50 Niche Website Ideas for New Affiliate Marketers

niche website ideas for new affiliate marketers

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of making money online, but having the right ideas for your Niche Website Ideas is not always as easy as some make it out to be.  Getting this decision right first time will help save you tons of time later down the road, when you realise it wasn’t the right decision.

There are obviously some niches that are more suited to affiliate marketing than others, but it still depends on whether you have enough knowledge about the chosen subject, and are willing to invest some more time in researching it too.

For a more complete guide on how to find your niche online, click here.  For now, we’ve come up with 50 Niche Website Ideas that will help new affiliate marketers narrow down their search into their niche to go after.

The list is split into four evergreen markets:

  1. Health & Fitness Niche Website Ideas
  2. Technology & Gaming Niche Website Ideas
  3. Lifestyle, Home & Garden Niche Website Ideas
  4. Online Jobs & Make Money Online (MMO) Niche Website Ideas

If you already have an idea of where to start, then feel free to jump ahead to the relevant section using the Table of Contents below…

Table of Contents

If you’re still really new to this, then there are some things that we want to make sure you are clear on…  If you already are quite happy with the concept, then feel free to scroll down to the section that gets going with the list.

Let’s clear some things up for you though, if you are a beginner.  The reason I say this, is that I’ve met too many newbies that have been led down the wrong path when it comes to affiliate marketing and picking a niche.  For example, you may have been told to go for high-ticket products as there are higher commissions available on them.

In a sense, that is true.  But if they aren’t suitable for your target audience, then you won’t make a sale.  So, it doesn’t matter how much the commission rate is.

I’ve seen people make tons of money from promoting low-priced products.  They provide a lot of great help and get thousands of visitors a day, making purchases.  Meaning they earn the same amount as that person who is promoting high-end tech to the wrong people, who may get one sale through luck.

If you want a clear understanding of how affiliate marketing works, check out our complete guide here.  But in essence, you need to focus on helping people solve a problem, rather than focusing on how much you can sell.  

You need to understand your target audience as much as you can, and then provide them with the right solutions, answer their questions and then promote relevant products and services.   All without it feeling like you are selling to them.

Take the Make Money Online market.  So many people are trying to promote products and services.  But you have to remember that people are also wary of any online product, as they may already think that it is a scam.

We’ve all seen programs that promise the world…  how are you going to convince people that yours is the right one for them, and that it helps and doesn’t do what the others are promising, but failing at?

Another example would be the losing weight market.  They want to know how you are going to help, what your experience is, why should they believe you?

So, when you are going through the final research you need to select your niche – remember that it is about helping people with something they need help with.  Rather than just picking expensive TVs as they are a high-ticket product.  Think about it, people only really upgrade their TV when their old one breaks.   So, it isn’t like there is a huge opportunity there.

In the tech world, it might be gaming laptops, as people are really getting into gaming.  But if you don’t know anything about gaming, that is not the right option as no one will trust your site.

I’m hoping that has cleared up how you need to be thinking about your niche selection.  Don’t go for the popular niches.  Go with something you already know something about, like a hobby or a passion.  Then do some research into whether there are any products or services that you can promote in that niche.

Do some research on competing sites in that niche, and then put it all together to consider which niche is your best option…  Let’s get into that list of 50 Niche Website Ideas…

50 Profitable Niche Website Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

Like I said, the niche you go with needs to be a reflection of you.  Be that you take a hobby, like going the gym and go from there to choose an option for the health and fitness list.

Or an interest in gardening, and then you go with an option from the relevant list.  It needs to be a decision that you are really comfortable with, and don’t for a minute think that this list of 50 is the ultimate list, as it’s not.  There are so many options.

Think about when you browse the category list at Amazon, how many different categories there are there, all with sub categories.

Instead, we’ve thought about what would be good options within the main 4 evergreen markets, that would be a good starting point for a beginner.  

They are also the main ones that will resonate with you, or at least one of them will.

You are going to need to become the authority within this niche, so think about that when you are making a selection.  Are you still going to be happy with your decision in a years time?  Can you come up with at least 50 pieces of content to write about that niche?

You’re going to need to become the expert in that niche, researching it, living it and how are you going to become the go-to person for that niche…  What is going to be your unique selling point.

Those who search google for help are looking for real people with real experiences to help them.

Those who are looking to lose weight, are looking to learn from those who have a story to share.  They don’t want a fitness guru who hasn’t been through a weight loss journey.  They want a real person who can discuss the problems they had, and how they overcame it.

