Unpacking the Truth: Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM?
Unpacking the Truth Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme or Legit MLM

Are you considering joining Isagenix but wondering, “Is Isagenix a pyramid scheme, scam, or a legitimate MLM opportunity?” You’re not alone in your curiosity. Isagenix has made a name for itself in the multi-level marketing (MLM) sector since its inception in 2002, offering a range of health and wellness products.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve deep into the workings of Isagenix MLM, exploring its product offerings, business model, compensation structure, and the real earning potential it offers to its members. Whether you’re looking to make a full-time income or just some extra cash, this review will provide you with the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

Disclaimer: This Isagenix MLM review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public.  Any conclusions drawn from that information are my own opinions.

Isagenix Review Overview

Product Name: Isagenix MLM

Owner: Jim and Cathy Cooper

Product Type: Health and Wellness/MLM Company

Price: $39 per month + at least $150 per month to remain active

Best For: Experience Network Marketers or Direct Sales People


What To Look For In An MLM...


  • Isagenix Offers a 30-Day Refund
  • Proven Company
  • You Can Make Money With Isagenix MLM


  • Low Income Potential
  • Focused on Recruitment
  • Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme
  • Low Success Rate & Saturated Market

Quick Summary

Isagenix, established in 2002, markets itself as a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company, boasting a range of wellness products backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. While the company does offer a legitimate business model, characterized by a comprehensive compensation plan and a 30-day refund policy, it’s crucial to understand that success within this framework is not guaranteed. The income disclosure reveals that only a small fraction of participants achieve substantial earnings, primarily those who excel in recruitment and team building.

Despite its legality, the Isagenix MLM strategy heavily emphasizes recruitment, leading many to struggle with the sustainable development of their downline. The majority of Isagenix members earn less than a full-time income, and the Earnings Disclosure Statement lacks sufficient clarity to provide prospective members a clear understanding of what they might earn. This focus on building a network can often feel daunting and is cited by some as aligning too closely with pyramid scheme characteristics.

For those considering joining Isagenix, it is vital to approach with a clear understanding of the challenges inherent in MLM businesses. While there are success stories within Isagenix, they are the exception rather than the norm. Potential members should weigh the high effort required against the likely returns and consider whether this type of business aligns with their personal and financial goals. As such, exploring more straightforward, less recruitment-focused ways to make money from home may be advisable for many.


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Table of Contents

What Is Isagenix?

Founded in 2002 by John Anderson along with Jim and Cathy Coover, Isagenix stands out in the multi-level marketing (MLM) landscape with its focus on wellness. At Isagenix, wellness takes the form of a diverse array of products, from nutritional supplements and energy drinks to hydration solutions and other health-focused potions.


John Anderson brought his rich experience from years in supplement formulation to the table, while Cathy and Jim Coover have contributed a combined expertise of over fifty years in direct sales. This trio has steered Isagenix toward a significant presence in the wellness industry.

A major part of the Isagenix product line is dedicated to weight loss, though they also boast offerings that enhance energy and overall hydration, along with various general health supplements. Isagenix claims that their products support the body’s natural detoxification processes. It’s important to note, however, that the effectiveness of detox supplements is widely debated, with little scientific evidence supporting such claims.

But the crux of this review isn’t just to explore the efficacy of Isagenix products; it’s to delve into whether Isagenix operates as a legitimate MLM business or if it veers into the territory of a pyramid scheme. Before we dive deeper into this investigation, take a moment to watch this short video for an overview of the company.

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Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme?

Technically, Isagenix does not qualify as a pyramid scheme. They hold a membership in good standing with the Direct Selling Association (DSA), an independent entity committed to promoting ethical practices in the direct selling industry. The DSA even helped craft significant portions of the Anti-Pyramid Promotional Scheme Act. This legislation plays a crucial role in shaping the guidelines that prevent the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) from classifying companies like Isagenix as pyramid schemes.

Despite these credentials, skepticism remains, with some questioning if Isagenix is merely a pyramid scheme in disguise. To address these concerns properly, it’s essential to understand exactly what a pyramid scheme is.

What is a Pyramid Scheme?

