Is LulaRoe a Pyramid Scheme? An In-Depth MLM Review
Is LulaRoe a Pyramid Scheme An In-Depth MLM Review

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of LuLaRoe, a company that’s as colorful as the leggings it sells. As a multi-level marketing (MLM) entity, LuLaRoe has attracted a lot of attention, not all of which has been positive. In this review, we will peel back the layers of vibrant prints and compelling sales pitches to uncover the realities of becoming a LuLaRoe consultant. From the initial investment and product quality to compensation structure and legal controversies, we’ll dive deep into what it truly means to be part of LuLaRoe’s network of Independent Style Retailers.

Whether you’re considering joining LuLaRoe, are a curious observer, or a seasoned MLM participant, this review aims to provide a balanced perspective on the opportunities and challenges within this unique business model. By the end, you should have a clearer understanding of whether LuLaRoe represents a legitimate opportunity or if it’s just another MLM with too many pitfalls to be worth the risk.

I’d like to join you as we navigate the intricacies of LuLaRoe’s business practices, market position, and community feedback to help you make an informed decision about your potential involvement.

Disclaimer: This LulaRoe MLM review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public.  Any conclusions drawn from that information are my own opinions.

LulaRoe MLM Review Overview

Product Name: LulaRoe

Owner: Deanne and Mark Stidham

Product Type: Fashion MLM Company

Price: Starter Kits Start From $499 + Additional Costs

Best For: Established Network Marketers Looking To Expand Range



  • Popular Products
  • Buy-Back Policy


  • High Startup Costs
  • Declining Product Quality
  • Recruitment-Driven Earnings
  • Products Are Overpriced
  • Legal Troubles

Quick Summary

LuLaRoe, a multi-level marketing company known for its leggings and bold prints, operates on a business model that blurs the lines between direct sales and a recruitment-driven strategy. While the company offers a legitimate product line, its heavy reliance on recruitment for significant earnings, coupled with high start-up costs and the pressure of unsold inventory, has led many to question the sustainability and ethicality of its operations. Although LuLaRoe markets itself as an opportunity for entrepreneurship, the majority of its consultants struggle to turn a profit, overshadowed by the challenges of high initial investments and ongoing sales demands.

The company has faced significant legal scrutiny, including class-action lawsuits accusing it of being a pyramid scheme. These lawsuits, coupled with widespread complaints about product quality and the fairness of its compensation structure, have tarnished LuLaRoe’s reputation, making it a controversial choice for potential consultants. Despite the allure of potentially lucrative earnings through recruitment and sales, the reality is that most participants find the financial and personal costs too steep.

In conclusion, while LuLaRoe presents itself as a vibrant and appealing business opportunity, the underlying challenges and risks are significant. Potential consultants should weigh the enthusiastic promotions against the documented struggles and legal issues faced by those within the company. Careful consideration and thorough research are advised for anyone looking to join LuLaRoe, or any MLM, to ensure it aligns with their personal and financial goals.


Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What Is LulaRoe?

LuLaRoe stands out in the bustling world of multi-level marketing with its unique approach to fashion. At its heart, LuLaRoe is a company that markets a diverse range of women’s clothing, specializing in leggings known for their vibrant and unique prints. Each design is produced in limited quantities, adding an exclusive touch — once a design sells out, it’s gone for good. This scarcity adds to the allure of LuLaRoe’s offerings, which are sold through their network of Independent Fashion Retailers, allowing customers to purchase items either in person or online.

Despite its innovative approach to fashion retail, LuLaRoe has been clouded by numerous complaints and accusations, with many labelling it a pyramid scheme scam. To give you a clearer picture, here’s a link to one of the many intriguing videos circulating online that delve into these controversies:

In this review, we’ll dig deeper into the workings of LuLaRoe to help you determine whether it’s merely a controversial MLM or a legitimate opportunity to start your own clothing business.

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Who Owns LulaRoe?

Founded in late 2012 by Deanne Stidham and her partner Mark Stidham, LuLaRoe has quickly climbed the ranks in the multi-level marketing industry. Mark currently serves as the CEO, bringing a wealth of experience from his previous ventures in multi-level marketing.

