What Should I Blog About? 18 Guaranteed Popular Topics

What Should I Blog About

One of the most common questions I get asked online is about what should I blog about?  It’s always something that can be overcomplicated, but when you don’t know where to get started it can really hinder your progress if you don’t get it right.

When starting a blog, you really need to dive deep into a topic to find the right niche for you.  But if you have no idea of what the main topic is to help you start that process, then this post will definitely help you out.

I’ve gone through and found the 18 most popular topics to start a blog in.  All are guaranteed to be popular for now and the future ahead, and hopefully one them will fit exactly with what you want to blog about.

what should i blog about - pinterest

But if you are still really struggling after going through our post in coming up with your ideal topic to blog about, let me know and I’ll help you deep dive it with you…

Table of Contents

What Should I Blog About?

To understand the ideal niche for you to blog about, is about understanding what really drives you in life.  What are you passionate about?  What do you love talking about, interacting in, learning more about, etc.  Every niche will typically have it’s own audience who are searching for content related to your niche.

But blogging is also about you being driven in creating lots (and I mean lots) of content.  So, if you don’t pick something that you love engaging in, how are you going to feel motivated to create that all-important content?

Writing about something you are passionate about, and already know something about that niche makes it much easier for you to stay motivated in.  It also means you probably have a ton of content ideas already when you start.

But writing content is only part of the puzzle, and you need to ensure you choose the right WordPress theme, ensure you optimise that blog for SEO, and improve performance for your site.  These are the less enjoyable tasks of blogging, but are just as important as writing content.

After all, you want people to find your blog so that you can achieve your goals, whether that be monetising your blog, etc.

Choosing the Right Niche

I’m not going to go into too much detail, and you can check out my guide that shows you 7 key steps in choosing the right niche.  But it is important that you first pick a broad topic that you love and are passionate about.  But then you take the time to go after a specific niche within that broad topic.

It’s the best strategy to get your blog off the ground, as you will be working towards becoming an authority in that niche.  It also helps tell Google what exactly you are targetting to ensure you get the rankings you so desire to appear top of the search.

So, whilst we will go through 18 topics that are good for answering “What Should I Blog ABout”.  Take the time to deep-dive it after to come up with your ideal niche.

I regret not doing enough research on this when getting started, and I cannot stress the importance of it to you.  Another tip I would add, is to ensure you understand your target audience fully too.  So that the content you create is perfect for them, and has them coming back again and again.

Right, enough of that… Let’s get on with the most popular topics to blog about…

Most Popular Topics To Blog About...

Right, let’s take a look at the most popular blog types that are out there…  This will help you understand that there is a market in pretty much any topic, and you can look to carve a piece of the pie for yourself.

Like I said, you want to choose a niche within the relevant topic for you, but these are some great starting points for your research…

1. Fashion Blogs

Fashion blogs are very popular for bloggers.  It has a huge industry built around it, and an even bigger audience to go with it.  If stay on top of fashion trends is your thing, it could be a great starting point.

Fashion bloggers are often invited to major events, receive special perks and discounts, merchandise, and sometimes even business deals by top fashion brands.

We’ve all seen celebrities acting as influencers for certain brands, but what you might not have known is top bloggers are also being asked to talk about or promote certain products and brands, due to the number of followers they have.

Fashion blogs are great for creative people, with a keen interest in style and fashion.

You can learn about starting a fashion blog here

2. Food Blogs

We all love food… well, most of us do.  Naturally, food blogs are another popular option for those getting started with a blog.

They attract a large audience of those interested in new recipes, ingredients, healthy eating, dietary (i.e. vegan, or health-related) and other food related stories.  It is also a good one for blending with a travel blog, as you can talk about the different meals from different countries, or regions.

what should i blog about - food blog

A lot of food bloggers typically start with something as simple as their local restaurant reviews, or home recipes.  But as their blog grows, so does their interests.  As you start to understand the needs of your audience, you can always tweak it to ensure they keep coming back for more ideas.

You can learn about starting a food blog here

3. Travel Blogs

Now that the world is starting to open up again, it is another great opportunity to look at a travel blog.  There are bloggers earning a full-time income from their blogs and travelling around the world talking about their adventures.  As a blogger you share hints and tips about how to get the best deals, where the best places are to stay or visit.   You could create destination guides, etc.