A Pyramid Scheme is a business that pays a commission for recruiting new members, not for selling a product or service.  They will typically try and promote it differently, to avoid being labelled a pyramid scheme.

But the reality is that the only way of earning money with them is to recruit more and more people into the scheme.

It starts with the initial promoter who recruits “investors”, who in turn recruit more investors, and so on.

The scheme is called a “pyramid” due to each level increasing the number of investors.  You can learn more with this video…

Another thing to point out is that Pyramid Schemes are illegal in most countries, so they don’t have a very long lifespan.  As soon as people stop joining them, there are no more “investors” to put money into the scheme. 

Meaning the scheme collapses and the majority of people lose their money.  The people behind these schemes usually start again with the same scheme, but with a different name, etc.

The hope is that the FTC and other authorities catch them before they hurt too many people.  Examples include Digital Altitude and MOBE, which were both outed as pyramid schemes and were closed down.

Why Do Some Think Isagenix Is a Pyramid Scheme?

The suspicion often stems from the fact that significant earnings at Isagenix can come from recruiting numerous people into their MLM strategy. This model of making money primarily through recruitment is a hallmark that critics argue blurs the lines between a legitimate MLM and a pyramid scheme.

Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme in Disguise?

As outlined earlier, Isagenix operates legally and promises commissions based on actual sales by you and those you recruit, not merely for recruitment itself. This structure is critical in differentiating it from a true pyramid scheme, where earnings are typically based only on recruitment without genuine product sales. 

Thus, Isagenix sells legitimate products that consumers can use, further solidifying its status as a bona fide MLM, not a pyramid scheme.

Want to learn how to spot these pyramid schemes in disguise?  Check out the video below…

Is Isagenix a Scam or Legit MLM?

First things first: Isagenix is not a scam. This is a legitimate business that markets real, tangible products to its customers. They honor their commitments to their distributors, ensuring payments are made precisely as promised.

However, the legitimacy of the business doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right opportunity for everyone. While Isagenix checks all the boxes for operating within the legal framework of a multi-level marketing company, deciding whether it’s a suitable venture for you involves deeper consideration.

Evaluating Isagenix for Your MLM Goals

Choosing to join an MLM like Isagenix isn’t just about the legality or the products—it’s also about how well the business model aligns with your personal and financial goals. The remaining sections of this review will delve into various aspects of Isagenix’s operations, compensation structure, and community culture. This comprehensive analysis aims to equip you with all the information needed to decide if Isagenix represents the right path toward achieving your entrepreneurial aspirations.

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What Products Does Isagenix Sell?

Isagenix offers a range of products designed to support weight loss, muscle growth, and overall well-being. The cornerstone of their product line is the meal replacement shake, which Isagenix claims can help build lean muscle and reduce weight. 

According to their official website, these products and their ingredients are “backed by research and science.” However, it’s important to note that most of the studies cited are either in vitro or conducted on mice, not humans.


The Isagenix shakes can be mixed with either milk or water and are marketed as an effective low-fat, low-cholesterol, and low-sodium meal replacement. The proteins used in these shakes are claimed to be free from antibiotics and hormones. 

Additionally, Isagenix offers products across various categories:

    • Weight Loss: Includes snacks and mini-meals.
    • Performance: Features shakes, bars, and items aimed at enhancing exercise performance and recovery.
    • Vitality & Well-Being: Offers supplements for joint health and brain function.
    • IsaKids: Provides smoothies and supplements specifically for children.
    • Essential Oils: Includes oils and diffusers.
    • Personal Care and Beauty: Consists of serums, creams, and toners.

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    How Does Isagenix MLM Work?

    Isagenix operates as a legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) company, not as a scam or a pyramid scheme. The company’s business framework and compensation models are above board. However, the MLM aspect involves training independent representatives who may try to recruit you to join their direct selling team. This recruitment strategy is often why some observers might label Isagenix as a pyramid scheme.


    If you decide to join, you’ll become part of their sales force, where your success in constructing a downline and the dream of earning a passive income will heavily depend on your ability to recruit others. The enthusiasm and promises made by these recruiters can sometimes be exaggerated, leading to unrealistic expectations about the ease of achieving success.

