Expert Insights: Comprehensive Online Marketing Classroom Review

Expert Insights Comprehensive Online Marketing Classroom Review

Welcome to my Online Marketing Classroom Review!

Congratulations on taking the first step toward your online business aspirations! In a world buzzing with opportunities, you’re here, ready to explore the possibilities and embark on a path that could redefine your financial future. You’ve done what every smart entrepreneur does: research.

I’m John, your guide through this journey of discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just dipping your toes into the digital waters, I’m here to help you navigate the exciting world of online entrepreneurship. Together, we’ll unravel the mysteries of the Online Marketing Classroom and uncover what makes it a remarkable platform for your success.

Are you wondering how to build a thriving online business? Are you eager to find the right tools, training, and support to make your dream a reality? Look no further. In the pages that follow, you’ll find the answers you seek.

Let’s dive in and explore the Online Marketing Classroom — a platform designed to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to thrive in the digital landscape. This review will leave no stone unturned as we unravel how it works, what it offers, pricing details, and more. Your journey begins here, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Disclaimer: This Online Marketing Classroom review has been thoroughly researched with information and testimonials that are available online to anyone in the public.  Any conclusions drawn from that information are my own opinions.

There may also be affiliate links within the review too.  Please note, I only recommend programs that I myself would use or have used myself.

Online Marketing Classroom Overview

Product Name: Online Marketing Classroom

Owners: Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing training platform

Price: $37/month or $97/month, one-time fee of $1,497

Best For: Beginners looking to get started online



  • Step-by-Step Training Videos
  • Suitable for Both Beginners & Advanced Marketers
  • Live Facebook Community
  • Email Support
  • Reasonably Prices
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Fake Sales Hype


  • It Takes Time & Effort To Get Results
  • No Free Trial
  • Haven’t Found Any Testimonials

Quick Summary

Online Marketing Classroom is your gateway to online business success. With in-house tools, comprehensive training, and a focus on affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and consulting, this platform offers a legitimate and recommended path to thriving in the digital landscape.

Memberships are securely sold through ClickBank and come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Dive into our detailed review to discover how Online Marketing Classroom works, what it offers, pricing details, and more.


Recommended? YES

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Table of Contents

What Is Online Marketing Classroom

The Online Marketing Classroom emerges as a comprehensive ecosystem designed for aspiring entrepreneurs eager to carve their niche in the digital world. This platform stands as a beacon of knowledge, offering an exhaustive suite of tools, training modules, tutorials, and an array of resources essential for crafting a lucrative online business.

Crafted with precision by digital marketing luminaries Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth, this membership site is your gateway to mastering the art of online income generation. The creators’ expertise and insights are woven into the very fabric of this learning environment, promising not just information but transformation.

A Spectrum of Opportunities Awaits

At the heart of the Online Marketing Classroom is its content labs, featuring meticulously detailed step-by-step guides that navigate you through various avenues of online profitability, including:

  • Digital Products: Dive deep into the realm of affiliate marketing, uncovering strategies to promote products and earn substantial commissions.
  • eCommerce Stores: Learn the ins and outs of building a thriving online store, from product selection to logistics.
  • Consulting Businesses: Elevate your expertise into a lucrative consulting business, leveraging your knowledge to help others succeed.

Beyond Basics: Execution Plans and Growth Strategies

The platform is also home to a treasure trove of execution plans, manuals, and cheat sheets. These resources are designed to streamline your journey towards building effective sales funnels, managing product launches, enhancing website conversions, crafting high-converting landing pages, and mastering email marketing. Each tool and technique is a building block towards an optimized online presence and amplified income.

Continuous Learning with Live Workshops

Adding to the rich educational tapestry are the exclusive, members-only live webinar workshops. Hosted monthly by Steven and Aidan themselves, these sessions are pivotal in keeping you abreast of the latest methods, strategies, and techniques that are making waves in the digital marketing sphere. The workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn directly from the masters, with actionable insights that you can implement in your business for immediate growth and profitability acceleration.

Embark on Your Journey Today

The Online Marketing Classroom is more than just a learning platform; it’s a launchpad for your online business success. With Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth as your guides, the path to digital mastery and financial freedom is clearer than ever.

