The Unvarnished Truth About Partner with Anthony Morrison [REVIEW]
The Unvarnished Truth About Partner with Anthony Morrison REVIEW

In the ever-expanding universe of online affiliate marketing, the allure of programs promising the secrets to success is undeniable. Among these, Partner with Anthony Morrison emerges as a beacon for many, drawing in those eager to navigate the path to digital prosperity. Yet, as with any journey, the map is as crucial as the destination. Today, we delve deep into the heart of the Partner with Anthony Morrison Review, peeling back the layers of marketing gloss to uncover the reality of what this program truly offers to aspiring affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing, with its vast potential for passive income, attracts a multitude of seekers. In this vibrant digital age, the quest for authentic, effective mentorship programs is relentless. The Partner with Anthony program, fronted by the well-known internet marketer Anthony Morrison, positions itself as a key to unlock this realm of opportunity. But does it hold up under scrutiny? Is it the compass that truly guides towards success, or does it lead hopeful navigators astray?

As we embark on this exploration, our aim is to provide a balanced, comprehensive view of the program. From the promises made to the realities encountered, we dissect each component, offering insights that go beyond the surface. For those charting their course in the world of affiliate marketing, understanding the nuances of programs like Partner with Anthony is essential. Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of this program, illuminating the path for those seeking to make an informed decision in their journey toward digital marketing mastery.

Partner with Anthony Review Overview

Product Name: Partner with Anthony

Owner: Anthony Morrison

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $7/month or $97 one-time fee, plus upsells

Best For: No one, really

Partner with Anthony logo


  • Honestly, there isn’t any


  • Hidden Costs
  • Technical Trouble
  • Lacklustre Support
  • Mentorship Quandry

Quick Summary

The journey into Partner with Anthony Morrison unfolds a narrative that, while not outright deceitful, teeters on the brink of failing to deliver its grandiose promises. Touted as a golden ticket into the world of affiliate marketing, it purportedly offers a partnership with the renowned marketer Anthony Morrison. Yet, the reality experienced by participants is a far cry from the promised mentorship and guidance. Instead, they encounter an array of upsells, technical glitches, and a form of mentorship that leans more towards self-promotion than fostering genuine growth. The program, despite its allure of success in affiliate marketing, significantly lacks in providing actionable learning and substantial mentorship.

At its essence, Partner with Anthony attempts to educate on affiliate marketing, but its efforts are overshadowed by opaque additional costs and a support system that fails to meet the needs of its community. Anthony Morrison’s expertise in marketing does not translate effectively into a mentorship that empowers participants to carve their own success in the affiliate marketing field. The program’s focus on self-promotion rather than offering a broad, applicable marketing education narrows participants’ learning experience and limits their growth opportunities within the expansive affiliate marketing ecosystem.

For those earnestly seeking to delve into and excel in affiliate marketing, the digital realm is replete with more enriching, transparent, and genuinely supportive educational resources. The quintessential elements of effective mentorship—direct engagement, personalized advice, and shared growth—are markedly absent in Partner with Anthony. Aspiring marketers are thus encouraged to venture beyond this program, exploring avenues that promise and deliver an all-encompassing education, uphold ethical standards, and cultivate a community that truly champions the success of each member in the diverse world of affiliate marketing.


Recommended? NO

Table of Contents

Diving Into Partner with Anthony: What's It Really About?

So, you’ve stumbled upon Partner with Anthony and are intrigued by the promise of a plug-and-play system that pledges not just earnings, but personal mentorship from the man himself, Anthony Morrison. The idea is pretty enticing, right? “Make money when Anthony makes money” – sounds like a dream partnership with a renowned internet marketer.

But let’s cut through the chase. As we peel back the layers of this “true partnership opportunity,” you might find the reality a tad different from what’s pitched in that lengthy sales video.

At the heart of Partner with Anthony, you’re essentially unlocking a treasure trove of Anthony’s training videos and books. While knowledge is power, what you won’t find is a direct hotline to Anthony for those burning questions or guidance you might crave along your journey.