    While the company, its products, and its business structure are legitimate, the challenge and likelihood of realizing the “dream” of easy income through MLM can be daunting and, for some, may feel misleading. This aspect of MLMs is what critics often point to when discussing the potential downsides.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Join Isagenix MLM?

    Joining Isagenix as an MLM member comes with a couple of options. If you opt for the “auto-ship” program, which entails a commitment of approximately $150 per month, the annual membership fee is $29. Without the auto-ship commitment, the fee rises to $39.

    If you’re not interested in becoming a full-fledged member but still want to purchase their products, you can enjoy a 10% discount without any membership fee. However, to effectively market and sell these products, you’ll likely need to invest in starter packs.

    How To Make Money With Isagenix?

    Isagenix offers several ways for members to earn income:

    1. Direct Sales: Earn commissions by selling Isagenix products to people you know.
    2. Member Sales: Receive bonuses when other Isagenix members buy products through your referral.
    3. Team Bonuses: Gain bonuses from the total sales of your team, emphasizing the importance of team growth.
    4. Special Promotions: Periodically, Isagenix introduces other incentives that can enhance your earnings.

    The compensation structure highlights significant earnings from pushing sales among Isagenix members and underscores the potential financial benefits of building a large team. This intense focus on recruitment and the requirement for team members to regularly purchase products contribute to the perception of Isagenix as a pyramid scheme. However, it’s crucial to note that earnings are not derived from recruitment alone but through actual sales made by your team.

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    What Is the Isagenix Compensation Plan?

    Isagenix’s compensation plan can be complex, with six primary ways to earn:

    1. Retail Profits: Earn a 25% commission on retail sales.
    2. Retail Direct Profits: Similar commissions through sales made via your replicated Isagenix website.
    3. Product Introduction Bonuses: Bonuses for sales of starter packs to new customers.
    4. Team Bonuses: Residual income from your downline’s sales, referred to as “Cycles.”
    5. Executive Matching Team Bonuses: A 10% match on the sales of your downline upon reaching Executive rank.
    6. Special Incentives and Promotions: Additional earnings through ranks and bonus pools.

    The complexity of this plan, with its myriad of numbers, terms, and conditions, can be overwhelming and obscure the real challenge of achieving success within MLMs. This complexity is often seen as a tactic to mask low success rates.


    Isagenix employs a binary system for its compensation plan, where you’re required to build two teams: a right team and a left team. Your income potential and qualification for bonuses depend on the performance and structure of these teams, along with other factors like business volume (BV) and personal volume (PV).

    To get a better understanding of how these mechanics work, Isagenix provides specific training sessions and materials. You can also watch the following video, which offers a clearer explanation of the compensation structure than I can provide here.

    How Much Money Can You Make With Isagenix MLM?

    While Isagenix presents a lucrative opportunity on paper, the reality might differ. According to their 2018 earnings disclosure, the top one percent of earners at Isagenix had incomes ranging from $39,487 to $2.1 million. However, flipping those figures reveals that 99% of participants earned less than $39,487 that year. Remember, these are gross figures and don’t take into account expenses like taxes or operational costs.

    Given these statistics, it’s evident why some might view MLM schemes sceptically. Yet, as previously noted, Isagenix operates a legitimate MLM structure — at least formally.

    Can You Make Money With Isagenix MLM?

    Success in MLM, such as Isagenix, is achievable but challenging. It generally suits those with a large personal network, an outgoing personality, a strong work ethic, and sales experience. If you’re more introverted or have a smaller network, succeeding in MLM could be particularly tough.

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    Isagenix Reviews and Complaints

    To gauge whether Isagenix is a scam or a legitimate MLM, one useful approach is to look at user reviews:


    Common Positive Reviews

    I’ve been using Isagenix products for 10 years, from their Shakes to the new Collagen Elixir. The Meal Replacement shakes offer great value, and I love their natural energy drinks and healthy chocolate. Highly recommended, especially because Isagenix is a family-owned company that cares about its products and customers.” — A long-time customer

    The support from the team I joined has been fantastic, not just in terms of product advice but also personal support.” — A European customer

    Common Negative Reviews

    I was excited about Isagenix, but the customer service has been a nightmare. Despite being charged, orders would be delayed or not arrive, and customer service was unhelpful.” — A frustrated customer

    Still waiting for my refund after returning everything. There seems to be a total lack of consideration from the company.” — An unsatisfied customer

    These mixed reviews highlight some operational issues, typical of many companies, but don’t necessarily indicate that Isagenix is a scam. However, the challenges associated with the MLM model are significant, as evidenced by the difficulties in making substantial earnings through sales or recruitment.