The growth trajectory of LuLaRoe has been nothing short of remarkable. Citing sources like Business Insider, the company saw its consultant base swell from 38,277 in September 2016 to 77,491 by February 2017. Moreover, Forbes highlighted LuLaRoe’s explosive sales figures, suggesting the company was on track to hit $1 billion in sales for 2016 alone. Given its meteoric rise within just six years, the question arises: Is LuLaRoe a groundbreaking business model or a well-disguised pyramid scheme? Let’s explore further and uncover the truth.

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Is LulaRoe a Pyramid Scheme?

In my analysis, LuLaRoe operates on a model where members earn through both product sales and recruitment. While this dual income stream does not inherently classify LuLaRoe as a pyramid scheme, it’s worth noting that recruiting often yields more financial rewards than direct sales. This heavy emphasis on recruitment might make one question: Is LuLaRoe merely a pyramid scheme in disguise?

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme is a business model that focuses primarily on recruiting new members rather than selling actual products. Members are promised earnings or benefits mainly for enrolling others into the scheme. For a clearer understanding, take a look at this brief video explaining pyramid schemes:

Many people suspect LuLaRoe of being a pyramid scheme due to the significant earnings potential linked to recruitment compared to direct sales. This perception contributes to the ongoing debate about the nature of LuLaRoe’s business model.

Is Product a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

From my findings, LuLaRoe is not a scam or a classic pyramid scheme. The company operates legally, offering real products and compensating sales and recruitment without merely paying for new sign-ups. However, the structure of rewards skewed towards recruitment might lead some to view it as a pyramid scheme from a practical standpoint.

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Is LulaRoe a Scam or Legit MLM?

Despite facing numerous complaints and lawsuits, mainly concerning product quality and the high cost of entry, LuLaRoe remains a legitimate MLM. These challenges, however, have marred its reputation, particularly among stay-at-home moms targeted by its marketing strategies. These strategies often paint an overly rosy picture of the earning potential through home parties.

The reality sets in when new consultants realize the limited pool of potential buyers among friends and family, which can strain relationships and quickly exhaust their sales network.

Anecdotal evidence from numerous women suggests that the aggressive push towards sales can lead to social isolation and financial stress, casting a shadow over the legitimacy of the business opportunity.

While LuLaRoe is legally a legitimate MLM, the high initial investment, combined with the challenges of sustaining sales through personal networks, makes it a less desirable option for many. If you’re considering this venture, weigh the potential costs against the realistic benefits you might achieve.

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What Products Does LulaRoe Sell?

LuLaRoe is best known for its colorful and vibrant leggings, but the company’s product line extends far beyond just these.

They offer a variety of women’s apparel including skirts, knits, and dresses. What makes their clothing line particularly appealing is the limited production of each pattern, ensuring that each piece is somewhat unique. This strategy of creating exclusive designs certainly has a charm that attracts customers looking for something distinctive in their wardrobe.

Are LulaRoe Products Any Good?

LuLaRoe sources its apparel from multiple countries, including China, Vietnam, and Guatemala, and they are transparent about the global nature of their production. However, transparency does not mitigate the issues surrounding product quality.

Customers frequently report inconsistency in sizing, which can be frustrating: you might fit into a small for one item and find yourself needing an extra-large for another. Additionally, the fabric quality has been called into question. Many consumers have raised concerns about the material being too thin, leading to wear and tear far too quickly than one would expect.

The allure of LuLaRoe’s clothing lies in its unique, boutique-style offerings—colorful and distinctive. Yet, this same selling point is overshadowed by the numerous complaints about the quality of these garments. As LuLaRoe continues to grow, it remains to be seen whether the company can address and improve these quality issues without compromising their rapid expansion.

In conclusion, while the exclusive designs of LuLaRoe’s products draw in customers, the prevailing issues with quality risk damaging the brand’s reputation, possibly faster than they can remedy these concerns.

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How Does LulaRoe MLM Work?

LuLaRoe operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company out of Corona, CA. When you decide to join LuLaRoe, you take on the role of a fashion consultant. But what does this actually entail?

Starting Your Own In-Home Clothing Shop

As a consultant, you essentially start your own boutique—right from your home. You purchase an inventory of clothing which you then aim to sell at a marked-up retail price. Additionally, you have the option to recruit others to sell under you, and in turn, you earn a percentage from their sales, acting more as a mentor and less as a direct seller.