Nope, any SOS calls will be directed to a support team, reachable through a ticket-based helpdesk. However, it’s not all about learning from afar. You do get a key to Anthony’s kingdom of done-for-you sales funnels. These are designed to guide potential buyers towards your affiliate products, helping you earn those coveted commissions.

Before we dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of what Partner with Anthony has on offer, let’s take a moment to focus on the man behind the curtain, Anthony Morrison.

Unpacking Anthony Morrison: The Man Behind the Curtain

Meet Anthony Morrison, a name that echoes through the corridors of online marketing. With over a decade of experience in the affiliate marketing arena, Anthony has carved out a niche for himself, creating an arsenal of books and training courses designed to empower individuals to tap into the world of passive income online.

Sounds impressive, right? Well, while the promise of unlocking the secrets to passive income is alluring, the court of public opinion seems to be divided over the actual value these resources provide.

Diving into the sea of reviews on his courses and programs, a pattern emerges. Many enrolled hopefuls have voiced that the content, while foundational, didn’t quite meet their expectations. They hoped to climb mountains but found themselves navigating the basics, leaving a sense of unmet potential lingering in the air.

How It All Works: A Closer Look at PWA's Inner Mechanics

Diving into Partner with Anthony (PWA) feels a bit like opening a Russian doll: the more you uncover, the more there is to see. At its core, PWA teaches you to promote… well, PWA itself. It’s affiliate marketing inception. You bring in folks to join the program, and voilà, you earn commissions. Sounds simple, right?

But here’s the catch: your potential earnings are tied not just to sign-ups but also to any tools your referrals buy as they wade through the training. This means you’ll be nudging them towards purchasing software like ClickFunnels, Aweber, and various link tracking tools—all essential if you’re to follow Anthony’s playbook.

It’s a clever setup. You earn as your referrals tool up, but not without first tooling up yourself. What starts as a $7 ticket to this merry-go-round can quickly balloon into much more as you’re gently pushed to arm your business with all the right gadgets and gizmos, plus the extra training programs nestled within PWA.

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Stepping Inside Partner with Anthony

To unlock the gates to PWA, you’re looking at a $7 monthly fee or a one-off payment of $97. Once you’re in, you land on the Morrison Education site—the umbrella under which all of Anthony’s teachings sit. Here, among other offerings, sits the PWA course, split into 13 modules crammed with videos.


The initial module is essentially a welcome mat, giving you a tour of the premises and a primer on how you’ll be making your money. But, there’s a twist: you can’t binge-watch your way to success. The course is time-gated, with each module unlocking 24 hours after you complete the previous one. While meant to keep you from glossing over the finer points, it also means a more drawn-out learning journey.

What does the training boil down to? Essentially, it’s a guide on promoting PWA. Each module slots another piece into the puzzle, guiding you through creating a capture page, collecting email leads, and funneling potential referrals to the PWA sales pitch.

But here’s a wrinkle: you’re using the same done-for-you funnels provided by Morrison, along with every other participant. While it sounds convenient, it also means you’re treading the same ground as countless others, diminishing the uniqueness of your approach.

The underlying message? If affiliate marketing mastery is your goal, then understanding the foundations is non-negotiable. It’s about paving your path, not walking a road worn by the footsteps of many.

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Can You Make Money with Partner with Anthony?

The golden question looms large: Can you truly pad your wallet with Partner with Anthony (PWA)? After diving deep and sifting through the program’s promises and processes, the straightforward answer leans towards skepticism.

Affiliate marketing, without a doubt, holds a treasure trove of potential for those looking to carve out income streams online. It’s a realm where diligence, strategy, and creativity can turn digital efforts into tangible rewards. However, casting a critical eye on PWA, it’s hard to endorse it as the map to this treasure.

The allure of PWA is marred by a significant hurdle: the reality check against the sales pitch. For newcomers drawn by visions of quick success, the reality is far more grounding. Success in affiliate marketing is not a sprint; it’s a marathon—a journey of learning, trial, error, and gradual growth. PWA, led by Anthony’s guidance, seems to chart a course through murky waters, where substantial monthly investments become the sail and oar. You’re not just promoting a program; you’re luring others into a cycle that’s as questionable as it is costly.