    As we wrap up this review, let’s consider some pros and cons of participating in Isagenix’s MLM scheme, which will be detailed in the next section.

    Isagenix MLM Review: Pros

    Exploring the advantages of Isagenix, we find several compelling reasons that might attract potential members:

    #1 Isagenix Offers a 30-Day Refund

    Any company that provides a 30-day money-back guarantee is more likely to be seen as legitimate. While some network marketing programs might offer inferior products to make a quick profit, Isagenix stands behind its offerings. This refund policy ensures that if the products don’t meet your expectations, you have the option to get your money back promptly.

    #2 Isagenix Is a Proven Company

    Since its inception in 2002, Isagenix has established a solid track record. The founders bring over 50 years of experience in direct sales, lending credibility and stability to the company. Unlike some MLMs where companies might collapse suddenly, erasing years of hard-earned progress, Isagenix’s longevity provides a measure of security to its distributors.

    #3 You Can Make Money With Isagenix MLM

    It is indeed possible to earn through Isagenix. The company boasts over 254 millionaires among its ranks, illustrating that success is attainable. While other MLMs might attribute low earnings to members signing up just for free products, Isagenix provides evidence that a significant portion of its members—who at one time made money—were genuinely engaged in turning their involvement into a viable business.

    Isagenix MLM Review: Cons

    While Isagenix has its benefits, it’s also important to consider the potential drawbacks that might deter prospective members:

    #1 Low Income Potential

    Reviewing the Isagenix Earnings Disclosure Statement reveals that the majority of Associates earn far below a full-time income, with many likely incurring losses. The statement itself lacks clarity and detail, making it hard to ascertain the exact earnings of participants. 

    This indicates that while the top echelon may profit significantly, the average participant struggles to make a meaningful income, casting doubt on the “business opportunity” presented.

    #2 Isagenix Is Focused on Recruiting

    As with many network marketing ventures, success in Isagenix heavily relies on recruitment. The dream of financial freedom is often marketed aggressively, yet it remains out of reach for most.

    The necessity to recruit friends, family, and strangers can be daunting and unsustainable for many, especially without the incentive of a regular, dependable income.

    #3 Isagenix Looks Like a Pyramid Scheme

    The structure of Isagenix compels members to focus significantly on team building rather than just product sales. Daily efforts must go into convincing others to join under the guise of a promising business opportunity, alongside attempts to sell products. This recruitment-centric model is why some critics argue that Isagenix resembles a pyramid scheme.

    #4 Low Success Rate and Saturated Market

    The market for Isagenix products is increasingly becoming saturated, intensifying competition and diminishing potential returns. Most MLM participants, including those in Isagenix, tend to lose the money they invest, with a failure rate hovering around 99%. This saturation contributes to the challenging environment, making success rare and difficult to achieve.

    Isagenix MLM Review: Conclusion

    As highlighted throughout this review, Isagenix MLM is not a scam. The company offers quality products and has a structured compensation plan in place. However, if you are considering this opportunity, it’s crucial to understand that it requires significant effort and skill to generate any income.

    Isagenix, like all multi-level marketing businesses, presents a challenging pathway to success. While their products and compensation plan may provide a potential stream of extra income for those with advanced skills, the reality is that the profit margins are generally small. The primary way to achieve substantial earnings is through recruitment—a feat that 99% of participants find unattainable.

    Consequently, most individuals who join MLMs struggle to make a profit, and some may even label these businesses as pyramid schemes or scams due to their experiences.

    Therefore, I caution against this and similar MLM opportunities, as there are more straightforward and potentially more profitable ways to earn money from home.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this Isagenix review. What are your thoughts? Do you believe Isagenix is a pyramid scheme or scam? Have you ever been a member, or are you currently involved with this company? I invite you to share your experiences and opinions below.

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