority of people in the developed world will have a job.  

But only those that think outside the box will know that There are different ways to earn an income outside of the traditional route.

The more you read of this page, the more excited you should hopefully get at the opportunity of this part-time job online.

With a traditional job, you can only earn a set amount.  Yes, you might be able to earn overtime, etc.  But that is still more about helping the company make more money.

With the cost of living rising, is that enough to help your financial situation?

This part-time job online we’re going to be talking you through has unlimited potential and you’ll be focusing on something you love… read on to learn more…

Do You Want To Find Your Passion?

I’ll think everyone would have heard the phrase that “once you focus your time and effort on your passion, it won’t feel like work”.

But that is such an easy cop-out statement.

I mean, it makes the assumption that everyone knows what their passion is…  It can change over time, it will depend on so many factors, it’s hard to just pick one out of thin air.

So, a more accurate statement should be…

“Try different side hustles until you find what you are interested in”.

By doing that you soon realise what you enjoy doing and what you don’t.  There is no point focusing too much on something you don’t enjoy doing.

As you absorb this information, you’ll realise that this part-time job online is THE best way to find out what you are passionate about.

Have You Tried Other Methods Before?

If you’ve been through a similar experience to me in the past, then the image below is exactly how I have felt after realising another side hustle doesn’t work is actually a scam…

part time job online - tried other methods that don't work

You know the ones I mean…  Here’s an example of a typical one…

“Use this program and it will earn you $3,864 EVERY day.

All you need to do is follow these easy steps and only spend 5 minutes a day working on it.

It’s all ready-made for you and will cost only $97!


Have you noticed that none of these “get-rich-quick” schemes ever work like they say they do?  All they do is lead you to think there is no legitimate way to make money online.

Anything that is Done-For-You and claims that you need to spend very little time on it, is not a program to help you make money online.  It is there to make the owner of the program richer (at your expense).

The people that are successful online are doing it by doing three things:

  1. Using a strategy that works
  2. Spending time and effort daily working on it
  3. Continuing to learn new skills

How Is This Part Time Job Online Different?

There are many part-time jobs online that you’ll find when doing a google search.  But there is a huge difference between the one we will be talking you through and those that you’ll find.

You see, you will find lots of online admin jobs – but you still need to work for someone.

There will be freelancer jobs, and again you will need to still work for someone.  You’ll have a client that you need to satisfy with the work you do, otherwise, you don’t get paid.

But if you want find something that doesn’t follow the usual route, and one that will help you explore what your passion is and (more importantly) help find you financial independence, then you’ll want to keep on reading.

You’ve got to do two things…

  1. Make your money work harder for you
  2. Find ways to make more money

Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume you are not a money-grabbing monster.

But equally, you know the importance of money to find true peace and freedom.

 I knew I wanted to help other people and connect with like-minded people. 

I just didn’t know how.

Right, now I can almost hear you saying…

What Is The Perfect Part Time Job Online?

Ok, so you really want to know?

Well, I’ll whisper…

It’s this website!

Well, obviously you would create your own website…  you can’t have this one, I’m afraid…

The thing that makes this part-time job online stand out is that:

  1. It has taught me so many valuable skills
  2. It has helped me clarify what I wanted to do

A passion for personal finance and wealth-building is growing within me.  But more importantly, my passion for helping others is being used all of the time…

Like actual help…

Not what I believed was helping…

Little by little, you’ll soon realise that it’s not actually a part-time job online at all.

It’s an online business model… using affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing Online?

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of earning income online, but it all stems from helping others.  

Affiliate marketing is about connecting people who want to buy something with a product they want to buy…  Here’s a flow diagram to help explain…

how does affiliate marketing work - flowchart

Now, check out the diagram again…

There are no tricks, scams or hidden agendas here.

The basic concept is that an affiliate marketer would promote the right products for the right audience, based on their own experiences and things that they think would benefit their readers.

In the same way, you would recommend a good movie to a friend.  Or, recommend a class at the gym you have taken.

By choosing a passion to base your affiliate marketing business on, means you get to spend more time doing something you love and helping people who are interested in the same interests as you.