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Who's Behind Online Marketing Classroom?

Let’s learn a little more about the brains behind Online Marketing Classroom… Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth are well-known figures in the online marketing industry, both having established reputations for creating and running successful online businesses and educational programs.

About Steven Clayton

Steven Clayton is a seasoned digital entrepreneur with a background that uniquely combines corporate acumen and entrepreneurial expertise. Before stepping into the online business realm, Steven held several high-ranking positions in Fortune 500 companies, where he honed his skills in business management and strategic planning. His transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship was driven by a desire for independence and a passion for digital marketing.

Steven’s expertise lies in creating scalable online business models and leveraging automation to build efficient, profitable ventures. He is particularly skilled in affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and business strategy, making him a respected authority in the online marketing community. Steven’s approach to education emphasizes practical strategies and actionable insights, aimed at helping individuals achieve financial freedom through digital entrepreneurship.

About Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth’s journey in online marketing began in the early 2000s, starting with a simple website built to reach a global audience from his then-remote location in Argentina. Over the years, Aidan has grown a vast online business empire encompassing affiliate marketing, e-commerce, software development, and business coaching. His success story is a testament to the power of the internet in transforming lives and businesses.

Aidan’s methodology combines search engine optimization, online advertising, and the strategic use of technology to drive business growth. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring, focusing on empowering entrepreneurs through his comprehensive training programs. Aidan is known for his straightforward, results-driven approach, ensuring that his students and followers receive the most effective and current marketing strategies.

The Partnership: Steven Clayton & Aidan Booth

Together, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth form a formidable duo in the online marketing education space. Their partnership is built on a shared vision of providing accessible, high-quality training that empowers individuals to build successful online businesses. Their combined expertise covers a broad spectrum of internet marketing strategies and business models, making their programs highly sought after.

Their flagship program, the Online Marketing Classroom, is a culmination of their experiences and successes in the digital marketing world. It reflects their commitment to offering cutting-edge marketing strategies, practical wisdom, and ongoing support to their students. Through their collaborative efforts, Steven and Aidan continue to make significant contributions to the online marketing community, helping thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Who Is Online Marketing Classroom For?

While I hold Wealthy Affiliate in high regard for anyone seeking a trustworthy, affordable gateway into successful online entrepreneurship, I also extend my recommendation to the Online Marketing Classroom with equal enthusiasm. 

This platform shines as a beacon for those poised to embark on their digital marketing voyage from the ground up. Its intuitive design and straightforward training modules demystify the complexities of digital entrepreneurship, making it an ideal starting point for novices.

Moreover, Online Marketing Classroom transcends beginner boundaries, offering rich, advanced insights that seasoned marketers will find invaluable. Its comprehensive curriculum is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of digital marketing professionals, including:

  • Beginners in Digital Marketing: Offering a solid foundation to kickstart your marketing journey.
  • Advanced Marketers: Providing deeper strategies and techniques to scale existing marketing efforts.
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: Covering all facets of digital marketing from SEO to email marketing.
  • Social Media Marketers: For those looking to leverage social platforms for brand growth.
  • Content Marketers: Enhancing skills in creating and strategizing content that captivates.
  • eCommerce Owners & Dropshippers: Tailored strategies for driving sales and optimizing online stores.
  • Bloggers & Freelancers: Empowering with skills to increase visibility and client engagement.

Accessibility is another hallmark of the Online Marketing Classroom, with pricing structures designed to accommodate budgets of all sizes. This ensures that high-quality marketing education is not just a privilege but a reachable goal for aspiring marketers, eCommerce mavens, content creators, and more. 

Next, we’ll delve into the pricing packages to further illustrate the platform’s commitment to accessible, comprehensive marketing education.

How Much Does Online Marketing Classroom Cost?

Online Marketing Classroom offers 3 levels of membership.  Depending on how much you want to access, there are options suitable for all.