People who are looking to make money online are looking for people who started with nothing and worked their way up to success.

That is the opportunity that presents itself to bloggers and affiliate marketers, as real people want real people to help them…  If they knew what to buy, they would have already gone to the retailer.

Let’s get into our list…

Health & Fitness Niche Website Ideas

The health and fitness market is a huge one.  There are also so many different ways you can take it too.  With several topics that overlap themselves as ideal partners.  For example – losing belly fat and healthy eating go hand in hand.  But there’s a future opportunity with six pack exercises.

Someone who starts following you to lose belly fat, then starts to ask you how they can continue their transformation by adding six pack exercises.  Bingo, a future growth plan for your niche website.

niche website ideas - losing weight

Now, losing weight is a good option.  But it’s definitely too broad just to target the whole lose weight market.  You would need to really focus in on a specific area of the market.  Here’s what we came up for niche website ideas in health and fitness:

  1. Losing belly fat
  2. Low carb diet plans
  3. Six pack exercises
  4. Getting rid of love handles or bingo wings
  5. Dealing with knee problems
  6. Dealing with joint problems
  7. Health related website looking at different types of cleanses
  8. Tips on how to make the skin look younger
  9. How to slow or reverse the aging process
  10. Ways to increase metabolism
  11. How to stop heart disease
  12. How to stop type 1 diabetes
  13. How to stop type 2 diabetes
  14. How to stop smoking
  15. How to stop stress/anxiety/panic attacks
  16. Hair loss for men
  17. Hair loss for women 

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but they are all trending at the moment.  But if none of these float your boat, you can always consider the healthy eating scene.  Which naturally sit alongside most of the weight loss niches you’ll find on the list above.

But if you have any experience with any of the niches list above, you can share your experiences to help others who are looking for help within it.

For example, if you’re an ex-smoker who has managed to kick the habit, then you can help others who are struggling to give it up too.

A blog is a prime way of you documenting your journey, like your ambition to achieve a six pack.  If that were your ambition, then you could share your story.  Your exercise regime, products you used, diets you use, etc. 

That way, when others find your blog and see your progress, they see a real person who is mid progress, but looks like someone who can help them achieve their own goal of achieving a six pack.

That could be the same for losing belly fat, or bingo wings, or dealing with type 2 diabetes which requires certain dietary requirements.

That is your opportunity within a niche related to weight loss or health related topics.

Just one thing to point out, be careful if you are going to be going with a health-related niche.  You may need to consider having a medical disclaimer on your website.  Stating that these are what you did, and always suggesting they seek medical advice before trying anything, etc.

It just needs to clearly state that you are only sharing your opinions and experiences, and am not in a position to offer medical advice.

Wait… If you are considering starting a health blog, click here to find the best health affiliate programs to help get you started…

Technology & Gaming Niche Website Ideas

Tech & gaming is a booming market at the moment, but it is also something that you need to know what you’re talking about.  They will clearly know if you are pretending to know what you’re talking about.  It’s also really important that you keep up to date with the latest tech trends, as people will be looking to update their tech and you need to be in a position to give them the right advice for their needs…

niche website ideas - gaming

Our list of technology and gaming niche website ideas are:

  1. Tablets for children
  2. Gaming laptops or Gaming PCs
  3. Gaming laptop/PC accessories
  4. Gaming Desks or Chairs
  5. Vlogging Accessories
  6. Action Cameras or Drones
  7. Computer gaming gear


This is just a selection, to be honest.  If you know anything about tech, you will know that there are endless opportunities within this market.  Just make sure you pick something that you know a lot about.

For example, everyone is getting smart devices into their home, from a ring doorbell from Amazon to smartplugs.  You could design a whole blog about smart devices, and how to use them, which are the easiest to use, etc.

Another trending niche at the moment is gaming chairs too.  People are even looking at them for just their standard desk chair, due to the high level of comfort they provide as they are designed for people to sit down a lot.