You can also let them know about the things they need to know before visiting these places.

what should i blog about - travel blog

So many people have questions to be answered before booking or visiting these places, and travel bloggers are where they get their answers.  It’s all about making it easier for them before going to these places.

This would be a good post to read if a travel blog was what you were thinking about…

4. Music Blogs

Is music the topic for you?  Music blogs, again have a huge audience to go after.  People are looking for the best and trending music in a specific genre.  The music industry has a huge potential for bloggers who write about different types of music; like jazz, heavy metal, pop, famous singers, etc.

what should i blog about - music blog

If you love finding about new tracks and artists, and talking about a specific music genre, this might be the niche for you…

If you want to start a music blog, I found this great post for you

5. Lifestyle Blogs

The most popular types of blog online are lifestyle blogs.  They have a variety of readers, who are interested in topics such as culture, arts, local news, and politics

These are blogs that give you a little more freedom to choose several topics, you want to include on your blog which makes it easier to plan a content strategy.

what should i blog about - lifestyle blog

Lifestyle bloggers have the opportunity to become an influence, write for other publications, become a speaker, and also partner with businesses who are working to make a difference in the society.

6. Fitness Blogs

There are a couple of different directions within the fitness blog category.  They have become more and more popular, with blogs that cover important topics like being healthy, healthy eating, general fitness, losing weight, training for a marathon, etc.

People everywhere look for advice on how to stay fit, and often it starts with a google search that lands them onto a blog.

what should i blog about - fitness blog

It’s a great opportunity for a fitness instructor to start a fitness blog and acquire clients online, as well as monetise their blog through display ads and affiliate marketing.

These fitness blogs write about the right diets, diet plans, workout routines, supplements, etc.  Fitness bloggers also could create video content to explain different exercises to their audience.

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7. DIY Blogs

This doesn’t cover just the DIY, but it also covers topics such as arts and crafts, construction, wood-work, metal-work and more.  But the bottom line is that so many people are looking for help to do stuff at home, without having to pay for someone to repair stuff

what should i blog about - diy blog

From how to put up wallpaper, repairing a dripping tap, all the way to interesting wood work blogs.  There is plenty of potential in this market.

Gardening blogs are also an interesting option within this market.  

8. Sports Blog

Think about the size of the audience when you start talking sports…  Not everyone is interesting, but there is still a huge audience to target with a sporting blog.  There are so many sports, all with their own following.  Even breaking it down to specific sports, you then have specific clubs or individuals.

Sports blogging may also include bloggers who are writing paid content for these teams, athletes, etc.

what should i blog about - sports blog

The alternative direction is to write about the latest events in sport in general.  The example above talks about a lot of different news items within sports in general.

There is also the option of sharing live status updates of multiple sports on their social media accounts, that are linked to their blogs.  The latest scores, etc.

9. Finance Blogs

Most of us are looking for advice when it comes to managing your finances.  With the ever changing landscape of the cost of living, this is becoming a huge thing.

If you have the knowledge and experience to help others with this sort of thing, then there is a definitely an opportunity for you to start a finance-related blog.

Finance blogs give a wide audience advice, ranging from serious investors to families trying to save for the future.

By choosing the right target audience, you know what advice to share.  Whether that is to businesses, startups, individuals, families, etc.  

It is a good direction for those interested in the difficult world of managing money and generating wealth.

10. Political Blogs

Whilst it’s a subject I try to avoid talking about, there is a market for a political blog.  They can also have the most passionate audience, you’ll find.  They cover topics like news, analysis of political news, and can quickly build a very large and engaging audience.

what should i blog about - political blog

It has also become more popular for the big political affiliates to hire their own blogging teams.  These bloggers are tasked with sharing the agenda of the political party.  They also write about the plans and policies they are going for, to attract more people towards the respective representatives.

11. Parenting Blog

Parenting blogs are also a highly popular option.  Whether it’s just sharing your stories, to offering help and advice to new or prospective parents, there is an opportunity for a blog here.