Let’s talk through the different memberships:

  • Blue Membership $37 per month – This is a monthly subscription and provides you access to the the live workshops, business labs, tutorials, and traffic cheatsheets.  You also have access to the 24/7 support and Facebook group.
  • Gold Membership $97 per month – This is also a monthly subscription and grants you access to everything that is included in the Blue Membership.  Plus access to the software tool suite, commission blueprint course, 60-day challenge course, all other internal courses, case studies, and more!
  • Platinum Membership $1,497 one-time fee – This membership grants you everything from Gold for two years.  This option would save you $831.  But you do need both the money and commitment to see this through…

Whichever option you decide to go with, you can relax and understand that you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.  It’s good to know that you are covered as it’s a big deal.

Online Marketing Classroom doesn’t offer you a free trial, but at least if you do decide to give them a try you can get your money back…

Inside Online Marketing Classroom

Upon embarking on your journey with the Online Marketing Classroom, you unlock the doors to an extensive array of learning materials and tools designed to propel your online business to new heights. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits inside:

Core Learning Modules

  • Six Full Business Labs: These labs cover critical aspects of online marketing, from traffic generation to conversion optimization.
  • 45 In-Depth Tutorials: Each tutorial delves into specific strategies and tactics for online business success.
  • 40 Engaging Live Workshops: Focused sessions on vital topics such as Fast Start Action Plans, Quick Cash Methods, Super-Brand Secrets, Branding and Product Tactics, plus List Building and Funnel Secrets.

Exclusive Training Courses by Aidan and Steven

  • Commission Blueprint Evolution: A foundational course in affiliate marketing, teaching you to create efficient sales funnels and earn commissions by promoting other people’s products.
  • 60-Day Challenge Course: Over 50 instructional videos guide you through building a profitable eCommerce store, offering nine weeks of comprehensive training, tools, and support.
  • Natural Earth Kitchen Case-Study: An in-depth, over-the-shoulder look at launching a business from scratch, focused on selling physical products on, the world’s largest marketplace.

Private Software Suite

Membership grants you ongoing access to an exclusive suite of software tools, each developed by our in-house team to streamline your business operations, enhance profitability, and boost online engagement:

  • Crowd Force: Drives traffic generation.
  • Bounce Breaker: Optimizes conversions.
  • Landing Page Launchpad: A user-friendly drag-and-drop builder for landing pages and funnels.
  • Traffic Spy: Offers analytics insights.
  • Hawkeye & eCom Product Finder: These tools assist in finding profitable products.
  • Domains On Fire: A domain name research tool.
  • Viral Search Tool: Identifies trending content ideas.
  • Blackbird: Tailored for Amazon marketing success.

Community Support and Mentorship

The journey doesn’t stop at training and tools. The Online Marketing Classroom extends its value through a vibrant private Facebook community and a dedicated email support system, ensuring you have the mentorship and peer support needed to navigate your path to success.

Membership Levels

With Gold and Platinum memberships, you gain full access to this rich ecosystem of tools and resources designed to elevate your online marketing efforts. (Note: The Blue membership does not include access to the private software suite.)

The Online Marketing Classroom isn’t just a course; it’s a comprehensive platform for growth, learning, and success in the digital marketing world. From step-by-step courses and case studies to a proprietary software suite and community support, everything you need to build, launch, and grow a profitable online business is right at your fingertips.

Online Marketing Classroom Online Reviews

I’ve already shared an online review earlier in the review, but if you would like to see another opinion, this 4 minute video will help…

Is Online Marketing Classroom a Scam?

In the vast ocean of online marketing resources, it’s paramount to navigate with a discerning eye. The Online Marketing Classroom, created by seasoned digital marketers Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth, naturally raises questions about its legitimacy, especially for those wary of the myriad promises found online. 

Let’s dissect this query with a comprehensive evaluation.

Founders' Reputation

First and foremost, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth are recognized figures in the digital marketing sphere, with a history of successful online ventures and educational programs. 

Their reputations are built on years of tangible achievements and contributions to the marketing community, not on fleeting trends or unverified claims.

Comprehensive Content and Tools

The Online Marketing Classroom isn’t just a collection of generic advice or outdated tactics. It’s a comprehensive suite of up-to-date training materials, practical tutorials, live workshops, and proprietary software tools. 

This wealth of resources is continually updated to reflect the latest in digital marketing strategies and technologies.