The discussions of earnings on the sales page paint a picture of ease and abundance. Yet, the fine print reveals a different story. True support, the kind that mentors and guides beyond mere tools, feels absent. The reliance on done-for-you (DFY) funnels by Anthony is touted as a major selling point, yet it hardly scratches the surface of what it takes to truly succeed in the affiliate marketing world.

The silver lining? The digital landscape is vast and filled with legitimate, enriching educational resources that offer solid groundwork in affiliate marketing. Programs like Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Lab shine as beacons for those earnestly seeking to build a sustainable, profitable affiliate marketing business from the ground up. These platforms not only educate but also empower, equipping you with the skills, insights, and support necessary to navigate the affiliate marketing seas with confidence and clarity.

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Unveiling the True Investment: Beyond the Entry Fee of Partner with Anthony

Stepping into Partner with Anthony (PWA) might initially seem like a straightforward financial decision: opt for a monthly commitment of $7 or go all in with a one-time payment of $97. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. As you delve deeper into the program, a series of upsells begin to surface, each adding layers to your investment—layers you may not have anticipated at the outset.

The Cascade of Upsells: A Closer Look

  1. ClickFunnels: Ranging from $99 to $297 per month, this tool becomes almost indispensable as you follow the PWA method.
  2. BuildRedirects: With a monthly fee between $19.99 and $99.99, this tool tracks and manages your marketing efforts.
  3. Digital Marketing Mastermind: An annual commitment of $69.95 for additional insights and strategies.
  4. M Insider Newsletter: At $9.95 per month, this newsletter promises the latest in affiliate marketing news, straight from Anthony Morrison himself.
  5. GetResponse: Email marketing software that can cost anywhere from $15 to $1,199 per month, depending on your needs.
  6. Aweber: Another email marketing tool, with plans ranging from $19 to $149 per month.

While each of these upsells involves tools and programs that are indeed legitimate and valuable in their own right, the way they’re presented within PWA can lead to an unexpected monthly tally running into the hundreds. This raises the question: Are you truly prepared for this level of financial commitment?

A Word on Independence and Informed Choices

It’s crucial to recognize that while these tools are recommended within the context of PWA, signing up for them through Anthony’s affiliate links isn’t your only path. Each tool can be explored and subscribed to directly, often allowing for a more informed decision free from the influence of PWA’s sales funnel.

The M Insider Newsletter, despite being marketed as a premium source of affiliate marketing insights, underscores a valuable lesson: information, especially in the digital age, is abundantly available. A diligent search online can yield the latest industry trends and updates, often at no cost.

Navigating Your Financial Path with Clarity

The journey with Partner with Anthony, when fully mapped, reveals a landscape of financial commitments that extend well beyond the initial entry fee. It underscores the importance of going into such programs with eyes wide open, understanding not just the potential benefits but also the real and ongoing costs associated with them. For those venturing into affiliate marketing, this clarity of investment can be the difference between a path paved with informed decisions and one mired in unexpected financial burdens.

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Exploring the Controversy Surrounding Anthony Morrison

At the heart of the discourse around Anthony Morrison lies a paradox: he is undeniably adept at marketing—especially when the product is himself. Yet, where the waters become murky is in the translation of his marketing prowess into actionable, effective guidance for others.

Anthony Morrison stands as a polarizing figure in the affiliate marketing community, not due to a lack of insight or knowledge but perhaps because of how his expertise is applied—or, as some argue, not applied—to genuinely aid those eager to learn the trade.

Many of his followers, drawn to his books and seminars, step into the world of affiliate marketing with little to no background in the field. They seek guidance, hoping to glean wisdom from Morrison’s success. This initial lack of familiarity with affiliate marketing’s intricacies makes Morrison’s offerings all the more appealing, positioning him as a beacon for novices.