There is a lot of questions new or going to be new parents have, and these blogs are the ideal place to come and get that advice.  They want real advice from those who have already been through it. 

what should i blog about - parenting blog

There is clearly a different style of blog, from a mom or a dad.  But they are all about sharing what works for you and why, so they can see what it’s like to be a parent.

These blogs will typically talk about advice, activities to do with the kids, guidance on food, techniques on early home education, etc.

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12. Business Blogs

Business blogs are the professional blogs related to the corporate agencies, industries and others. They offer a casual way to communicate with customers and educate them about a businesses product or service.

what should i blog about - business blog

It might be you’ve got your own small business and you’re looking to create a blog to go with it to reach a wider audience to sell your wares.  This might be a great opportunity for you…

13. Personal Blogs

Personal blogs are different from many other types of blogs as the focus is on the author.  Most blogs focus on the reader. 

Personal blogs are written by anyone that enjoys sharing their ideas and thoughts with an online community.  This means you will find personal blogs of all shapes and sizes in most niches.

what should i blog about - personal blog

Examples would be photographers sharing their photos online, or vloggers who create videos on their daily life routine.  It could also be a chef who shares their recipes via their blog, and more.

14. Movie Blogs

Are you into the latest movies and want to share the latest news or reviews on the latest films?  It could also include blog posts about topics regarding the film industry.  They have a large audience on the internet.  Get yourself into the right place, and you can get yourself invite to watching premium shows before the public releases of movies, so that you can write reviews and generate “buzz” about an upcoming movie.

People want to make sure that they are not going to be disappointed in going to see the latest movies, so they check out the online reviews first…

15. Car Blogs

Car blogs are usually about luxury and sports cars.  But there are all sorts of car blogs, like this one which talks about a lot of topics, like car buying guides, getting insurance, green motoring, etc.  A good opportunity might be a blog about buying electric cars, as the are becoming the goto model.

But not everyone has the first clue about living with them…

Or you might target petrol heads.  It’s up to you.  But car blogs typically discuss a wide range of topics, and they can even partner up with local car dealerships for business opportunities.  These blogs will have all of the information about modern cars, vintage cars, safety tips for drivers, etc.

People love seeing good looking cars, and learning about the features on their favourite cars.  It’s an ideal blog topic for car lovers, petrol heads, car enthusiasts.

There are other opportunities with a car blog too.  Like writing about car financing advice, financing calculators, etc.  It helps readers find the best finance deals for their budget before actually buying the car they want.

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16. News Blogs

News blogs are another popular option, and they cover local news.  But they can also be a great way for a student studying journalism to build up their portfolio and practice their craft.  They can cover a wide range of topics, or stay focused on one specific news section.

It can be easy to just think that news blogs are all about the news, but they can also included opinion pieces to share their own perspective on that news item.

what should i blog about - news blog

News blogs are about providing the latest updates on events as they happen.  News can cover any number of topics, like:

  • Climate change
  • Scientific innovations
  • Technology
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Automotive
  • Weather

You’ll have probably noticed big media outlets will have several bloggers who work on each of their sub-types of the news.

17. Pet Blogs

If you love pets, or animals, then this might be a good starting point for you.  Pet blogs have a great audience to attract, as anyone who has a pet will treat them like one of the family.  With the amount of money people spend on their pets, shows there is a huge potential to start a pet blog and earn some money from it.

what should i blog about - pet blog

Pet bloggers typically share their story of what it’s like living with their pet.  They also share hints and tips for keeping their pets healthy, pet grooming, the right diets and foods to give to your pets, and pet training.

You’ll also find blogs from animal foster homes who write about their efforts to protect, save and re-home animals.

Pet bloggers have the option of partnering with businesses who sell pet care products to help generate revenue.

18. Gaming Blogs

Gaming is a huge industry, and without the opportunity to be start a gaming blog.  These blogs cater to the large community of gamers looking for information about the latest games, gaming hardware, events, game cheats, etc.  This community has grown massively over the years, especially since COVID.  As communities starting looking for stuff to do whilst stuck at home.

what should i blog about - gaming blog

But don’t think it is just about video games.  My son has recently got all excited about Warhammer 40K.  When you check out the blogs and community about this turn-based board game.  It shows there is a huge potential with any type of game.