By recommending the right products, you can soon see people clicking on your affiliate links and earning you anywhere between 4% and 75% commission. 

It sounds like a simple idea, and that’s because it is.  Affiliate Programs don’t want to make it hard for their affiliates, otherwise nobody benefits from the process.


But I'm Not a Techie...

Some of you might be thinking that you haven’t got the technical skills to achieve this… and it even held me back from trying it as I thought you need to be an expert at html or coding…

part time job online - not a techie

I had heard that people were making money from affiliate marketing, but I was put off by the fact that I didn’t know that much about the internet or how it worked.

I mean you need to know computer coding, right?

But the thing is…

It’s actually not as hard as many of you might be thinking…

In fact, getting a website online nowadays is no more difficult that setting up a Facebook account and my nan had one of those…

Let’s clear up some myths…

  • You don’t need to go to University to find stuff out any more
  • You don’t need a personal mentor
  • All you need is YOUTUBE

Since starting this journey, I’ve learned so many new skills that I had never even thought about (let alone be able to do):

  • SEO techniques (search engine optimisation)
  • Copywriting (writing text for advertising)
  • Proofreading
  • Website Creation
  • Website Design
  • Optimising Websites For Speed
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Systems

No way, would I say that I’m an expert in any of these subjects.  But I could definitely do some freelance work for any of them!

Skills are the currency of the future!

Here’s a fact for you:

Creating a website and posting on it regularly will improve skills that you didn’t even know existed within you!

But How Do I Get Started?

If you’re anything like me then you probably have no clue about how to get started in any of this…

What you would need to do is work out how you build yourself a website, get the web hosting sorted for it and then find some training to follow.

Please note that if you EVER want to monetise your website, then you will require web hosting.  Web hosting is a server that means your website can be accessed on the internet.

There are tons of information online about affiliate marketing, and you’ll find that info for FREE.

But the problem you will also find is that some of it is outdated or useless.  So this will mean you will have to spend the time to find out what is relevant and useful and what is not.

As a minimum, you will have to look at spending:

  • Bluehost ($60 for one year)
  • Domain name (around $15)
  • Affiliate Marketing training ($200+)

Total = $275+

As I said, that is a bare minimum estimate and you would need to find all of this yourself, hope that the training is worth it and likely be left without any ongoing support when you need it from real people.

But there are other tools and stuff you will need to make this part-time job online work.  For example, a keyword research tool or mentorship, etc.

Now, remember you can find all of this information for free by doing a few google searches.  But the chances are you just want to spend your time creating meaningful content, as that is what will lead to you earning financial freedom.

That is why I went with the decision to spend $349 for an annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate.

Click here to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.  Start for FREE (no credit card details required) A true test drive…

What Does This Include...

  • Web Hosting – much better than your usual hosting…  people would usually pay $200+ a month for these speeds and functions
  • Affiliate Marketing Training – there are hundreds of training lessons and daily/weekly live training sessions.  All regularly updated to give you the latest strategies
  • Support within the Community – hundreds of thousands of REAL people at all levels to help you
  • Website Builder – Build your own awesome website in as little as 30 seconds
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – This is worth $49 a month
  • Tools – use these to track and improve your website

Note – You would still need to pay for your domain name ($15)

Total = $499

That is EVERYTHING that you would need to get started for the whole year!

You would benefit from better hosting, a keyword research tool included, and a community of people who strive to help each other to answer any SPECIFIC questions (at any time of day – the live chat feature is immense)

All that works out to $1.36 a day!

If you think you cannot afford it, then let me ask you this about your current interests or hobbies:

  • How much do you spend on your TV package per year?
  • What did/do you spend on your current phone?
  • Do you pay for a gym membership?
  • How much do you spend on nights out to concerts, the theatre, and sports games?

Now, let me ask you this…

Have any of your hobbies got the potential to earn you money?

Would you be able to make enough money to replace your current income AND then some?

It’s all about your mindset and setting priorities…

Instead of saying “I can’t afford that” ask yourself… How Can I Afford That?

There is so much value all tied up inside a Wealthy Affiliate membership, but there is little point in listing them all.  Try it for yourself (for free) and take a look for yourself.