Real-World Applications and Success Stories

Transparency is key to legitimacy. The platform offers detailed case studies, such as the Natural Earth Kitchen case study, demonstrating step-by-step how to build and launch a business from scratch. 

These real-world applications provide tangible proof of the strategies’ effectiveness, far removed from the realm of scams that offer no evidence of real success.

Community and Support

Scams typically lack a supportive community and responsive customer service. In contrast, Online Marketing Classroom boasts a vibrant private Facebook community and an email support system, facilitating a space for learning, sharing, and growth. 

This level of interactive support is indicative of a legitimate program invested in its members’ success.

Money-Back Guarantee

A confident 60-day money-back guarantee underscores the program’s legitimacy. This policy offers peace of mind to members, knowing they can assess the value and impact of the platform firsthand, with the option for a full refund if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

So, Is Online Marketing Classroom a Scam?

Given the reputable founders, comprehensive and practical content, evidence of real-world success, active community support, and a risk-free money-back guarantee, the Online Marketing Classroom stands as a legitimate educational resource for those serious about mastering online marketing. 

While no program can promise overnight success — and scepticism can be healthy in the digital age — the evidence suggests that Online Marketing Classroom is a genuine investment in your digital marketing education, rather than a scam.

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Online Marketing Classroom: Pros

Here are some of the key things we liked about Online Marketing Classroom…

Step-By-Step Training Videos and Tutorials

The Online Marketing Classroom is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering an extensive library of training videos and tutorials. These resources are meticulously designed to guide users through every aspect of online marketing, from the foundational concepts to the most advanced strategies. 

Whether you’re looking to understand SEO, social media marketing, or email campaigns, the step-by-step approach ensures that you’re not just learning, but you’re applying the knowledge effectively. This structured learning path is perfect for those who appreciate clarity and direction in their educational journey.

Suitable for Both Beginners and Advanced Marketers

One of the standout features of the Online Marketing Classroom is its broad appeal. It’s a platform that grows with you. Beginners will find the foundational courses enlightening, providing them with a solid base to start their marketing journey. 

On the other hand, advanced marketers can dive into deeper topics, such as conversion optimization and advanced traffic generation techniques. This flexibility makes it a valuable resource for marketing professionals at any stage of their career, ensuring continuous learning and improvement.

Live Facebook Community and Email Support

The power of community cannot be overstated in the world of online marketing, and the Online Marketing Classroom leverages this beautifully. The live Facebook community is a vibrant hub of engagement, where learners can share insights, seek advice, and network with peers and experts alike. 

This real-time interaction enhances the learning experience, providing support and motivation. Additionally, the email support system ensures that any queries or concerns are addressed promptly, adding a layer of personalized assistance to your educational journey.

Ten Valuable Marketing Software Tools

In today’s digital age, having the right tools can significantly amplify your marketing efforts. The Online Marketing Classroom goes beyond just teaching; it equips you with ten cutting-edge marketing software tools. These tools are designed to streamline processes, enhance analysis, and improve efficiency. 

From keyword research to social media management, these tools cover various aspects of marketing, providing a competitive edge to those who master them.

Reasonably Priced

Considering the wealth of resources, community access, and software tools, the Online Marketing Classroom offers exceptional value for its price. It’s an investment in your career that promises returns far exceeding its cost. 

This affordability ensures that quality education is accessible to a wider audience, breaking down financial barriers to advanced learning in online marketing.

60-Days Money-Back Guarantee Included

Committing to an educational program is a significant decision, and the Online Marketing Classroom understands this. That’s why they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

This guarantee reflects the confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their program. It provides peace of mind to prospective learners, knowing that there’s an option to opt-out if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Complete Lack of Fake Sales Hype

In an industry often criticized for over-promising and under-delivering, the Online Marketing Classroom sets itself apart by maintaining integrity and transparency.

The platform steers clear of fake sales hype, focusing instead on delivering genuine value. This honesty fosters trust and credibility, ensuring that learners feel confident and secure in their educational choice.

Online Marketing Classroom: Cons

There will always be some drawbacks to any online program, here is what I think regarding the Online Marketing Classroom’s…

It Takes Time and Effort to Get Results

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The journey to mastering online marketing is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. The Online Marketing Classroom emphasizes the importance of patience, persistence, and continuous effort. This reality check is crucial in setting realistic expectations for learners. 