The video games get all the press, but there is an opportunity whatever your gaming love is.  Most of the gaming blogs do belong to gamers, reviewers and official community of the big game development agencies.

But there is plenty of opportunities for a newbie looking to start a blog – just remember to be specific in picking the right niche.

What Should I Blog About - Conclusion

I hope these 18 blog topics have given you plenty of ideas to consider when choosing the right topic to get your blog started with.  Remember you will need to think about a specific niche within the topic you want to go with.

But I’m hoping that this has also given you a good idea into the huge potential of the online world.  Pretty much, any niche has a target audience if you base it on a passion or a hobby.  

Once you have your blog topic and niche, you can then think about finding blog post ideas that you can use on your blog.

I hope you found this blog post useful?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Have you got any that you think we’ve missed off of our list?  Which direction did you go with?

Turn Your Passion into Profits

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1 year ago

Hi John,

Thanks for showing us these 18 evergreen topics people can write about when they first start websites. I believe people can get inspiration from this post. From my experiences, the best way is indeed to write things that you are highly interested in, so blogging will always be like a hobby instead of work. If you find yourself not enjoy the topic, the chance to succeed online becomes low.

I love how to make money online, so I started one. It’s super competitive, but I still managed to make a stable online income. The key is don’t GIVE UP and keep consistent on what you like sharing on your blog. 🙂


1 year ago

Hi John, there’s such a wide range of topics you can blog about and you’ve shared some of the most popular. I ended up choosing the pet niche, and narrowed it down to cats. Having had cats all my life I feel I have plenty of experience and have a genuine love of them. Renewable energy could be a good niche to go for, especially at the moment with skyrocketing energy bills. I’d stay well clear of politics as a topic. Not only could it be hard to monetise, but many readers have extreme views likely to cause conflict!

1 year ago

Great review about blogging. There are really so many topics you can blog about and monetize it. But some topics are not so advisable, such as finance blogs. Because finance is a sensitive topic and Google is very strict when it comes to ranking blogs. When it comes to sensitive topics, Google ranks only established websites that are known as authority blogs. I mean it is absolutely possible to create such a blog but will be very hard to rank it 

Hari S Nair
Hari S Nair
1 year ago

I am also in the online blogging business for the last 5 years and today I am the owner of 4 successful websites. According to me, your niche should be as narrow as possible so you can develop authority on the topic. These are some very good niches you have provided here and according to my research and experience, amongst these, the food blog, fitness blog, and business blog are the top 3 options(have low QSR and high traffic).

David Nelly
1 year ago

This is a good overview, I love these kinds of posts, and I love it when people are willing to give ideas on how to be successful within certain niches. I have thought often about being a tv show reviewer and then promoting subscription networks such as Hulu or Disney + in the process, or have a side store that promotes action figures in the corner or something.

1 year ago

This is such an interesting piece. These blog post ideas are sure lucrative and would help guide new bloggers who are just starting out.
This is because when you are just starting a new blog, you can get overwhelmed with it all.

And the toughest part is identifying the right niche for you.

Why, you’ll want to stand out from thousands of others and most importantly, provide real value and find out what your target readers would really find useful. But with a guide like this, one might get inspired from the different options listed here and even be opened up to new ideas!

Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

Helpful and clear advice – appreciate it being in one place and has given me food for thought! Do you also have any thoughts on how big your blog needs to be really get traction with google? I read between 55-70 posts but I’m unsure if this is really typical. Maybe the more niche you are the less posts are needed. Thank you

1 year ago

Hello you cover all fields for blog options…I love how you put things together with examples and on end your introduction..it shows you are good writer…I wish i had some of your skills…

Wish you great day..

Lisa Tidswell
1 year ago

Hi John,

Thanks for laying this out! I have to admit I’ve dabbled in a few of these categories over the last few years. Fashion was a hard slog when I all of a sudden realized that I’m really not actually that interested in it – oops! I will always regret giving up that amazing website name though…

Other choosing a well-defined (and narrow) topic that really interests you, what’s your top tip for aspiring bloggers?

Thanks, Lisa

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