Compensation and Recruitment

Compensation for LuLaRoe consultants is based not only on their own sales but also on the performance of those they recruit. This structure is often why LuLaRoe is mistakenly labeled a pyramid scheme. To qualify for various incentives and bonuses, consultants must reach specific sales milestones. Unfortunately, the vast majority struggle to meet these targets, resulting in lost potential earnings.

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How To Join LulaRoe MLM?

Joining LuLaRoe requires purchasing a start-up kit of inventory, which is a significant initial investment. This model is defended by the company as mirroring a traditional retail business, which also needs to buy stock upfront. This substantial outlay does make new consultants feel as though they are investing in a legitimate business.

Selling the Inventory

The catch? Just like any retail outlet, you must sell the inventory you buy. If you can’t sell it, you’re not just stuck with unsold stock but also potentially out of a significant sum of money.

The Buy-Back Guarantee

LuLaRoe claims to offer a buy-back guarantee for unsold stock, which should theoretically mitigate the risk for consultants. However, the reality seems to differ, with mixed reviews on the feasibility of getting refunds for unsold inventory. Many consultants report difficulties in reclaiming their investment, adding to the challenges they face.

The LuLaRoe business model presents an attractive but risky opportunity. While it mimics the operations of a real business, the financial risks and challenges in selling the inventory can make it a tough path for many. In my view, the difficulties in managing unsold stock and the mixed success in obtaining refunds do not bode well for business practices, making it a venture that requires careful consideration.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join LulaRoe MLM?

Joining LuLaRoe as a distributor requires an initial investment in a starter pack, priced at $499.

This pack includes 65 random pieces of LuLaRoe clothing. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose the specific items or styles in your kit, which might include pieces with large and potentially unappealing prints. Considering the investment, the inability to select merchandise could be a significant drawback, especially if you’re not fond of the company’s bold design choices.

For a more detailed perspective, albeit a slightly biased one, you can watch the following video:

The high cost coupled with the uncertainty of the product selection makes the starter pack a risky investment for new consultants. As part of my ongoing review, I will explore whether this initial outlay can indeed lead to profitable sales activities as a representative.

How To Make Money With LulaRoe MLM?

As a LuLaRoe distributor, there are two primary ways to earn money:

  1. Direct Sales: Sell LuLaRoe products directly to consumers and earn commissions on those sales.
  2. Recruitment: Recruit new consultants and earn bonuses from the sales your recruits make.

From my findings, significant earnings typically come more from recruitment than direct sales, which echoes common criticisms of MLMs being overly reliant on recruitment for substantial income.

What is LulaRoe’s Compensation Plan?

LuLaRoe’s compensation plan allows consultants, often referred to as Fashion Retailers, to earn between 35% and 50% commission on gross sales. To maintain active status and qualify for payments, a consultant must sell at least 33 items per month.

The plan includes several ranks through which consultants can progress, each offering different benefits and earning potentials:

  • Retailer
  • Sponsor
  • Trainer
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Ambassador

The complexity of the compensation structure is often a point of contention, as it can be challenging to understand without thorough investigation. For a clearer explanation of how each level works, I recommend viewing this video:

Though the potential to make money exists, the significant upfront costs, stringent sales requirements, and complex compensation tiers make it a challenging endeavour. This complexity, alongside the heavy recruitment emphasis, contributes to the perception of LuLaRoe as a potential pyramid scheme.

Can You Make Money With LulaRoe MLM?

The financial viability of joining LuLaRoe as an Independent Style Retailer is an essential consideration. According to LuLaRoe’s 2023 Earnings Disclosure Statement, a staggering 89.79% of retailers in the USA did not qualify for compensation, mainly because they failed to meet the necessary sales thresholds. The average gross profit for those who did earn was only $945.16. When you consider the additional expenses associated with running this business, it becomes evident that most members struggle to see a return on their investment.


Beyond direct sales, LuLaRoe offers the potential to earn through recruitment. As an enroller, you are eligible for a bonus of 5% on the sales volume of recruited consultants, provided you purchase at least 175 products monthly. Achieving this can also unlock a 3% bonus from sales made by subsequent generations in your downline.

While it is technically possible to make money with LuLaRoe, the reality is that achieving a substantial income requires a significant upfront investment in both time and inventory. The data shows that most consultants do not earn significant profits.