Or the more health conscious might be looking for a standing desk, which with an electric motor will raise up when you don’t want to sit down anymore.  Something bloggers can be guilty of, is choosing to sit down all day, rather than being active…

Turn Your Passion into Profits

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Lifestyle, Home & Garden Niche Website Ideas

Another good starting point is the lifestyle, home and garden market.  From people looking for help around the house, to where is a good place to go for a hike, or go camping.  There is a lot of opportunity with these niches…  One thing that is popular at the moment is survival…

Let’s go through our list within the lifestyle, home and garden niche website ideas:

  1. Popular hiking treks (promoting preparation clothes and gear)
  2. Hiking backpacks
  3. Hiking boots
  4. Camping accessories
  5. Survival gear
  6. Survival tips
  7. Preparing for a cataclysm
  8. Storing up on supplies for emergencies
  9. How to fix everyday things at home (leaky pipes, broken objects, etc.)
  10. Dealing with noisy neighbours
  11. Hydroponic gardening
  12. Making your own garden tips
  13. How to get rid of termites
  14. How to get rid of bedbugs
  15. How to get rid of mould yourself
  16. Wood burning tips
  17. Be your own mechanic (fixing cars yourself)
  18. Be your own mechanic (motorbikes)
  19. Get back with your ex
  20. How to succeed at dating
  21. How to succeed at online dating
  22. Safety razors

Online Jobs & Make Money Online Niche Website Ideas

These are usually a really popular option, but as they are the most competitive options online, you need to be ready to really hustle to be the best one out there to crack into the market.

niche website ideas - blogging

But they are popular as most people are looking for ways to make money online.  Whether it to pay off their debt, or have the ability to leave their day job, making money online is something we all strive to do…

Here are some niche ideas here:

  1. Make Money Online (earn passive income, affiliate marketing, blogging, completing surveys, etc.)
  2. How to get rid of college or university debt
  3. Jobs for single moms or stay at home moms
  4. How to become a freelance writer

When you actually break down those four, you could go even further and find a niche within one of those options to give yourself the best option.  

But there you have it, our list of 50 Niche Website Ideas or New Affiliate Marketers…  What do you think?  Are they a good starting point?  Let me know in the comments section…  Before you go through, I want to share with you my top tips on picking the right niche website idea for you…

Tips for Picking The Right Niche Website Idea

Finding your niche is one of the hardest things to do.  I know, I really struggled with coming up with my first niche idea.  I also struggling to come up with a target audience to go after, which makes it doubly hard.  But through my experiences, I ‘ve found there are some pointers I can give you to hopefully help you avoid the issues I did.  Here’s my top tips…

#1 Pick a Niche That You Love

Blogging requires a lot of time and effort on your part.  You’re going to need to create a lot of content about the subject you choose.  You’ll also need to spend a lot of time researching that same subject.

So, don’t pick something on a whim…  Pick something that you are not going to tire of easily.  That is why most bloggers choose a hobby or a passion to begin with.

You love travelling the world and documenting your story, then that is the ideal starting point for you.  Affiliate marketing will help you earn money to carry on doing what you love doing.

You love coming up with new recipes and sharing them online, another ideal choice.

You’ve lost tons of weight and can help motivate others to do the same, there is something that you can do.  As you will also know how hard it is to do, without someone who has got your back.

#2 Get To Know The Target Audience

By choosing a hobby or a passion you already have, you already know the target audience pretty well as you can look in the mirror.  Yes, that’s right you’re the target audience.  But expand that, speak to other people you know who enjoy the same subject and ask them what they would want to see.  Check out community sites like Quora to see what people are asking.  

What problems are they looking for solutions too.  What kind of help are they looking for.  By keeping that target audience in mind at all times, you will be able to ensure your content resonates with them.

#3 Help Them, Don't Sell to Them

Never sell to people.  Always help them.  If people knew what to buy, they would go straight to the retailer.  People who search online are looking for help.  they are looking for personal opinions from real people to help them gauge which is the right direction for them.

If you already knew what niche you wanted to go with, you wouldn’t be here reading a post about niche website ideas to go with.

Guiding and helping people will build up trust, which is an important metric when it comes to whether someone trusts you enough to follow your purchasing suggestions.

You cannot just go, to lose weight buy this.  They will need to understand the why, and the how.  Why are you making that suggestion and how did it help you lose weight.  That is called context.

A better way would be “we did this to lose weight, but this product made it much easier to do”.  And you could use that with any of the niches we have listed, with the right product and the right examples.

Niche Website Ideas - Summary

I hope you found this blog post useful in helping you narrow down your niche…  But if not, this post will give you 7 simple steps to choosing the right niche for you.  Picking a niche is a tough decision, especially if you are still unsure about affiliate marketing.

But know that I’m here to help you.  So, if you are still really stuck on choosing a niche and out guide doesn’t help.  Just write to us in the comments and I’ll personally help you choose the right niche for you.

Let me know in the comments if you found this post useful, I’d love to hear from you and how I can help you in the future. 😉

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