Success in digital marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It requires time to absorb the wealth of knowledge provided, apply the strategies learned, and refine them based on outcomes. 

This pro is a testament to the program’s commitment to genuine growth and development in the field of online marketing, ensuring learners understand the value of investing time and effort to achieve long-lasting results.

No Free Trial

While the absence of a free trial may seem like a drawback at first glance, it underscores the quality and value of the content offered within the Online Marketing Classroom. 

The platform’s comprehensive suite of resources, live support, and professional tools are products of significant investment and development, aimed at delivering immediate value to subscribers. 

Additionally, the 60-day money-back guarantee serves as a risk-free alternative to a free trial, giving learners full access to explore the wealth of resources and decide if the program meets their needs without financial commitment.

I Haven’t Found Any Testimonials

The lack of publicly available testimonials could be viewed as a missed opportunity for social proof. However, it also presents a unique advantage for learners and reviewers alike. It means that your insights and experiences with the Online Marketing Classroom could serve as valuable feedback for others considering the program. 

This scenario encourages a more personal exploration and unbiased review of the platform, allowing potential users to make an informed decision based on comprehensive and authentic evaluations. 

It also suggests that the program focuses more on delivering quality content and tools rather than building promotional material, emphasizing substance over style.

Do I Recommend Online Marketing Classroom?

In this comprehensive Online Marketing Classroom review, we’ve explored every facet of this platform. Here’s a recap of what makes it stand out:

  • Comprehensive Content: Online Marketing Classroom houses a wealth of invaluable training, tutorials, and classes that cater to both beginners and advanced marketers.

  • Supportive Community: Regardless of your membership level (Blue, Gold, or Platinum), you gain access to a lively Facebook community and dependable email support. This sense of community is invaluable for networking, learning, and sharing experiences.

  • Affordability and Assurance: With reasonable pricing and a rock-solid 60-day money-back guarantee, the platform minimizes financial risks and ensures that your investment is secure.

  • Premium Tools for Growth: Gold and Platinum members receive a suite of ten premium tools that prove essential and practical for online business success.

In light of these factors, it’s clear that Online Marketing Classroom is a legitimate and highly recommended choice for anyone aspiring to thrive in the online business landscape. It has earned its place among the best platforms I’ve encountered. The credibility of the program is further underscored by its reputable owners, Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth, who operate with fairness, transparency, and a commitment to the success of their members.

The journey to online business success begins here, with a platform that combines comprehensive education, vibrant community support, affordability, and premium tools. Join the Online Marketing Classroom and embark on a path to digital entrepreneurship with confidence.

Online Marketing Classroom Review: Conclusion

The path to building a thriving online business can be a challenging one, especially when you lack the right tools, training, and support. I understand this firsthand because, a few years ago, I embarked on my own online business journey. At the time, I was trying to do it all on my own, and my initial venture didn’t pan out as I had hoped.

The reason was clear: I didn’t have access to the essential tools, the proper training, or the support system that every entrepreneur needs along the way. It was a tough lesson, but it taught me the value of the right environment and the resources that are crucial for online success.

Fortunately, when I found myself in the right place, armed with the necessary tools and training, my business began to flourish. Today, I enjoy a consistent income from my online endeavours, and I owe a significant part of my success to a program very similar to Online Marketing Classroom called Wealthy Affiliate.

The Online Marketing Classroom is more than just a platform; it’s a reliable ally on your journey to digital entrepreneurship. It’s a place where comprehensive education, a supportive community, affordability, and premium tools come together to empower you on your path to success.

In a world filled with uncertainties and scams, the Online Marketing Classroom stands out as a trustworthy choice. I can say with confidence that it’s one of the rare platforms that I wholeheartedly recommend. However, I want to acknowledge that there’s always room for exploration and improvement.

While you’re here, take a moment to explore another option that could potentially enhance your online marketing journey even further. The pursuit of knowledge and growth is a continual journey, and the Online Marketing Classroom is an excellent place to start. Your path to online business success begins here.

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