LulaRoe Reviews and Complaints

Understanding the reputation of LuLaRoe can be gleaned from a multitude of online reviews and testimonials. The feedback tends to be polarised, reflecting varied customer experiences.

Positive Reviews

Some customers express satisfaction with their purchases, praising the quality and design of the products. For example, one reviewer noted, “I loved the pattern I received, and they actually have all three colors I want to match with tops. The pair I got was better made and a bit heavier than another I had bought elsewhere, so I see that as a win.”

Negative Reviews

However, negative reviews are prevalent and raise concerns about product quality. Complaints of poor craftsmanship are common, such as leggings that tear after minimal use or inconsistent sizing across the same product label. One disappointed customer reported, “Bought a pair of leggings, and after a week, it had three holes. They weren’t too small; they just ripped when I sat down.”

Documentary and Media Coverage

The broader media narrative around LuLaRoe has also been critical, with investigative pieces and documentaries such as LulaRich on Amazon Prime highlighting alleged unethical practices within the company. These reports have intensified public scrutiny and skepticism about the MLM model LuLaRoe employs.

The mixed reviews online and the extensive criticism in media and documentaries paint a complex picture of LuLaRoe. While there are enthusiasts who swear by the products, the overwhelming number of complaints related to both product quality and the MLM structure cannot be overlooked in any comprehensive review of the company.

Legal Challenges Facing LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe’s rapid expansion and controversial business model have led to significant legal scrutiny and several high-profile lawsuits. These legal battles shed light on the complexities and potential risks associated with the company’s operations.

Class-Action Lawsuits

One of the most significant legal challenges came in October 2017 when a class-action lawsuit was filed in California. This lawsuit accused LuLaRoe of being a pyramid scheme, alleging that the company’s business structure prioritized recruitment over actual product sales, misleading consultants about the potential for earnings. This case highlighted concerns about the sustainability and ethicality of LuLaRoe’s MLM model.

Issues with Quality and Refunds

LuLaRoe has also faced lawsuits regarding the quality of its products and its handling of refunds. Customers and consultants complained about defective products and difficulties in returning unsold inventory despite the company’s buy-back guarantee. These issues have contributed to a perception of poor business practices and lack of support for consultants.

Allegations of Misleading Business Practices

Further complicating matters, LuLaRoe has been accused of misleading business practices, including changes to its bonus structure and compensation plan without adequate notice to its consultants. These actions have led to additional legal scrutiny and dissatisfaction among the consultant community.

Impact on Brand Reputation

These legal troubles have had a substantial impact on LuLaRoe’s reputation, potentially affecting every aspect of its operations—from consultant recruitment to customer satisfaction and overall brand credibility.

In the next sections, I will delve deeper into the specific pros and cons as reported by actual users and distributors to provide a more nuanced understanding of what it’s like to be involved with LuLaRoe.

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LulaRoe MLM Review: What I Like

Joining LuLaRoe as a representative comes with its set of benefits. While the challenges are undeniable, certain perks can make the venture worthwhile for those considering this business opportunity. Let’s explore some of the positive aspects that LuLaRoe offers to its consultants.

#1 Popular Products

LuLaRoe’s garments, especially their leggings, have garnered a loyal following among consumers. This popularity is crucial for representatives because selling a product that people already love and want makes the sales process significantly easier. The demand for comfortable yet stylish clothing, particularly among moms, is a strong selling point.

#2 Buy-Back Policy

One of the standout features of LuLaRoe’s business model is their buy-back policy, which offers representatives a safety net. If you find yourself with unsold inventory, LuLaRoe will buy it back from you at full cost, provided you return it within 30 days of purchase. This policy is particularly beneficial for mitigating financial risks associated with unsold stock. It’s advisable to utilize this option promptly if sales do not meet your expectations.

LulaRoe MLM Review: What I Didn't Like

While there are advantages to joining LuLaRoe, potential representatives must also be aware of the significant challenges that accompany this MLM opportunity. The following drawbacks are crucial for anyone considering this venture to understand fully, as they can impact both your financial investment and potential earnings.

#1 High Startup Costs

Although LuLaRoe has reduced the cost of their starter pack from $5000-$6000 to $499 in response to widespread backlash, this initial investment remains considerable. The pack consists of a random assortment of garments, which may not always align with your or your customers’ tastes—posing a risk right from the start.