Yet, this is precisely where the crux of the controversy lies. Despite Morrison’s clear understanding of affiliate marketing principles, his training programs have faced criticism for not equipping newcomers with the skills and strategies they truly need to thrive. Instead, they’re often seen as echoing the very pitfalls of the online marketing world they hope to avoid—promising much but delivering little in terms of real value or empowerment.

This perception has fueled the debate on whether Morrison’s approach borders on the scammy, leveraging his knowledge in a way that benefits him far more than his students. It’s a complex issue. On one hand, Morrison’s acumen in the field is undeniable. On the other, the effectiveness of his mentorship and programs in genuinely lifting others to his level of success is questioned.

In navigating the world of affiliate marketing, the importance of foundational knowledge—both of the digital landscape and the principles of marketing—cannot be overstated. It is these basics that empower individuals to sift through the noise, identify true opportunities for growth, and apply learned strategies with confidence.

The Dichotomy of Anthony Morrison's Legacy

Anthony Morrison’s legacy in the affiliate marketing sphere is a testament to the power of marketing oneself effectively. Yet, it also serves as a cautionary tale on the importance of ensuring that the knowledge shared truly serves to uplift and educate, rather than just to sell. For those venturing into affiliate marketing, the journey is as much about learning from those who have walked the path before as it is about critically evaluating the quality and intent behind the guidance offered.

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Assessing the Fit: Who Should Consider Partner with Anthony?

When it comes to Partner with Anthony (PWA), the big question isn’t just about what the program offers—it’s about who it truly serves. After a thorough dive into its content and structure, the takeaway is clear: the program struggles to carve out a compelling value proposition that would warrant a recommendation.

In the vast, vibrant world of affiliate marketing, where opportunities to learn and grow are abundant, PWA appears as a dim star. It’s not that there’s no value whatsoever; it’s that when stacked against the plethora of resources available, PWA doesn’t shine bright enough to guide you toward the success you’re seeking.

This isn’t to say that Anthony Morrison’s program is devoid of insights or strategies. However, the core issue lies in its delivery and the depth of actionable knowledge it imparts. For individuals eager to dive into the depths of affiliate marketing, to really understand its currents and navigate its challenges, PWA may not be the vessel best equipped for the journey.

Looking Beyond: Finding Your Path in Affiliate Marketing

The digital landscape is rich with platforms, courses, and communities dedicated to the art and science of affiliate marketing. These resources not only offer foundational knowledge but also dive deep into advanced strategies, real-world applications, and ongoing support. They’re designed not just to educate but to empower, providing the tools and insights necessary to build a solid, sustainable presence in the affiliate marketing domain.

For those at the starting line, eager to embark on this journey, the key is to seek out programs that resonate with your goals, your learning style, and your aspirations. Look for courses that offer not just theoretical knowledge but practical, hands-on guidance; communities that foster interaction and support; and mentors who are invested in your growth.

The journey into affiliate marketing is as challenging as it is rewarding. While Partner with Anthony might not be the beacon for everyone, it serves as a reminder to diligently research and critically assess the myriad of learning opportunities at your disposal. Your path to success in affiliate marketing is uniquely yours to chart. Armed with the right knowledge, tools, and community, the potential to thrive in this dynamic field is well within your reach.

Partner With Anthony Review: Pros

Upon thorough examination of Partner with Anthony Morrison, it becomes apparent that distinguishing clear advantages within the program poses a challenge, especially in light of the myriad alternatives available that offer more depth, transparency, and genuine mentorship in affiliate marketing. 

While Anthony Morrison’s name and marketing prowess might initially attract those new to the field, the program itself struggles to provide substantial value or actionable strategies that stand out against the backdrop of more comprehensive and supportive educational resources in the digital marketing domain. 

The search for tangible benefits within Partner with Anthony reveals a preference for exploring other avenues that promise—and more importantly, deliver—a richer, more empowering learning experience for aspiring affiliate marketers.