How Much Time Would I Need to Put In?

The real benefit of affiliate marketing is that it’s ideal to start as a part-time thing.  I started it whilst having a full-time job doing 60 hours a week regularly.  But I still found the time to do this on the side, as I knew it would benefit me in the long run.

All you need to ask yourself is whether you can find yourself an hour a day.

Let’s say you did an hour each evening before you went to bed, or woke up an hour earlier.

If you can achieve that you will find 365 hours a year to put into your website next year.

I tended to do an hour each evening once I had put my son to bed.  My wife would often watch some TV in bed, and I would focus on my business for an hour.  

Then when I had the time I would spend more.  The more time you spend on it, the sooner the success will come.  But you have to own it.

If you put in an hour a day, you will find more time to work on your website… FACT!!

Turn Your Passion into Profits

Want Help Getting Started? Sign Up For Our 7-Day Online Passive Income Bootcamp & Learn The Skills You Need!

My Friends & Family Will Think I've Gone Crazy!!

There are still elements of society who think you’ll have gone crazy for starting a blog.  But the reality is that it is a lot more common than you realise.  

It’s also a fact that it isn’t just the influencers you see on social media that are making good money from doing something they love.  

There are affiliate marketers who are earning real incomes from it.  But when you first get started, you will have the odd remarks about “What are you doing?”.

I got in touch with people I hadn’t spoken to for years over some random articles. 

I found more like-minded people than I already had in my life, we had just never had the kinds of conversations we wanted to have. 

Now, I’m not saying you should spend thousands of dollars on a course without speaking to your spouse.

I AM saying you should NOT spend thousands of dollars on a course when you first start…

But speaking to them about what you are thinking of doing means you can plan for this together. 

After all, If you’re like me the reason behind starting this is to have more time with family and friends anyway. 

And do you know what?

If a friend does think you’re crazy then maybe they shouldn’t be your friend!

BOOM I said it!

Who Is This NOT For...

This is a fantastic business model, but it’s not for everyone…  So, here’s a lis of the people that this part-time job online is NOT for…

  • Wants to get rich quick
  • Gives up at the first roadblock
  • Doesn’t want to put in any TIME or EFFORT into it
  • Is only motivated by money
  • Is happy to work until they’re 65+
  • Doesn’t want to learn any new skills
  • Isn’t interested in making money doing something they love or enjoy
  • Wouldn’t like an opportunity to make money working from anywhere in the world…

If any of the above apply to you, then this part-time job online isn’t for you…  It just won’t work!

The Perfect Part Time Job Online Summary

Not for one minute am I saying that it’s easy to make money online.  In fact, doing it as a part-time job online will actually make it a little harder as you won’t be able to put all of your time and effort into achieving it.

But that’s ok, it just means you need to be more realistic when setting your goals.

But think about these points if you are still on the fence about whether this is for you…

  • Don’t start this if you do not like solving problems or working through challenges
  • Don’t start this if you’re not prepared to learn and work hard; And definitely
  • Don’t start this if you are only interested in getting rick quick

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t start this… many people fail as they give up too easily.

But I will let Michelle Schroeder-Gardner show you how this is possible to make money and help others by doing something you love…

If you’ve never created a website or a blog and you’re interested in seeing what you’re made of, then you can start with Wealthy Affiliate for FREE…

  • You can stay a free member for as LONG as you like
  • You can get yourself a website created in under a minute
  • You can connect with real people who are making affiliate marketing work for them
  • Get access to some of the training for FREE
  • If you don’t like it, you can export your website and move it to your own hosting!

If you’ve been looking for a legitimate way of making money and constantly hitting roadblocks, then the training, community and tools offered at Wealthy Affiliate might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for…

But whatever you do, don’t let me convince you…

It has to be a decision you come to on your own – Decide for Yourself!

(for as long as you like with no credit card details required)

Keep changing for the better,


P.S. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts about this part-time job online then please feel free to write them in the comments section below… or send me a message on WA here

P.P.S. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner travels full-time on her yacht and has income reports from when she first got started in 2011!  Read them and see what is possible if you put your mind to it…

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