The Truth About Warrior Plus: Legitimate Platform or Shady Marketplace?


Are you thinking about joining Warrior Plus as an affiliate or vendor, but feeling hesitant because of some of the negative things you’ve heard?

Or maybe you’ve already signed up, but are wondering if the platform is truly a legitimate way to make money online.

Either way, you’re not alone…

Warrior Plus has been the subject of controversy and criticism over the years, with some people calling it a shady marketplace filled with low-quality products and deceptive tactics.

But is that really the case?

In this post, we’re going to dive deep into the truth about Warrior Plus, examining the pros and cons, controversies, and ultimately the legitimacy of this popular affiliate network. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of whether or not Warrior Plus is worth your time and energy.

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What is Warrior Plus?

Warrior Plus is an online platform that connects product creators (vendors) with marketers (affiliates) who want to promote those products in exchange for a commission.

Vendors can list their products on the platform, and then affiliates can browse those products and choose which ones they want to promote to their audience.

When an affiliate makes a sale, they earn a percentage of the revenue generated.


One notable feature of Warrior Plus is that it specializes in digital products related to online marketing and entrepreneurship. This means that the products available on the platform tend to be focused on topics like affiliate marketing, social media, email marketing, and so on.

If you’re an affiliate in the online marketing niche, this can be a big advantage, as it means you’ll be able to find products that are highly relevant to your audience.

Another benefit of Warrior Plus is that it offers a wide range of tools and resources to help both vendors and affiliates succeed. 

For example, vendors can use the platform to set up sales funnels, upsells, and down sells, and can also take advantage of features like one-click upsells and built-in affiliate management.

Affiliates, on the other hand, have access to detailed stats and reporting, customizable affiliate links, and even pre-made promotional materials like email swipes and banner ads.

Overall, Warrior Plus is a platform that has been designed to make it as easy as possible for product creators and marketers to work together and make money online.

Whether you’re a vendor looking to launch a new product or an affiliate looking for new ways to monetize your audience, Warrior Plus offers a range of features and benefits that can help you achieve your goals.

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Warrior Plus Controversies


Despite its popularity, Warrior Plus has been the subject of controversy and criticism over the years. Some of the most common issues that people have raised include…

Refund policies

One common complaint about Warrior Plus is that it can be difficult to get refunds for products that turn out to be low-quality or not as advertised. 

While vendors are technically responsible for issuing refunds, some users have reported that they have had trouble getting refunds processed, and that the platform’s customer support is slow to respond to their concerns.

Low-quality products

Another concern that has been raised about Warrior Plus is that there are a lot of low-quality products available on the platform. Some users have reported that they have purchased products that were poorly written, outdated, or simply not useful. 

This can be frustrating for affiliates who are trying to promote high-quality products to their audience, and can damage the reputation of the platform as a whole.

Fake reviews

A third issue that has been raised about Warrior Plus is the prevalence of fake reviews on the platform. Some vendors have been accused of using fake accounts to leave positive reviews for their products, or of paying affiliates to leave positive reviews. 

This can make it difficult for users to tell which products are genuinely good and which ones are being artificially boosted.

Examples of these controversies in action include:

  • In 2018, a group of Warrior Plus users created a petition asking the platform to improve its refund policies, arguing that too many low-quality products were being sold and that getting refunds was too difficult.

  • In 2019, a well-known affiliate marketer publicly criticized Warrior Plus for allowing too many low-quality products to be listed on the platform, arguing that it was damaging the reputation of the online marketing industry as a whole.

  • In 2020, a vendor on Warrior Plus was caught using fake accounts to leave positive reviews for their products. The vendor was banned from the platform, but the incident raised questions about how common this practice might be among other vendors.

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Warrior Plus Pros & Cons

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Pros for Vendors

  1. Large Affiliate Network: Warrior Plus has a large network of affiliates who are interested in promoting products in the Internet marketing niche, making it easier for vendors to find people to promote their products.

  2. Easy Payment Processing: The platform handles payment processing for vendors, which means they don’t have to worry about setting up their own payment system or dealing with chargebacks and refunds.

  3. Built-in Sales Tracking: Warrior Plus provides vendors with detailed sales tracking and analytics, making it easy to see which products are selling well and which ones aren’t.

Cons for Vendors

  1. High Fees: Warrior Plus charges vendors a fee for each product sold, which can be as high as 20% of the sale price. This can eat into profits and make it harder for vendors to earn a substantial income.

  2. Competition: Because there are so many vendors on Warrior Plus, it can be difficult for new vendors to stand out and get noticed.

  3. Low-Quality Products: Warrior Plus has a reputation for having a lot of low-quality products, which can make it harder for legitimate vendors to build trust with their audience.

Pros for Affiliates

  1. Large Product Selection: With thousands of products available, affiliates have a wide range of options to choose from when promoting products on Warrior Plus.

  2. High Commission Rates: Many products on Warrior Plus offer high commission rates, which means affiliates can earn a significant income from promoting products on the platform.