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Partner with Anthony Review: Cons

Navigating through Partner with Anthony (PWA) presents a series of challenges that can’t be overlooked. These issues not only cast a shadow over the program’s value but also raise questions about its operational and ethical standards. Let’s delve into the core concerns that have emerged:

1. The Dilemma of Hidden Costs

A significant point of contention for many participants has been the program’s approach to costs and charges. While the allure of a low entry fee might draw you in, the journey within unveils a different financial landscape. The issue isn’t just the presence of hidden fees—though they are a major concern—but the lack of transparency and communication about these costs. This practice doesn’t just border on unethical; it directly impacts trust and sets a precedent for uncertainty and surprise expenses, leaving many to question the integrity of the program.

2. Technical Troubles and Lacklustre Support

Imagine stepping into a new learning environment, eager to explore and absorb, only to be met with a barricade of technical glitches and inaccessible content. For many within PWA, this isn’t a hypothetical scenario but a reality. The frustrations of dealing with a malfunctioning platform are compounded by a support system that seems to be more of an afterthought than a priority. When the foundation of your learning journey shakes with every technical hiccup, the pursuit of knowledge becomes an uphill battle.

3. The Mentorship Quandary

Anthony Morrison’s prowess in marketing is well-documented and widely recognized. However, the transition from marketer to mentor reveals a gap that’s hard to bridge. The qualities that define a great mentor—guidance, support, genuine investment in others’ success—are areas where Morrison’s approach has drawn criticism. The essence of mentorship lies in the ability to uplift and enlighten, to transform knowledge into actionable wisdom. Unfortunately, for many, Morrison’s mentorship has felt more like a one-way street, focused on self-promotion rather than mutual growth and learning.

These concerns underscore a broader conversation about what we seek in educational programs and mentors within the digital marketing space. The journey to mastery in any field is fraught with challenges, but the vehicles we choose to navigate this journey—be it courses, mentors, or platforms—should empower us, not hinder our progress.

The discourse surrounding Partner with Anthony serves as a reminder to approach such programs with diligence, to seek out environments that not only promise but deliver value, transparency, and genuine support. As we venture into the vast landscape of affiliate marketing education, let these insights guide our choices, steering us towards resources that truly resonate with our goals and values.

Is Partner with Anthony a Scam?

The question of legitimacy is a complex one, especially in the realm of online marketing courses. Partner with Anthony (PWA) skirts the line—a program that, while not a scam in the strictest sense, dances perilously close to the edge. It presents itself as a legitimate avenue for learning affiliate marketing, yet the execution and delivery leave much to be desired. Our stance? It’s a program we hesitate to recommend.

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Partner with Anthony Review: Conclusion

As we wrap up our exploration of Partner with Anthony, a few key points crystallize. Yes, PWA stands as a legitimate training program on paper. It purports to offer a partnership with Anthony Morrison himself, a mentorship brimming with potential. Yet, the reality falls short of these promises. The partnership, in essence, is a one-sided affair where engagement is limited to watching videos and reading materials—no real interaction, no mentorship dialogue, no personal touch.

This approach, arguably manipulative, undermines the genuine potential for learning and growth. It’s a stark reminder that effective marketing does not always equate to effective education. Furthermore, the program’s structure, marred by hidden fees and refund issues, exacerbates the sense of disillusionment.

For those eager to dive into the world of affiliate marketing, the landscape is vast and filled with alternatives that promise—and deliver—a more transparent, interactive, and enriching educational experience. These programs stand on the pillars of genuine mentorship, clear communication, and tangible skills development, guiding learners through the intricacies of affiliate marketing with integrity and insight.

In conclusion, while Partner with Anthony may offer some foundational knowledge, the overall package fails to live up to the expectations set by its marketing. The journey to mastery in affiliate marketing is multifaceted, demanding not just knowledge, but mentorship, support, and ethical practices. As you chart your course in this vibrant field, seek out resources that offer not just promises, but proof—proof of success, proof of support, and proof of value.

The quest for the right affiliate marketing education is a personal one, defined by your goals, preferences, and values. Let this review serve as a guidepost, illuminating the pitfalls to avoid and the qualities to seek in a program that truly aims to empower its students. The right program for you is out there, one that will not only teach you the ropes but also walk alongside you as you navigate the exciting challenges of affiliate marketing.

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