#2 Declining Product Quality

LuLaRoe is best known for its leggings, but recent reviews and customer feedback suggest a significant decline in product quality. Problems are so prevalent that the company released a tutorial video on how to wear their leggings to avoid damage, which many saw as shifting blame onto consumers. This indicates deeper issues with the durability and quality of their products.

#3 Recruitment-Driven Earnings

To truly make money with LuLaRoe, significant emphasis is placed on recruiting rather than just selling products. This structure can create a dependency on building and maintaining a large downline, which is often unsustainable for many and characteristic of a “pyramid scheme in disguise.”

#4 Unappealing and Overpriced Products

Personal taste aside, many find LuLaRoe’s clothing designs unattractive and the garments overpriced. The cost does not seem justified by the quality or aesthetic appeal of the products, which can make them a hard sell, potentially leading to high levels of unsold inventory.

#5 Legal Troubles

LuLaRoe has faced multiple lawsuits from both consultants and consumers since its inception, including a major class-action lawsuit in October 2017 that accused the company of operating as a pyramid scheme. These legal challenges have raised concerns about the company’s business practices and overall credibility.

LulaRoe MLM Review: Conclusion

Navigating the murky waters of multi-level marketing often leads to comparisons with pyramid schemes, but not all MLMs fit this dubious mould. LuLaRoe, with its legitimate business operations interspersed with contentious practices, occupies a grey area in this spectrum.

LuLaRoe operates on a classic multi-level marketing structure, relying on a network of independent salespeople who sell directly to consumers, often through in-home presentations. Sales consultants earn commissions based on their own sales as well as those from their recruited team members.

Pyramid Scheme or Legitimate Business? While this model echoes elements of a pyramid scheme, particularly the emphasis on recruitment for earning bonuses, LuLaRoe differs in a crucial way—it rewards sales of actual products, not just recruitment. Therefore, despite its pyramid-like structure, it doesn’t fit the strict definition of a pyramid scheme which typically lacks a genuine product offering and bases compensation solely on recruitment.

However, the heavy reliance on team recruitment to achieve substantial earnings blurs the lines, making it appear as a pyramid scheme in disguise to some observers. Yet, it’s crucial to note that LuLaRoe is not considered a scam in the legal sense because it provides a tangible product and pays commissions on sales, not merely for adding new recruits.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this review. What are your thoughts on LuLaRoe? Do you perceive it as a pyramid scheme or a scam? Whether you were once involved or remain a member, your insights are invaluable. Feel free to share your experiences and reviews below!

Why I Don’t Recommend Joining MLMs

While multi-level marketing (MLM) may seem like a viable path to entrepreneurship and financial independence, numerous studies and statistics paint a different picture:

  • High Risk of Losses: According to the Federal Trade Commission, nearly 99% of all MLM participants actually lose money. This staggering figure highlights the intrinsic risk associated with this business model.
  • Low Earning Potential: Research by the AARP Foundation shows that 47% of MLM distributors lose money, and among the few who do earn, 53% make less than $5,000 per year.
  • Relationship Strain: The pressure to recruit and sell products often places immense strain on personal relationships. This is so pronounced that 39% of those making around $5,000 a year eventually quit because they risk alienating friends and family.
  • Lack of Sustainability: The turnover rate in MLMs is incredibly high, with 50% of all participants quitting within the first year. Additionally, a 2018 poll among MLM distributors revealed that the majority earned merely 70 cents per hour, and 60% made less than $500 in sales over five years.
  • Debt Incurrence: The same poll indicated that 32% of participants went into credit card debt to fund their MLM activities, further underscoring the financial dangers of such ventures.
  • General Discontent: A resounding 75% of those who have participated in MLMs stated they would never join one again, reflecting widespread dissatisfaction and disillusionment with these business practices.

These statistics and findings make it clear why MLMs, despite being legal and sometimes profitable for a very small minority, are not recommended for most people seeking stable, long-term business opportunities. The odds are simply not in favour of the average participant, making it a risky move with often minimal returns.

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Thanks for reading my LulaRoe MLM Review!  If you have any questions, or any experiences to share then please write them in the comments below. ;). 

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