  3. Built-in Sales Tracking: Like vendors, affiliates also have access to detailed sales tracking and analytics, making it easy to see which products are performing well.

Cons for Affiliates

  1. Competition: With so many affiliates promoting products on Warrior Plus, it can be difficult to stand out and get noticed.

  2. Low-Quality Products: As mentioned earlier, there are many low-quality products on the platform, which can damage an affiliate’s reputation if they promote them to their audience.

  3. Refund Issues: Some users have reported having difficulty getting refunds for products they have promoted, which can lead to frustration and damage an affiliate’s relationship with their audience.


Is Warrior Plus Legit?

Warrior Plus has been around for over a decade and has become a popular platform for affiliate marketers and product vendors alike. However, there have been some controversies surrounding the platform, which has led to questions about its legitimacy.

On the one hand, there are several features and benefits of Warrior Plus that support its legitimacy. For example, the platform has a built-in system for tracking sales and commissions, which ensures that affiliates are paid accurately and on time. 

It also provides tools for vendors to manage their products and affiliates, which can help them build successful businesses on the platform.

Additionally, there are many high-quality products available on Warrior Plus, which are backed up by positive reviews and low refund rates. This indicates that many vendors on the platform are offering legitimate products that provide value to customers.

On the other hand, there have been controversies surrounding Warrior Plus over the years that suggest that the platform is not entirely legitimate. For example, some vendors have been accused of offering low-quality products or making false claims about their products in order to attract affiliates. 

There have also been issues with fake reviews and unethical marketing tactics, which can make it difficult for legitimate affiliates to compete.

However, it’s important to note that these controversies are not unique to Warrior Plus.  ClickBank is another online marketplace that has its own controversies to deal with.  But is still legit.  But has many low-quality products on it too.

They exist in any industry, and it’s up to individuals to do their research and make informed decisions about the products they promote and the affiliates they work with.

Overall, we believe that Warrior Plus is a legitimate platform for affiliate marketing, but as with any business venture, it’s important to do your due diligence and carefully vet the products and affiliates you work with. 

By following the tips and strategies we’ve outlined in this post, you can position yourself for success on the platform and build a thriving affiliate marketing business.

How to Use Warrior Plus Effectively

Using Warrior Plus effectively can be the key to success in affiliate marketing. But with so many products and affiliates on the platform, it can be difficult to stand out and make a name for yourself. 

In this section, we’ll offer tips for maximizing the benefits of using Warrior Plus, including strategies for finding high-quality products, building a strong reputation, and avoiding pitfalls. 

By following these tips, you can position yourself for success on the platform and take your affiliate marketing efforts to the next level.

1. Research Products Carefully

Take the time to research products before promoting them on Warrior Plus. Look for high-quality products that have positive reviews and a low refund rate. Avoid products that seem too good to be true or have exaggerated claims.

2. Build a Strong Reputation

In order to be successful on Warrior Plus, you need to build a strong reputation. Focus on promoting high-quality products and providing value to your audience. Be honest and transparent with your audience, and avoid promoting low-quality products or anything that could damage your reputation.

3. Focus on Building Relationships

Building relationships with both vendors and affiliates can help you succeed on Warrior Plus. Reach out to vendors to see if they have any upcoming products you can promote, and connect with other affiliates to share tips and strategies.

4. Leverage the Platform's Tools

Take advantage of Warrior Plus’s built-in sales tracking and analytics tools to monitor your sales and identify which products are performing well. Use the platform’s messaging system to communicate with vendors and affiliates and build relationships.

5. Stay Up-to-Date with Changes

Warrior Plus is constantly evolving, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with any changes or updates to the platform. Subscribe to the Warrior Plus blog or follow them on social media to stay informed about any changes that could affect your business.

By following these tips, you can maximize the benefits of using Warrior Plus and avoid common pitfalls. Remember, success on Warrior Plus requires hard work, dedication, and a commitment to providing value to your audience.

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The Truth About Warrior Plus - Conclusion

In conclusion, the truth about Warrior Plus is that it can be both a legitimate platform and a shady marketplace, depending on how it’s used. 

While there have been controversies surrounding the platform, including issues with refund policies, low-quality products, and fake reviews, there are also many features and benefits that support its legitimacy as an affiliate marketing platform.

As we’ve discussed, using Warrior Plus effectively requires careful research and consideration, both in terms of the products you promote and the affiliates you work with. By following the tips and strategies we’ve outlined, you can position yourself for success on the platform and build a thriving affiliate marketing business.

Ultimately, the key to success on Warrior Plus is to approach it with a discerning eye and a commitment to ethical business practices. With that mindset, you can navigate the platform with confidence and take advantage of its many benefits as a legitimate affiliate marketing platform.

We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into the world of Warrior Plus and affiliate marketing. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about your experiences with Warrior Plus and how you’ve found success on the platform. Let’s keep the conversation going!

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